Casino Bonuses

Casino recognizes that players aren’t taking full advantage of the plethora of bonuses that casinos are offering. We believe that New Casinos have an obligation to help our readers get the most value from their online gaming experience and telling you how you can get better bonuses is a sure way to make reading guides like this worth your while. You can stretch your bankroll, win more money, improve on and try new casino games. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and we want to help you find the ones that fits you the best of the casino’s offers, while jumping through as few hoops as possible.

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Reload Bonuses

Reload bonusesThe first bonus that we like to cover are called reload bonuses. They are a fairly common bonus, so most gamblers have probably heard of them, but you might not know all the tips and tricks that you can use to get bigger and better reload bonuses. If you don’t know, a reload bonus is where the casino gives you a percentage of your deposit in bonus credits. Most web casinos that offer them will match your deposit by a percentage between 20% and 50%. You can get 100% matches but most online casinos will only do this for your welcome bonus. The highest introduction bonus right now is from Casimba, offering 200% bonus up to €/£ 6500 + 125 free spins.

So how does it work? As an example, say you reload 100 €/£/$ into you new online casino account. The operator will reward your loyalty with a reload bonus of 50%. You will end up with a balance of 100 €/£/$ in regular money, and 50 €/£/$ in bonus credits. There are all kinds of terms and conditions that dictate what you can and can’t do with your bonus credits, but we will cover all of that later on. Now we are going to look at how you get the reload bonus to begin with.

Alternatively, a reload bonus can be a predetermined top up given at the end of every week or month. The goal is to keep loyal players happy. In some cases you have to deposit a minimum each week to qualify, and there may also be some terms and conditions such as wagering requirements, games that you can and can not play with the bonus money, still it is a great way to be rewarded and keep the lights on and the wheels turning. A new casino from 2017 with great welcome bonus is Play Ojo, that gives wagering free bonus on the first deposit and all further deposits as well.

How to Get Reload BonusesHow to get a casino bonus

First things first, you need to be playing on a new online casino that offers reload bonuses, or you aren’t going to get any. It is that simple. In our experience, there are two ways that online casinos structure reload bonuses. Some casinos are very forthcoming, and they tell you that if you deposit x amount of money, you are entitled to % reload bonus. Other new casinos give them out at complete random. The only way to check the generosity of a casino is by researching the online casino and sign up for their newsletter. You can take a closer look at New Casinos’ reviews before you commit, since we always check out the reload casino bonuses and loyalty programs.

Casinos use bonuses to award the big spenders and the high rollers, therefore you have to play more. If you are betting frequently the casino will move heaven and earth to keep you around. Some new casinos have points based systems, that give you predetermined achievements to unlock by playing, and others will just notice that you are a loyal player and send you bonuses.

The structured reload bonuses, VIP Loyalty Programs, are sometimes rewarded using a points system. It varies from casino to casino, but the general gist of it, is that you get points for every reload, and once you have so many points you level up and are entitled to some kind of reward.

Promotions and Offers

An online casino that offers a lot of promotions and offers is a great place to bet your money. You can work them into your gambling strategy, and if you really take the time to understand what is on offer, you will get value for your money. The majority of players are not taking the time to properly look into the promotions and offers, do not be one of them. Spend some time reading our reviews and you will not regret it.

The new online casinos offering the same promotion every week or once a month are a gold mine. You normally need to make a deposit to qualify for the promotions, so schedule your deposits so they align with the bonus and over time you will build up decent balance of bonus credits that will stretch you bankroll. You want to find a promotion with low turnover requirements, so that you can withdraw it sometime soon, and it is also important to be aware of when the bonus credits will expire. Take the time to learn all of this, and you can really take advantage of bonus promotions.

How to Get the Best Promotions and Offers

You will have the most success with new casinos. They offer deals that established casinos wouldn’t bother with to try attract player to their site. Don’t fall for the big number. That big number which the online casino parades in front of you is the maximum value you can get from a promotion, so you have to focus also the percentage you will get. If the online casino’s promotion awards free spins, you need to find out how many you will get, the value of them, and the games that you can play them at. Of course all this goes without saying, but we are going to say it anyway. You need to frequently check news posts, read our reviews and register at our email list for getting updated with the latest promotions.

Join as many new online casinos is the best way to get value for your money, this can be said for all bonuses, not just promotions, but you will get more bonus credits if you join more than one online casino. If you are depositing on specific days to take advantage of ongoing promotions, like a lot of players do, a second or third online casino can take this strategy to the next level. As far as general promotions and offers are concerned, more casino equates to more opportunities.

You will just see that the advantages you gained from joining two online casinos outweigh what you lose for betting all your money on one casino. All you have to do is to employ a little strategy when joining additional casinos since you will have to split your bankroll across the casinos.

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VIP Loyalty ProgramsVIP Casino Bonus

Online casinos give out VIP statues to their loyal players to reward them for the money they have wagered on their casino. If you want to really get the most out of an online casino, a reputable site will give more promotions and bonuses to their VIP players. The benefits don not stop there. VIPs also get better customer service, and some internet casinos will even offer them faster withdrawal times. The VIP programs will vary from casino to casino. Some you have to earn, others you buy your way into, and a few allow you to sign up to VIP programs when you create your account. It is really only online casinos that allow this. Land based casino programs are a lot harder to get into, and this is just one of the many benefits that online casinos offer over their land based counterparts.

Exclusive VIP Loyalty Programs

Exclusive VIP programs are typically offered to high rollers on casinos that cater to those among us who like to bet large. The following information is our take on how you can get notice and invited to sign up to one of these programs.

Exclusive VIP programs tend to give the best bonuses, promotion, offers, and rewards, so they are worth the run around that the online casino gives you. We recommend you again to read the VIP section for each casino in our reviews for finding the best programs. High rollers are easy to spot on online casinos, and if you want to be noticed by the online casino you need to roll with the best of them. You need to make a decent deposit and wager regularly. It is a given that your account is verified, and your identity confirmed. When pitching for VIP statues, it is important that you deposit a decent amount of money. If you are serious, we recommend that you drop a solid amount into your bankroll and place at least three wagers a day. This will get you noticed.

Your VIP status on one casino site can help you achieve that same status on another site. This is easiest when the two online casinos in question were developed by the same parent company. You might already be a VIP on one site, and there is another casino that you already have VIP statues on just waiting for you.

Points Based

VIP Programs are often points based. This means that they reward players for using the site. A common structure is a tier system. You know? Where you start as a bronze player and as you wager on the site you move up to silver, gold, platinum, uranium, and there are normally awards given every time you level up.

Those points can be earned aether by the deposits made or by the amount that have been wagered. The most common is the first mentioned and therefore depositing into the casino will be a quick way to move up the ranks. You should consider making multiple little deposits rather than one big one if the casino places the same value on every deposit but you need to check the fees before committing to this strategy. While we are on the subject make sure that your deposit method will get you points. There are a few online casinos that still penalize players for depositing with e wallets and other online payment methods. This can sometimes have an effect on the amount of points that they get in a VIP program. It is very rare, and this is just a little disclaimer, but you should still watch out for it.

In the casinos using the wagering method you have to be aware that not all games will reward you with points. Online Slots normally will, but table games won’t always. These games have lower house advantages, and it is possible to bet a lot very quickly because you win more often than with Online Slots. Keep also in mind that different games will reward you with points at a different conversion rates, and some times the games with the best conversion rate won’t be the best games. The casinos are trying to incentive that you play certain games, therefore you will want to compromise on the quality of the game and the conversation rate at which it pays out points.

Redeem Points

Some online casinos will allow you to redeem your points for cash at an exchange rate determined by the online casino. As a general rule, a lot of points will equal very few dollars, but money is money. This is similar to cash back bonuses, but you don’t need to lose to qualify. In the spirit of the VIP program, it rewards the players that have the most points on the online casino.

Some of them will also have other options to utilize your points. For example you may use them to enter yourself into raffles, to win prizes, buy merchandise, pay for trips, enter tournaments, and whatever else the casino can think up. As you move up the tiers more rewards will become available, and some online casinos will even give you better conversion rates on games and exchange rates when you want to withdraw your points as cash. Points that are withdrawn as cash can have turnover requirements. They might also be a sticky bonus. This means that you can’t withdraw them as real money to your banks account, but you can wager them and withdraw the winnings. If the points are sticky, you will most likely get more cash for them.

How to Find the Best VIP Loyalty Programs

The newest casinos are always trying to stand out and to do this they offer great VIP Loyalty programs to entice new players to sign up and keep the ones they have on board. Don’t just settle for a mediocre VIP program because it is offered by an established casino with a big name. That being said, if you plan to high roll, you want to find a site that is tailored to high rolling player. These web casinos choose who gets to join their VIP programs, and they will do just about anything to keep you happy. We are talking nights in 5 star hotels and foot massages.

Regardless of your budget and bankroll you need to take the time, do the research, so your money goes further, and you get more out of your online casino experience. All of the information is available and you need only to read our review to find out exactly what the VIP program will give you.

Cash Back Bonuses

They aren’t the most sort after bonuses, but they can do a lot for a casino player interested in stretching their bank balance. Put simply, a cash back bonus is when an online casino gives a player a percentage of what they lost or what they wagered after a certain amount of time. It isn’t going to be a lot, normally between 5% and 25%, but you really don’t have much to lose considering that the money is already lost. The amount that you can get back can be capped or unlimited. A standard cap is between 500 €/£/$ to 5000 €/£/$. Unlimited cash back bonuses don’t necessarily have lower percentages.

The Cash Back Bonus is normally given weekly, fortnightly, or quarterly. There can be turnover requirements, but they aren’t as high as what you have come to expect from welcome bonuses, which makes sense, because you have already wagered this money. Cash back bonuses might only be on certain games and is common that casinos will only offer cash back bonuses on slot games, or they might only be given for you loses with a developer. One great casino offering cash back to frequent players is Trada Casino.

Otherwise, you might need to be in the casino’s VIP program to qualify for their cash back bonus. A big one that you have to look out for is if the bonus is sticky. This has been covered in the guide, but if you have forgotten, or you are skimming, a sticky bonus can’t be withdrawn, but you can wager it and then claim the winnings.

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Top Up Bonuses

Top up bonuses are the opposite of cash back bonuses. While a cash back bonus will give you a percent of your losses, a top up bonus will give you a percentage of your winnings. They are definitely not as common as cash back bonuses, and most of the time only offered to VIPs, but you should jump at the chance to play at a casino that offers them. The amount of money that you get back will most likely be less than what you would have got back for the cash back bonus, but it can make the big wins that much more glorious, and if you are play a lot of video slots, we bet that you don’t realise how many wins you have bellow wager. This can really add up and make this a tasty bonus.

The conditions are very similar to the cash back bonus, you will get your money after an allotted amount of time has passed. Percentages typically range from 5% to 15%, and there are limits or some casinos are happy to match whatever you win. Turnover requirements are normally between 1xs to 10xs, and you probably won’t be paid the money that you won with other bonuses, or it might only be winnings from a certain game or developer.

Payment Method Bonuses

We are right down to the nitty gritty here, but online casinos can and will give you bonuses for choosing to use a specific deposit method. Online payment methods are cheaper for them to process, and they want to encourage players to use them. Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, and other e-wallets are most likely to qualify you for these deposits. They generally aren’t very high, it might just be an extra 10% added to what you are depositing, but hey it is free money. Payment method bonuses are notorious for having high turnover requirements and expiring very quickly.

Free Bonuses

free casino bonusesNo deposit bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, but the general gist of a free play bonus is that you get to try something without the requirement to play for real money. What you will found our from us is what you can play, how long for, and if you can actually win anything. An online casino might give you five free wagers at a black jack table, or free spins to play on any NetEnt slot. High turnover requirements are pretty much a given, when you use a free bonus and the money that you win is going to need to be turned over a lot. Anyway, free play bonuses always have long and involved terms and conditions, but once again, they are free so why not. You will rarely get money free in your pocket without doing anything, and the same is true for free spins without deposit requirements. Standard is 35-50x wagering to get your free bonus money, while many new casinos got a cap on the amount you can win (often 100 $/£/€).

Sometimes a free bonus is given as part of a welcome bonus, or it might be awarded to a high rolling player as a type of loyalty bonus, or included as a type of promotion. There are all kinds of ways to get some free time at the slots or behind the table. Like all these bonuses, some casinos favour free play bonuses more than others, so you will want to do the research and identify the sites more inclined to give them to you. One example of a great free registration bonus comes from Dunder, offering 20 free spins on registration. When doing your first deposit, another 200% up to 50 £/€/$ plus 180 Free Spins will be rewarded to your account.  Other new casinos with generous free spins on registration include NY Spins with 20 free spins after you sign-up. Finally, Trada Casino based in Isle of Man offers 5 £/€/$ of free play money when you sign-up in order to discover how great it is.

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We know that is can be a little overwhelming. There is a seemingly endless list of bonuses, and every new online casino is offering something different, but if you take the time to do the research, and find the sites that really care about the player’s experience, it will stretch your bankroll and potentially help you win a lot of money. The poorly kept secret is research. Since we have reviewed bonuses offered by hundreds of different casinos, and we are committed to educating players on how to get the best bonuses from the industry we recommend that you first read our latest casino reviews, check out our recent news posts and subscribe on our email list.