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PayPal logoPayPal Holdings Inc. is an American company headquartered in California. It was established in 1998 by Elon Musk, and since then, it has grown become the bellwether of digital payments systems. Paypal went public in the 2002 after which it was bought by e-bay in a $1.5 billion deal. PayPal operated as a subsidiary of e-bay until 2015 when it was remodeled into an independent company, with its own distinctive identity. After its independence from E-bay, PayPal become a legend in digital transactions and household name as a global payment gateway. Today, there is a very limited amount of new PayPal casinos, since it’s only available in a few jurisdictions such as Germany and the UK. See a full list of the best options below:

104 New Online Casinos Accepting PayPal

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+ Prompt transfers of funds across the globe
+ Supports 25 currencies and present in 200+ countries
+ Payment can be processed through local banks
+ Low minimum transaction limits

– Bank Account needed for registration
– High Withdrawal fees for some countries

Short Facts

Company Name: PayPal Holdings, Inc
Slogan: PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account
E-mail: [email protected]
Supervised by: Luxembourg’s banking supervisory authority EU / Regulated by Money Service Business in all the states in America
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: 10 $/£/€
Deposit Fee: 0 $/£/€
Established: 1999
Address: Paypal Headquarters 12312 Port Grace Blvd. La Vista, NE 68128
Phone Number: 1-408-376-7400
Company Number: B 118 349
Security: Buyer Protection reimbursement and Next Level encryption to protect user credentials
Currencies: 25
Max Transaction: 10 000 $/£/€
Withdrawal Fee: 0 $/£/€

A fast growing company

PayPal, as an organization, is growing and eating into the market like no other company. It has been expanding its footprint in all major economies and trying to create a truly global payment platform. Since early 2008, PayPal has acquired many companies like Bill Me Later,, Zong, Paydiant to gain a better market position. In 2015, PayPal acquired Xoom Corporation for $1.09 billion. Xoom Corporation had a huge base of 1.3m active US users, which helped boost PayPal into the mainstream. The most recent acquisition of PayPal is TIO Networks in February 2017. Simply put, Paypal has developed a cutting-edge platform, which is simple, safe and reliable. PayPal recently joined the Fortune 500 group of companies in June 2016. Below you find a list of the best new PayPal casinos:

25 currencies available
The PayPal platform accepts 25 major currencies and is present in 200+ countries. The company crossed its 200 million-user-mark, in the first quarter of 2017, which now stands at 203 million, with a 7% annual growth in active users. PayPal has made inroads into the brick-and-mortar market to make itself a simple and holistic payment platform, that is universally accepted. As of December 2016, nearly one in every 3 retailers in North America, accepts PayPal as a valid payment channel. Many big multinational organizations also use PayPal to collect funds, donations, charity, remittance, etc. PayPal has evolved a lot and now offers viable business solutions for its business account holders.

Having consolidated its market position as a leader in the e-wallet industry, the company’s attention is now shifting towards developing a seamless mobile experience. PayPal has a well-developed app, that works like a charm and delivers funds across the globe in seconds. The app is designed as a fool-proof financial wallet, that has access to every corner of the world. The growth in the mobile payment sector has been phenomenal, which clocked a 43% annual increase in 2016. New competition for PayPal comes from e-wallets like Google Wallet, Square, Lemon Wallet, Neteller, Skrill, etc. Banks and credit-card companies are also after a piece of the pie and are creating their own e-wallets, based on Android and iOS platforms.

PayPal is free for sending money over from your PayPal balance or your bank account but charges 2.9% of the amount transacted, plus $0.30 USD if you use credit/debit cards. Receiving money in your account and withdrawing it from your linked bank account is also free in the US. However, if you wish to receive a check, there is an additional charge of $1.50. International payments are also charged and is variable from country to country.

PayPal recently launched PayPal.Me link, which is a unique link, generated against the profile of each user. Using the PayPal.Me feature, you can send your link to your friends in social media, which can be used to make valid payments, through mutual discretion. The user won’t see your detailed information but will be able to send you money from any location in the world. It is also safe and reliable, as you can refund the money if you sense that it came from unethical or unlawful sources. The bank and card details which you give to PayPal is safe and secure with them. PayPal maintains the highest standards of security and privacy and is one of the leading companies to voice identity theft concerns in the international finance scene.

Using Paypal at New Casinos

PayPal is really easy to use and is also widely accepted. If you want to deposit funds in your online casino using PayPal, first make sure that the casino accepts PayPal. You will see a list of deposit options when you are about to make a deposit request. If PayPal is there, you have to fill out the deposit details and select PayPal as the payment gateway. Once you process the deposit, the online casino will transfer you to PayPal’s home page, where you will have to log in with your email id and password. If you already own the app and are using the same smartphone for playing in the casino, you will be diverted directly to the PayPal app.

If you already have funds in your PayPal account, you can simply verify the payment and the amount will be sent to the casino instantly. However, if you don’t have funds in your PayPal account, you will have to transfer it into your account first. This can be done through bank transfers or card payments. PayPal serves as a protective wall between you and online casinos, as it is backed up by top-level, multi-tiered security. You can also access all your payment details, and take out account statements.

To create an account with PayPal, you need to sign up on their website, and then fill out the details. You will be asked to link your bank account and your credit/debit card. Follow the process of account verification and you are ready to use PayPal. It is not necessary to link your card with PayPal if you don’t intend to use it for deposits. Likewise, you have to link your bank account with your PayPal account only if you wish to get payments from PayPal.

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