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There are not that many casinos that dare, but this just makes us love and respect the below casinos more. We will also make sure that you have the tools to make an informed choice. Scroll below our toplist to see our quick and easy no wagering casino guide, where we will explain exactly how free spins and bonuses with no wagering requirements work.

Bonus without wagering requirements is one of the most simple and beautiful casino offers imaginable. Instead of playing through a bonus 25, 35, 45, etc. times, everything you win turns into real money right away. On this page, we have collected an overview of all new online casinos that offer no wagering bonuses and free spins without wagering requirements.

If you are left with any unanswered questions we also advise you to look at our FAQ section, which you will find at the very bottom of the page.

New No Wagering Casinos 2024

Looking for the latest new no wagering casinos on the market? Look no further! The only thing that is quite sad is how few casinos dare to do this. Because of this, we have listed every casino that has no wager casino offers. This means that a casino may have no wager free spins, but still have wagering requirements on their bonus. Casinos that offer a no wagering bonus as the welcome offer, may also have wagering requirements on later exclusive casino bonus offers.

To find the best casino sites no wagering requirements, simply follow our ratings, which assesses everything from the bonus in question, to their game selection, payment options, customer support and general look and feel. You can also use our comparison tool to see all the key details the casinos below side by side. This will help you find the no wagering casino best suited to your tastes and interests.

No Wagering Casino UK

If you are visiting our website from the UK every single casino on the list will be licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, which means that all international casinos

Guide to Online Casinos Without Wagering Requirements

Strictly speaking, there are only three online casino offers you can get without wagering requirements:

  • Casino spins without wagering requirements
  • Bonus without wagering requirements

Yes, casino spins can come in both free spins and bonus spins by UK advertising standards, and we’ll clarify the differences, but functionally, i.e. after you have received them, they are the same. Let us look at just how bonus and spins without wagering actually work, as there is a major difference between them.

They function in almost identical ways, but the way you experience them will drastically differ. Let’s look at how it works, and how

How Bonus Spins and Free Spins Without Wagering Requirements Work

Let’s start by walking you through how casino spins without wagering requirements work, as this is the simplest and most intuitive. They essentially work exactly like all regular casino spins: You get a set of free spins, spin through them and see what you win. The only difference is that everything you win is in real money. Simple, isn’t it? Spin, win, collect.

No Deposit No Wagering Casino Free Spins

A no deposit no wagering casino free spins deal allows you to claim a no wagering requirements bonus without needing to make a deposit first, and if we are talking about a registration bonus: immediately after you sign up. Simply register your details at a no wagering casino and then you will be able to claim these little beauties, without ever having to spend a single penny.

The difference between free spins without wagering requirements and bonus spins without wagering requirements is simply that the former has to be free to be compliant in the UK. If you don’t get it “for free” it cannot be called free spins, that simple.

How Bonus Without Wagering Requirements Work

The most important thing to understand is that a no wager bonus is still a bonus; which means you can not withdraw it right away. In this way, they are very similar to casino spins. Anything you win with your bonus without wagering requirement instantly become real money. There are no pesky turnover requirements to deal with, that’s it, it is done. The only major difference between no wager spins and no wager bonus is that the latter does not disappear when you win.

This is also how bonus without wagering requirements is so different from regular bonus offers. When you play against wagering requirements the goal is to turn your bonus into real money, with a bonus with no wagering this is impossible. Your bonus can never become real money. If you play with your bonus and you win, it returns to being a bonus, while your win is transferred into your real money balance.

This is way no wager bonuses are such a strong and interesting safety net. It is usually activated, just as most bonuses when you have played through your real money balance. The great thing here is that once you win, you can then play with your real money win and either make a withdrawal or try to get more money out of it. If you are unlucky enough to lose again, you go back to your bonus money and try again. This repeats itself until you make a withdrawal or lose your bonus.

What are Wagering Requirements: Benefits and Disadvantages

To understand why you should prioritize casino bonus without wagering requirements, it is important to understand the alternative. If you have ever claimed a casino bonus before, then most likely, you are already aware of these pesky terms and conditions that bonuses online have. The wagering requirement is one of these T&Cs and represents the number of times you have to wager your bonus money, and occasionally even your real money balance before you can withdraw your winnings. The norm in the industry is 30-45 times. Let’s give you a quick example of an x45 wagering requirement as applied to the small but common bonus amount of £100:

£100 x 45 = £4,500

That’s right, to clear just a tiny bonus sum of £100 and put your winnings in your pocket you would, with an x45 wagering requirement, need to wager £4,500. Of course, wagering does not mean losing. If you bet £10, and then make a second bet of £10, and you triple or quadruple your money both times, you have still bet £20. Every bet counts. Still, it can take a really long time to actually make the wagering requirement, and worse, it is usually statistically unlikely that you will be left with any money at all. To be clear, many still do, but the average player will in most cases have lost their money by the time they reach the bonus, especially with an x45 wagering requirement.

It is worth noting that wagering requirements can also be lower and higher than the norm. Avoid anything over x65 like the plague, and with the options you have, you can at least aim for x45 as a reasonable max. Wagering requirements of x25 and down are great, and here you may even be in a position to be likely to win some money at the end – at least if you go for the highest RTP games available.

The only real advantage regular bonus has is that you can convert your entire bonus into real money, which will be part of the bonus grinder strategy. However, both bonuses with no wagering requirements have the same general ability to let you win big, and the difference is that you can cash out when you do. If you play with regular casino bonuses you still need to meet the wagering requirement. This means a lot of forced playtime for what is quite possibly very similar if not worse results.

What are the Most Common Terms and Conditions for No Wagering Bonuses?

Common terms & conditions for no wagering bonuses typically include:

  • A specific minimum deposit amount that you must place to qualify for the bonus.
  • A limit on the amount you can withdraw from a bonus; referred to as maximum cashout.
  • Certain games have restrictions for bonuses to be eligible.
  • Even without wagering requirements, the bonus won’t last indefinitely, so there would be time limits.
  • The no-wagering bonus will have a clause that it can only be claimed once per account per casino.
  • Eligibility criteria such as being a new player or geographic restrictions are placed.
  • Restrictions on bet size limits are placed when using bonus funds.
  • Completing KYC (Know Your Customer) verification may be required before withdrawing wins.
  • Certain casinos will place limitations on withdrawals methods that can be used for withdrawals.
  • Some bonuses will be non-cashable bonuses, meaning only winnings from the bonus itself can be cashed out, and not the bonus amount itself.

We cannot stress how important it is to read and understand these terms & conditions as they will affect how you use the bonus and potential wins.

No Wagering Casino FAQ

Are you wondering about anything else related to no wagering casinos or bonus offers without wagering requirements? This frequently updated FAQ section should provide the answer you are looking for. If not, don’t be afraid to contact us directly.

Better is subjective, but everything you win on wager free bonuses becomes real money immediately, while most regular bonuses have wagering requirements forcing you to play for a long time with a low likelihood of leaving with money in hand. We would recommend aiming for wager-free bonuses whenever possible.

There are two key differences:

  1. Everything you win turns into real money
  2. Your bonus goes back to being a bonus and can be played again if you lose the real money you won

Your spins will disappear once played, regardless of whether or not you win or lose: all your winnings will be in real money. When you play with wager-free bonus everything you win will still be in the form of real money, but if you win you do not lose your bonus. Your bonus money will still be there as a backup, and be activated again if you lose your real money.

If you break the T&Cs or the casino claims you did, there is a possibility that they will refuse to payout. If you believe this is unjust you can file a complaint with UK authorities and/or AskGamblers.

It means you need to wager your bonus 10, 30 or 50 times.

These are synonyms used for the wagering requirement, and simply means you need to wager your bonus x amount of times to be able to withdraw your winnings.

What qualifies as an online casino without wagering requirements may vary based on the person. On this page, we chose to list every casino with one or more no wagering bonus offers. This is because we aim to help you find great no wagering requirements bonus offers, which we see as the most important service. However, as explained above, this means that there may be casinos above that do have wagering requirements on certain offers. We can, therefore, separate between online casinos with no wager offers and strict no wagering casinos where no bonus whatsoever will have a wagering requirement.

This is a casino that offers no deposit bonus or free spins without wagering requirements.

The main benefits are:

  1. Everything you win is real money
  2. You can withdraw as soon as you win (as long as you are playing on an activated account and can meet the minimum withdrawal requirement)
  3. You do not need to spend a long time playing through a wagering requirement

Yes, there will be new casinos that have no wagering requirements what so ever. If you are unsure of any of the casinos listed above go to our review or the casino itself to check what kinds of no wagering bonuses they offer, and whether it is the exception or the rule.

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