New Online Baccarat

But what is it about Baccarat that has attracted so many players throughout time? That’s simple: it’s easy to play, has a very small house edge, and there’s a chance to win a serious amount of cash.

Baccarat - heart cardBaccarat is one of the most popular casino games ever created and played in countless venues by millions across the globe. Baccarat online has multiple variations and is a common choice for high-rollers, perhaps due to the aura of sophistication and elegance it evokes.

We will explore everything there is to know about the elegant and exciting game of Baccarat online. We are offering tips and strategies that both new and seasoned pros will find useful.

Top New Baccarat Casinos Online 2024

It can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right baccarat casino online. There are many factors to consider when making your decision.

Thankfully we’ve taken the hassle out of this process! Here you’ll find a selection of the best baccarat new casinos sites. Take your pick and enjoy many variations, or even play a few rounds of free baccarat if you’re new to the game.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat table logoThe game baccarat online is played with eight decks of cards dealt from a shoe. The main aim for each hand dealt is to total as close to 9 as possible.

4 cards are dealt to begin with; 2 to the Player and 2 to the Banker. The dealer will call ‘Natural’ if either hand totals 8 or 9 which is then a win. If both the player and banker get the same values then this is a ‘Tie’.

The dealer makes most of the decisions. The player only needs to make 2 decisions: the amount they wish to bet and the position on the table that they believe will win the next hand.

Choose Your Stakes

Baccarat Dealer Stands Cheat Sheet - New Baccarat Casinos

Click to expand.

Once you have joined a game, you’ll need to select your stake. The min/max amounts available will be clearly visible on the table. You need to then place your chips onto the section of the table that you’d like to bet on before pressing ‘Deal’.

If you are a new player it’s better to begin with smaller bets until you get the hang of the game. For those who prefer to play with larger amounts then there are many high roller casinos out there. Here, you can play alongside like-minded gamblers at tables that offer some huge cash prizes.

Card Values

Each card has a value of points from 2 to 9 across all suits. Picture cards and 10’s have no value, aces are worth 1 point and jokers are removed from the deck before game-play.

If the total of the hands dealt is a 2 digit number, then the first digit is discarded. For example, if the player was dealt a 6+6= 12 then the hand would total 2.

If either the player or banker is dealt 10+9 for example, this would total 19 and be called a ‘Natural’ and win the round.

Bet on Banker, Player or Tie

When you’re playing at an online casino, baccarat has 3 standard betting options, which allow you to bet on either the Banker or Player to win or that the hand will end in a Tie.

We don’t really advise on the last type of bet since it carries more risks than the others and the chances of a tie are low, especially with more decks in play.

  • Banker Bet: The banker gets closer to 9 than the Player, and wins.
  • Player Bet: The player beats the banker by getting closest to 9 and wins.
  • Tie: Both banker and player get the same total.

Side Bets (Player Pair and Banker Pair)

For many baccarat online games, there are quite often a number of side bets for a player to choose from that add in a bit of extra excitement to the game, though it’s important to know that these side bets come with their own risks and different payouts.

The most popular side bets are the Player Pair and Banker Pair, these are wagers for if the first 2 cards dealt to the player/ banker make a pair.

It’s possible to play with side bets only or play with a selection of both standard and side bets at new online baccarat casinos.

Third Card Rules

There are exceptions where it’s possible for a third card to be dealt:

  • If both player or banker has a total of 8 or 9 then they both ‘Stand’ and the rule overrides any other.
  • If the player has a total of 6 or 7 then they will ‘Stand’.
  • If the player ‘Stands’ then the banker gets a total of 5 or less.
  • If the player’s score is 5 or less then the player will hit and ‘Draw’ another card.

Rebet, Clear Bet, & Double Bet

After the hand is played, you will have options. You can either clear your bet and start again, double your bet, or repeat the bet you placed previously.

Understanding the Payouts

Baccarat Payouts and Odds Cheat Sheet

Click to expand

When it comes to playing online casino baccarat, players should familiarise themselves with the payout odds and bear in mind how they affect the overall game experience at the chosen table. These are the average odds you will find out there and you can even click and expand the image on the side to know more details about it.

  • Banker Win 9/1
  • Player Win 1/1
  • Tie 9/1
  • Banker and Player pair side bet 12/1

Table Limits

Play baccarat online and you’ll get the choice of 3 table limits; high, normal, or low. These each affect the betting ranges. Some baccarat tables will offer limits of millions of euros, whereas mini-baccarat versions will have lower limits that begin with just €0.50.

This is incredible because it makes this great game accessible and exclusive at the same time, beginner players can have a go with just a few cents and experts and high-rollers can also enjoy a fabulous baccarat experience too.

Table Style

Baccarat players have the option to tailor their game-play by choosing their own table style. This is all down to a personal preference of course. Some players may prefer a more classical theme whereas others may be lured by the simple charms of a digital table.

More players, fewer players, different number of decks, all this can be chosen essentially – just pick a more favourable online baccarat table or try all of them before you settle down for a specific table style.

Extra Tips

We’ve now passed on most of our expert knowledge to you, but what are the top tips that can help you succeed in the game? We list below some tips that we and other players around the world also apply to their gameplay. These might sound simple at times but are effective and can help you have a great time at any table you choose.

Steer clear of the Tie Bet

The big payout is enticing but it’s really rare that both a banker’s and player’s hands end up totalling the same. This can obviously happen but the chances are so low that most players don’t even count on this bet ever, for most you are better off playing it normally.

Be informed when it comes to Side Bets

Whilst these offer amazing payouts, each side bet comes with a different risk. Make sure you know what’s at stake before committing to these bets as they can affect negatively your bankroll if you don’t win as intended.

Keep an eye on your budget!

Baccarat has a super-thin house edge compared to other card games so it’s best to stick to no more than 5% of your budget for each hand. You should always pay a lot of attention to your bankroll as you win and lose.

Avoid at all costs chasing your losses as it is rare the case where a player get what was lost back. Stop, breathe and think about what you can do next time in terms of strategy be it lower your bets or applying a different strategy to maximise your available budget.

Baccarat Game Variations

Baccarat Table layout

Some believe that baccarat has its origins in ancient Rome. Others say it’s derived from the Chinese Pai Gow game ‘to create 9’. No one really knows for sure, the first accurate record of it was in the 19th century. It’s widely thought of as a French game developed by the nobility to indulge high rollers.

Thanks to the rise of online casino technology, baccarat has enjoyed a lot of popularity. Software developers are always on the lookout to develop the game further, meaning that there are hundreds of different games out there for you to try!

Every table has some slightly different features to make your baccarat experience exquisite and engaging.

Baccarat Mini

Mini-Baccarat Table layout

This is a mini version of the game, as the name gives away. It is played around a table and accommodates only seven players instead of eight.

American players usually prefer this variation of the game over the others available and it is widely played all over the country. Instead of having up to three croupiers like in the bigger version of the game, baccarat mini is played with only one croupier and they act as both the dealer and the banker.

Despite the faster rounds and fewer players, one of the most attractive features about baccarat mini probably is its low bet rates. These are the main factor that leads the majority of small-time players to this variation of the game.

Punto Banco

Baccarat Punto Banco Table layout

The most popular baccarat game variation is Punto Banco and it began its life in the casinos of Las Vegas very late in the ’50s after being firstly rejected by Americans. After going to Cuba, the Punto Banco version was allegedly born.

This Cuban version of the game involves the highest number of players, which is 14 players max that can play at once. The players are called Punto and the banker is called Banco. Six to eight decks are used in the game and the dealer or the croupier does all the shuffling and distribution.

The players don’t get to decide on the third card. It is dealt with anyway, and the winner is announced by the croupier or the dealer. This is a quite exciting version of baccarat and you’ll likely find one of these tables at the majority of baccarat online casinos listed above.

Chemin de Fer

Baccarat Chemin de Fer table layoutAs you can guess by the spelling, Chemin de Fer is another popular variation but with its origins in France, making it one of the most popular variations of the game in Europe.

Mainly, the game is played using six decks of cards instead of seven and the croupier only shuffles the cards. Players deal with their own cards and also take turns to be the Banker.

The game cards are distributed face down, instead of face up. The decision to draw the third card rests with the player and not the banker like in Punto Banco. The first chance to play will go to the player who places the biggest bet and the other play subsequently, also, the rules differ slightly as players can opt to Stand or Draw if their total hand is 5.

This encourages more participation from players and creates different dynamics as players have to pay even more attention to the game and bets placed.

Baccarat en Banque

In this version of the game, one of the players will play the role of the dealer for the whole game, unlike Chemin de Fer, where all players get a chance. Lesser number of decks is used in this version of the game, usually around 3 decks only, instead of 6 or 8. This popular European version of the game offers big bet options to the players.

Playing Baccarat on a Mobile Device

If you’d like to enjoy some baccarat action on the go then there are plenty of mobile casinos out there which employ the latest technology, to ensure that players still get the clarity and thrills of a large screen but on their mobile devices.

As baccarat isn’t tricky to play, the tables are pretty straightforward in their layout and require few buttons and settings, so they are ideal for mobile play. You can even enjoy live dealer baccarat on a mobile device, as most games will use a more simplified view.

Betting Options at a Baccarat Table

Baccarat Bank Hands Cheat Sheet

Click to expand

Players have the option to choose a total of 5 bets when it comes to playing online casino baccarat:

  • Banker’s hand
  • Player hand
  • Tie hand
  • Banker pair
  • Player pair

It’s also possible to bet on both the player and banker hand in the same bet, or even the player and banker pair or tie bet all at once.

Online Baccarat Drawing Rules (S = Stand, D = Draw)

We can look at the different combinations for a Draw or Stand when it comes to third card rules. You can also click and expand the image to see more detailed information.

Baccarat Bonuses

You can get your hands on the latest casino bonuses to use at the baccarat table. The majority of new casinos offer exciting signup deals that you’ll be able to use on baccarat games. The option is yours to use these bonuses at table versions or live dealer games.

Some online casinos also like to offer a personalised experience to their players. As a VIP player you may even be able to sign up to exclusive baccarat only deals. It’s worth looking into the fine print of the casino to see if you will qualify for these special bonuses and promotions.

Strategies for Online Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat Strategy Clipboard LogoConsider betting on the Player. Don’t always be swayed towards the Banker, yes they do have more of a chance of winning but the commission on these bets could see you end up with less value in return.

Don’t become focused on patterns. The outcome of each hand is completely random to the next with no correlation to any other hand played.

Choose your variant carefully. New players may want to head to a mini-baccarat game with smaller stakes and a smaller table rather than a Speed Baccarat game where it’s easier to lose track of bets.

Free Baccarat vs. Real Money Play

Real money play:

  • Try out live dealer games without having to visit a land-based casino
  • Play with low stakes from as little as 0.50c
  • Receive welcome offer bonuses
  • Build up loyalty points

Playing for free:

  • No risk of losing your real money
  • Try out different variations of baccarat until you find one that you prefer
  • Enjoy the games as you would do with real money
  • Try out betting options and learn the third card rules

⚠️ Remember, carefully managing your bankroll is key for a responsible and enjoyable experience when playing Baccarat.

Software Developers Making Baccarat Games

Baccarat Software DevelopersThere’s a good number of software developers who either specialize in live and table games or produce these as well as slot games.

You’ll find many Evolution Gaming casinos that offer an amazing selection of baccarat games, with an emphasis on high quality and live dealer titles.

Play’N Go and Microgaming are two other world-famous developers who also produce exciting baccarat games with variations on the classic game such as Mini-Baccarat, Baccarat Gold, and Squeeze.

Pragmatic Play also offers several live casino games, and players will be able to enjoy these software developers’ skills in their baccarat gaming.

Try Baccarat online for free

RNG Baccarat vs. Live Dealer Baccarat

Unlike land-based casinos, online baccarat players get to benefit from 2 different versions of the famous card game, but which one is more suitable for your needs?


  • Practice your skills without a real person present
  • Huge choice of RNG games compared to live dealer
  • Most RNG games are available to test for free
  • Enjoy a greater focus on your gameplay without the distractions of other players

Live Dealer

  • Tables are hosted by charismatic and knowledgeable dealers
  • Offers a real-casino feel to your gameplay
  • It’s possible to interact with the dealers by live chat
  • Unable to play live dealer games for free


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Baccarat FAQs

1. Are there any betting strategies for Baccarat?

Baccarat is really simple to learn and play and requires no mathematical strategies at all as the game is of chance and not skill.

2. Is Baccarat the same as Blackjack?

No, though there are similarities in both games’ objectives- for blackjack it’s to reach 21 and for baccarat, it’s to reach 9.

3. How many decks of cards are used in Baccarat?

Usually 6 or 8 decks for traditional games.

4. Can I win at Baccarat?

Yes, and on larger tables, the winnings can be huge. Though due to the house edge and commission on banker bets, it’s likely that shorter sessions will be more beneficial than longer games.

5. Should you always bet banker in Baccarat?

The banker will always have more chance of winning due to the many options it has available after a player’s third card is drawn, but the commission on banker bets can also be high. It may be worth trying a few player bets but mostly sticking to the banker.

6. Are Baccarat RNG games fair?

Yes, whenever you are choosing a baccarat game from any of our reviewed new casinos, you can rest assured that the platform holds a valid gaming license that ensures all games are fair and regularly tested.

7. What’s the largest amount won on Baccarat?

In 2015 Lin Haisan won $12.9 million at the World Series of Baccarat.

8. What is the dragon in Baccarat?

The Dragon Bonus is a side bet that will pay if you get either an 8 or 9 ‘Natural’ or if you win the Banker by a large amount.

9. Should you always use side bets?

Side bets can be used as often as you wish but always be aware of their odds and the effect they have on the house edge percentages. We would advise mixing up your gameplay and placing a variety of standard and side bets.

10. What happens if there is a Tie?

If you have placed a Tie Bet then you will receive your winnings accordingly, if this isn’t the case then your initial wager will be returned to you.