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Want the full VIP treatment? Look no further! We have stripped away all the casinos that lacked the resources or foresight to care about loyalty and present you with the complete overview of all new VIP casinos. That means every single casino with an exclusive VIP Casino Club, or a more general, but still great, VIP Programme.

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New VIP Casinos 2024

VIP Casino Clubs and VIP Programmes come in all forms and sizes, and we cover them all here. We have cut through the hordes of new online casinos that would not go the extra mile, and present you with every new casino that caters to VIP players with excellence. Find them below.

Why become a VIP player?

Before we begin, remember to make a careful assessment of the costs and benefits of each of the VIP Programs, and pick one that fits your playstyles. If you are not a high roller, limit your aim, and go for the less exclusive VIP systems. Said that, Why would you want to join one you ask? The VIP privileges of course. Depending on how great your casino is you can get everything from:

  • Exclusive VIP casino bonuses
  • Cashback special deals
  • A personal VIP account manager
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Gifts and event invitations
  • Paid trips and experiences

And so much more, including physical gifts such as watches and other luxury items, though at that point we are into high roller VIP Club heaven. You will in other words, depending on the VIP system, be able to get everything from standardised VIP promotions to exclusive and personal offers.

Not prepared to spend the amounts needed to get you there? No worries, several VIP Programmes are easy to get into, and if you are simply interested in extra rewards you also have loyalty programs.

On this page, we have a treat for you. We have created two clear overviews where you can browse through new VIP casinos and new casinos with loyalty programs. We are keeping these two lists separate as they are really not the same thing, despite their many similarities.

If you are wondering just how they differ, scroll past the toplists for our easy and comprehensive guide to VIP Clubs, VIP Programmes and Loyalty Programs, and explain exactly how they differ, and how each of them works. If you are left with any further questions we have also created a quick and simple FAQ section at the very bottom. Let us help you get the best rewards and the best casino experience possible.

New Casinos with Loyalty Programs

You don’t have to be a VIP to get rewards. Loyalty Programs are far more common than VIP Clubs and VIP Programs and are open to everyone. The rules may vary slightly, but the basic principle is the same: you play for real money, and you get rewarded for it, usually with reward points. These points can then be exchanged for bonuses, free spins and/or real money. Below we have created a clean list of every new casino with a loyalty program.

The Difference Between VIP Clubs, VIP Programmes and Loyalty Programmes

If you have been around the block a few times you know that talk is cheap, especially to a smooth-talking casino trying to sell themselves as the hottest new deal in town. These labels can, in other words, be used left, right and centre with no consistency except the casino’s ego. Let us, therefore, break down what we read into the terms, and let you decide if a casino is just blowing their offers out of proportions.

What is a VIP Casino Club?

When a casino talks about having a VIP Club, it implies a degree of exclusivity. The label is meant to refer to the high-end VIP systems, often invite-only and reserved for a casino’s high rollers. It is VIP Clubs that are likely to offer watches and even exotic trips to their big spenders as rewards for their constant patronage. The degree of privileges here can border the extreme, but again: these kinds of clubs can be pretty damn pricey to join.

What is a VIP Programme

A VIP programme can mean many things, but the easiest way to think about it is as a glorified and improved loyalty program. Essentially you will get casino rewards VIP-style, or just the same kind of rewards but with added benefits. A VIP Programme is likely to still have additional VIP promotions, such as cashback or extra big bonuses. They may also have personal account managers or at least a VIP support team.

Most VIP programmes allow you access immediately, some just for signing up, making them almost indistinguishable from a loyalty program, others when you make a solid set of deposits. What is especially common is for a VIP online casino of this kind to have a built-in level system. This means that even if you technically have the label “VIP” from the beginning, or if the label is not there, at least are a part of the programme, better benefits will be unlocked as you climb higher and higher.

What is a Loyalty Programme

A loyalty programme is a built-in reward system. While it is possible to reward you for anything, and indeed many casinos reward you points for signing up, you are usually rewarded when you play with real money. The standard is usually that for every pound you play you are given reward points. For instance, £1 could be 1 point. The more you play, the more reward points you get. These reward points can then be exchanged.

What you can get may vary drastically from casino to casino. Some may only allow you to exchange it into bonus others will let you cash out in real money, while some may have online casino shops where you can select offers, such as free spins, and purchase them with your points.

How to Become a VIP Member?

There are two ways to get a VIP membership. Casinos with a standard VIP Programme will usually reward with a membership automatically. This can happen as soon as you register, or when you meet their criteria, which may be based on deposits or wagers. The other way is when you are a Loyal Player, have been playing regularly for a long time, or you are a High Roller, wager a lot and make large deposits, the online casinos will invite you to their unofficial VIP programme.

Yes, there are new online casinos out there that have some sorts of incentive plan for their best casino players, let’s have a look at just how this works.

Invite Only VIP Loyalty Programmes

We talked earlier of VIP Clubs, and how they are invite-only. The interesting thing is that more standardised VIP programmes may actually have invite-only levels. In these cases, you can progress automatically, as per their criteria, and keep getting better and better rewards, but then it stops. Certain top levels are out of reach, and this is usually where the real goodies are.

Unlike automatic progression, an actual person needs to spot you. This is not too hard, usually, they see your deposits or how much you wager through on a weekly or monthly basis. Other times it can be more personal, and based on long-standing loyalty, and life cycle-spend.

Quick tip: If you want to get into the spotlight right away it is actually possible to ask customer support of what you can do to get on the list, or to get them to pass your username on. This does not always work, but casinos are eager to please and it is quite likely to at least put you on their radar.

Reach New Levels? This is How to do it!

There are absolutely no rules for how many levels a VIP loyalty programme can actually have if any. The classic norm was Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, sometimes with the addition of Diamond. However, as casinos kept trying to outdo each other, more and more levels started to get tagged on. There are VIP Loyalty Programmes out there with more than 10 levels, and, if we follow the trend of regular loyalty programmes we can theoretically expect to eventually see VIP systems with near-endless levelling. However, the norm is still 10 or less, and it will likely stat that way.

There are two main solutions VIP Casinos use to see what level you belong on, and how quickly you can progress. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Point Systems Based on Wagering

This is the most commonly used model and it is based on how much you wager. It works like this: for every X amount of money you wager you will get X amount of points. Those points will be the basis for determining your level in the online casinos VIP Loyalty Programme.

For example, a VIP casino may give you 1 point for every £1 you wager. Once you have collected, say 1,000 points you may enter level 2, when you reach 3,000 points you may enter level 3, etc. It is usually a steep progression, making the early steps easy to climb to, while the highest levels require a great degree of persistence. Note: Normally you will get more points for each pound you wager on the higher levels. At the highest VIP level, you may even get twice the points for each pound you spend, compared to the lowest VIP level.

One thing to remember here is that each casino game category contributes differently on the point system, meaning you will have to wager much more money on the table games than when playing online slots to get an equal amount of points. Once again it depends on each online casino how much each game contributes to the point system.

In some new VIP casinos, your points may only be used to determine your VIP status, but in some new online casinos, you may exchange your points for free spins, free money and many other rewards like luxurious trips, event tickets or cool gadgets. Spending your VIP points will not affect your progress, and keep in mind VIP casinos may have an expiration date. We therefore strongly recommend players with the option to convert your casino VIP points to other things.

Systems Based on Deposited Money

The old-school VIP systems are far more likely to value large amounts of real money and all you need to do to jump from one level to another is to deposit the right amount of cash. There may be requirements of consistency, for instance, x amounts of deposits over the last months to actually get in. These more restrictive systems are typically used on casinos with extremely limited levels. Beware, however, some VIP systems require you to consistently deposit, otherwise, you may be downgraded. We always recommend going to casinos where your VIP status is for life.

9 Outstanding VIP Casino Rewards

We have briefly touched upon some of the benefits VIP online casinos offer, but let’s give them a closer look. Not every VIP system will the each of the below “goodies”, and some may have offered not listed here. Our goal is first and foremost to highlight the various advantages that may tempt you to aim for VIP status, as well as show you what kinds of offers are actually out there; allowing you to look for them.

VIP Bonuses

Once you are a VIP player you will most likely get exclusive VIP casino bonuses, either for all VIP players or for you individually. How good these offers depend on the casino, and your level. There is a big range. However, we can split them into two categories, namely Match Bonuses and No Deposit Offers.

Match Bonuses

You may run into new online casinos that are using many different names to describe this bonus, the most common names you will run into are VIP Bonus, High Roller Bonus, Monthly VIP Bonus, Weekly VIP Bonus etc. There are also VIP systems where you get bonuses on every single deposit you make.

These are all Deposit Bonuses and they work the same way as the Reload Bonuses. The difference is that the amount of money on which you will get a bonus for is much higher than in normal Reload Bonuses offered to non-VIP casino players. The difference is that they are either more frequent or just much, much bigger than what the regulars are getting.

Your personal account manager, if you get one, may even look at your playstyle and check-in if you want a bonus, and what kind of bonus you would like. You can also go further, i.e. contact your account manager and ask for a bonus yourself.

No Deposit Bonuses

If you play through thousands of pounds a week, or perhaps even a day, no deposit bonuses are not a big risk for the casino. These kinds of offers can be spectacular, for instance, you may have lost a solid amount of money, and suddenly the casino throws in a no deposit offer, almost as if it was cashback. It is a very nice way to feel a little better about your losses and to get back in the game.

However, even if you don’t want to spend gigantic amounts, you can get taken care of quite well. For example, you may get a new level bonus just for climbing up one level on the VIP Loyalty Programme or even get a free bonus for just staying at the same level. They usually are called with fitting names like Level Up Bonus or Level Maintained Bonus.

VIP Reward Points

VIP reward points work just as regular reward points. You collect them as you play, and they will either allow you to level up and/or exchange them for bonuses, bonus spins, real money, etc.


If you join a VIP system we strongly recommend that they have cashback as one of their standard built-in rewards. The ability to get money back from your losses is always a plus and makes the bets slightly safer. The Cashback percentage varies for each online casino and each VIP level. At the highest VIP levels and on the best casinos you can get up to 15 % Cashback on the deposited money you lose.

Then some VIP casinos even offer Cashback on every bet, meaning you will get back a percentage of the total amount you wager in real money or VIP points. We believe that this is more of a bonus than a reward and the correct definition should be wagering bonus and not Cashback.

Nevertheless, it is a nice feature to have in a casino VIP loyalty programme, but we would rather prefer the Cashback on deposits. The percentage you will get back on the amount you wager varies on each online casino and it is of course much lower than for the cashback on deposits, it can be up to 3 % on everything you wager.

Personal VIP Account Manager

Probably the most important service, or if you want to call it to reward, offered in a VIP Loyalty Programme. Any casino without this service should not call their incentive plan for VIP Loyalty Programme since the high stake casino players will never waste their time on online casinos without a personal manager.

Once you have advanced to the higher levels on the VIP Loyalty Programme a personal account manager will be assigned to you. This person will be like a personal assistant to you on everything that has to do with your casino experience. They will be there to answer all your questions, solve all your problems and to meet all your VIP casino needs.

After a while playing at your VIP casino your personal account manager will get to know your preferences and you will get perks that you like without even asking for them. You will always get informed about the latest updates like the latest casino games, latest casino bonuses, the latest challenges and so on. Your new VIP casino personal account manager will always keep you updated on the things that matter to you so you will not have to spend your own time on things other than playing.

It is really important to know that the best rewards to High Rollers and Loyal players with high VIP status are seldom written somewhere or made public from the online casinos. Those rewards are often tailor-made and awarded by the personal account manager to fit each VIP player’s unique preferences. We also strongly recommend to always be in touch with your personal manager and to dare to ask him or her for exclusive bonuses or deals. In the worst case they will say no but they will at least the will get to know your preferences and they may give it to you one day in the future.

Faster Payouts

The High Rollers and probably all casino players would like to be able to make the fastest withdrawals possible. Well, that’s what to expect on the highest VIP statuses, at those levels you can expect to make same day or within 24 hours withdrawals.

Higher Deposit Limits

Most of the VIP casinos are having daily deposit limits to prevent gambling addiction. In the higher VIP levels, you can expect those deposit limits to be much higher and more flexible, it is now up to each personal account manager first to decide if the casino player is addicted to gambling and then to decide the new deposit limit.

Lower Wagering Requirements

Some VIP casinos are giving to their most loyal casino players lower wagering requirements on their deposited money and the bonus money. Some of the very best casinos even offer players the chance to play with no wagering requirement at all.

How to Spot the Best VIP Casino

There are many casinos out there that offer some type of a VIP Loyalty Programme, so let us give you a quick list of the main things you should look out for;

  • Personal VIP Account Manager – Can get you exclusive offers
  • Cashback rewards – Added safety
  • Fast cash withdrawals – Less time waiting for your money
  • Higher deposit and withdrawals – More freedom to go big
  • Exclusive VIP bonuses

All of the benefits we listed earlier, from personal gifts, to reward points, etc. are also plusses. However, reward points are essentially guaranteed, while personal gifts are usually just for the top players. The above 5 points are what any good VIP Casino should offer. There is also one big negative you should always avoid and that is:

  • If you can lose your VIP level

You should always aim for VIP Casinos where your level is permanent.

Gifts and Presents

Actual physical gifts are usually only given to the most important VIPs or handled within the most exclusive VIP clubs, which essentially boils down to the same thing. If you are giving someone a watch, paying for their concert tickets, etc. there will need to be something in it for the casino, and that something is the continued patronage.

This means that it should be clear that the gifts you get back is always less than what you lose, or are expected to lose in your lifetime, but it is still a phenomenal plus and can make you feel incredible.

Unique VIP Events

You may actually get invited to parties, sometimes all the way around the world, where you can meet the other VIP players and have a great time. Do note that just as with physical gifts, this is usually only for the top spenders.

Common Terms & Conditions for VIP Bonuses

6 regular terms & conditions for VIP bonuses at new casinos commonly include:

  • These exclusive bonuses require VIP status.
  • While these bonuses will still have wagering requirements, they might be more favourable.
  • VIP bonuses will usually have higher minimum deposit requirements.
  • Some games have restrictions where they may be excluded from bonus play or have different wagering contributions.
  • There are time limits for using a specific bonus and meeting the wagering requirement.
  • Players will find bet limits, with the maximum bet size usually being higher than for standard bonuses.

While these are the most common terms & conditions for these bonuses, it’s important to thoroughly read and understand all the fine print attached to bonuses in general. VIPs will usually have additional tailored conditions when claiming these exclusive offers.

New Casinos FAQ


Do you still have outstanding questions? Take a look at our VIP FAQ.

It is technically possible for casinos to offer exclusive VIP Casino Games.

Yes, you can, especially at casinos with automatic acceptance. Certain casinos enter you into a more basic VIP/Loyalty programme mix at sign-up, while others will allow anyone making a sizable enough deposit to join. Even invite-only casinos can be approached, and with the right credentials, you may just get in, or at least get your waiting time cut down.

Yes, though you will likely not get the best benefits. If we look at automatic VIP Programmes you may even climb up to one of the top levels just by persistence, it will just take you a lot longer. The more exclusive VIP Clubs will however likely not let you in, as they are typically tailored for high rollers.

Unfortunately, there are casinos where you may lose your VIP Status due to inactivity or lower deposits over a certain period. We generally recommend that you pick casinos where your VIP status is permanent.

First and foremost; they can get you exclusive deals. Your account manager will check in on you and see if you are happy, and if you are not, they will try to fix it. They may also try to make you even happier if you are happy already. It all depends on the casino and the type of offers and VIP treatment they provide.

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