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#1 New Online Casino Bonus 2020

Looking for the greatest and latest casino bonuses? Check our hand-picked list of the best online casino bonuses and understand more about each of the different types of casino bonuses being offered to players around the world. We give you a quick overview of the newest bonuses and a full list of casino bonuses are available to you.

Get started with our detailed guide and find the perfect casino bonus for you safely and hassle-free in the toplist below. Additionally, you can know more about the many different types of casino bonuses and how to best take advantage of them.

Slotum Casino
8.6 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 bonus spins
Choose from 4,000 + games, enjoy instant payouts, regular hot promos, and a rewarding VIP program.
7.9 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to €250
Grab a bonus on every deposit, enjoy regular cashback, as well as over 1,250 exciting games.
Lucky Days Casino
8.3 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 dripping free spins (10 per day)
Lucky Days casino is an attractive new online casino that features a wide range of gaming options, reliable customer support services and exciting bonus offers for all its players.
8.6 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €250 + 100 bonus spins
Slotnite Casino is a fresh online casino featuring a wide selection of gaming options. An enticing welcome bonus, leading game providers and a 24/7 customer support service makes it a highly attractive platform.
New exclusive bonus
Kajot Casino
7.9 / 10
Registration bonus: 70 Bonus Spins Deposit bonus: 125% Match Bonus up to €300
We have just secured an exclusive no deposit offer for our readers.

How to Get the Latest Casino Bonus & Start Playing

New Casino Bonuses 2020All you need to do to claim a casino bonus is to fulfil simple and straightforward criteria. Sometimes it is really as easy as literally clicking “claim bonus”, though there is usually a little more to it.

The no deposit bonus offers you get on registration are the easiest. Here you literally just need to create an account, and perhaps use a bonus code, and the offer is yours. The majority of casino bonuses will, on the other hand, require a deposit. Don’t worry, the minimum requirement is almost never more than £10 or £20, and the more you deposit, the more you get.

You may also encounter reward bonuses. This is when you need to complete a task, for instance, wager through your deposit before getting your bonus.

It should always be immediately clear on how to collect and use any bonus casino offers. If this is not the case, please consider changing to a different new casino. Any casino that hides key terms and conditions, or makes it hard to claim a bonus cannot be trusted.

Pick any of the new online casino bonuses above & sign up

Finding new casino bonuses is simple but the important question that remains is: what is the best offer for you? A great looking deal is not always as it seems so check our ratings, read our reviews before you make your decision and most importantly, always double-check the terms and conditions, especially the wagering conditions. For starters, consider these:

  • If you usually deposit small amounts, you should go for higher percentage bonuses.
  • If you usually deposit larger amounts, high percentage bonuses should be ignored in favour of larger bonus amounts.

Note: Every casino on the lists below are licenced, safe, approved by expert players and professionals in the industry.

Step 2: Input the bonus code when prompted

Bonus codes work as voucher codes and were the norm up until a few years ago. They usually need to be used before you make a deposit and can be filled into a very obvious field. Some casinos still use them on certain on-site promotions or even on printed materials (calendars, banners, etc).

We list each new casino bonus to make sure that you never miss out on a great offer. It is extremely simple; every time a new casino comes out with a bonus it will be informed on the review and also in the T&Cs.

Step 3: Click on enter and receive your bonus

After you found your casino, read the terms and conditions and signed up, it’s time to finally claim your bonus and start playing. Even if you are not prompted to insert a bonus code, you can still proceed and confirm the claim.

Now you should go to your casino account and confirm that the bonus is there before you start playing your favourite games. If it’s there, happy days, head on to the casino lobby and have fun, otherwise wait for a few minutes or reach out to the customer support.

Turnover Requirements for Online Casino Bonuses Explained

With every bonus explained, we have mentioned turnover requirements, frequently also called wagering requirements. This was not to bore you but to insist on its importance. Wagering requirements can make or break a bonus.

The most important thing to understand is that bonuses are not real money. This is why it is called a bonus and not simply “real money”. No matter how the bonus is set up, you will need to fulfil a basic requirement or task before you can put the funds into your bank account.

For most bonuses, this simply means meeting the wagering requirement. The standard is usually from 25x to 50x your bonus, which means you must wager your bonus amount that many times. However, there are also bonuses, including bonus spins, that are wager-free.

This is how you convert the 4 most common bonuses into real money

  • Standard bonus: You meet the wagering requirement.
  • Wager-free bonus: Every win with bonus funds turns into real money.
  • Bonus spins: You play through your spins, then meet the wagering requirement on your winnings.
  • Wager-free bonus spins: You play through your spins and your winnings immediately become real money.

How Wagering Requirements Work

If casinos were just handing out “free money” they would go bankrupt quick. Wagering requirements are the most common restriction used to ensure that players don’t abuse the system.

It is a “lock” where the casinos make their players bet their bonus money a specific amount of times before it turns into real money. The wagering requirement is often expressed as a multiplier (X) say 30X which means you need to wager your bonus amount 30 times.

Why (Almost) All Online Casino Bonuses Are Worth It

If you get the feeling that casino bonuses are a little over-hyped, you are absolutely right. No, unfortunately, they probably won’t make you rich, but they do serve an incredibly important function. They are your lifeline. Your second chance.

This is why you really should consider claiming every bonus you see. Slight exaggeration? Perhaps. There are a few exceptions. We go through everything you need to know in the video below. Take a look:

Features We See in the Latest Casino Bonus

Not all that glitters is gold. This should be clear by now. Casino bonuses are not created equal. However, they are designed and packaged to lure you in. It’s up to you to read the fine print and decide whether it’s best for you or not. To help you differentiate the real deals from the ‘scams’ here are some features to look out for.


Here’s the thing, like with all life-changing deals, the most important information is written in small print. The fine prints for bonuses are referred to as wagering requirements (more on this a little later). A good bonus should have all the rules and requirements laid out in a clear and simple manner. You will need to read through these terms and conditions to determine if the bonus is worth your time.

Minimal Game Restrictions

Unfortunately, almost all bonuses have game restrictions imposed by the online casino. While there is no way around these restrictions, good bonuses allow players to use the bonuses on a myriad of games. These choices allow you to pick one that interests you and enjoy the gaming experience all the more.

Longer Expiration Dates

Online casinos create the need for urgency using expiration dates. While these dates may work to get you to act fast on the bonus, some time frames are too short for comfort. Couple this with insane wagering requirements and the bonus turns into a nightmare.

A good bonus affords you enough time to think through your bets and still have enough time to meet the wagering requirements attached to it. Bonuses that make you feel rushed are not the best.

Higher Bonus Amounts

Who doesn’t want more money upon sign up? Good bonuses strike a perfect balance between the bonus amounts they offer and realistic wagering requirements. This is especially for players who are used to making high bets and getting huge rewards.


A good product will always sell itself. Good bonuses will be recommended and given good reviews by players who give it a try. As such, reviews are the best way to know if a bonus is great or not.

New Casino Bonuses – Most Common Types Found in 2020

Want to know more about the latest bonus offers and promotions you will be able to grab in 2020? Here are essentially every single type of offer you may encounter. Some will possibly surprise you.

New Casino Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are often the very biggest bonus you will ever receive at the casino. This is the casino’s one big attempt at making you like them and dragging you in. The great pitch, the deal you just don’t want to refuse, or so they hope.

It is not just a safety net, it is a way to properly explore the casino and see whether or not it is the casino for you. The standard is 100%, and some casinos go further, stretching to 150%, and 200%. You may even be able to find casinos daring to go even higher.

The Casino’s First Impression

You make a commitment, the casino gives you a bonus. It is simple, fair and almost always positive. Making a deposit is the easiest and most common way to claim bonuses.

Essentially all welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses, and essentially any bonus you will get at a casino later will be a deposit bonus as well.

All these work the exact same way; you make a deposit and a percentage of it will be matched.

Let us use the simplest example in the book, the classic 100% bonus. This is what most casinos give you, and it means your money is literally doubled. Let us take a look at how this plays out:

  1. You deposit £100.
  2. The casino gives you another £100 to play with.

This means you will have £200 in your account, twice what you deposited. Of course, all bonuses have specific restrictions – these are not your money to withdraw as you see fit – you will need to meet the wagering requirements or other different restrictions first.

All other deposit bonuses work exactly the same way. A 10% bonus means 10% of your deposit is matched, i.e. if you deposit £100, you will get £10 in bonus, and have £110 to play for overall.

How Welcome Packages Work

If a casino offers more than one deposit bonus as part of their welcome offer, we call this a welcome package. The minimum to be included in this category are at least 2 bonuses but most welcome packages consist of 3 to 5 deposit bonuses.

Reload bonuses and other deposit bonuses

The welcome offer is over and you are now a regular player; what is there for you, what can you look forward to? Promotions! The most common are reload bonuses and other smaller deposit bonuses.

A reload bonus is a big bonus, often similar in size/amount to the welcome package itself. Other deposit bonuses usually don’t go under this name and are promoted at face value.

No Deposit Bonuses – A Give-Away in Decline

Want to see if you can win real money, with no personal risk whatsoever? Then go for the almost extinct no deposit bonuses.

We track each new no deposit bonus offers out there, to be more specific, registration bonuses. This is a bonus you get simply for signing up and if you don’t win you can just leave it and you never need to look at the casino again, unless you want to.

This is why it is so risky for casinos since they basically lose money by doing so. The reason was to attract players. The hope was and still is for the few that do it, that players will stay afterwards.

This usually proved to just not be the case, which is why so many casinos have switched to trying to keep players “loyal” instead.

We hope there is a new wave of registration bonuses coming out soon but we can only hope. In the meantime, you can check out the latest registration bonuses and the complete overview of all new no deposit offers.

What About No Deposit Offers After your Deposit?

All “no deposit bonuses” that you may be able to claim after your registration bonus is in other words, tied to at least one previous deposit.

After you have made a deposit it is possible to get a ‘no deposit bonus’ but it will be probably called a give-away bonus or part of some special promotion the casino might have available.

Who’s in for Some “Freebies” on the Side?

When you collect your welcome bonus or any later bonus, there may be some freebies on the side. We are, of course, talking about what used to be called free spins, but these days they’re typically called bonus spins or extra spins.

This is an added goodie on top of the bonus and is usually given out even if you make a small deposit. This is great if you have an offer of 100% up to £500 + 100 extra spins; you will get the extra spins regardless of whether or not you deposit £20 or £500.

Of course, these offers are especially good for “low rollers”, those who deposit less and take smaller risks. In some cases, the bonus can literally go from 100% to 200% in practice. Do note that how much each extra spin is worth really varies from casino to casino, but the standard is around 10 to 20 cents per spin.

It is also possible to get other freebies on the side, the most common being reward points, or even an additional promise of cashback. Occasionally you will even get tickets to lotteries the casinos are hosting, with all kinds of prizes.

Wager-Free Bonuses

When you play with a wager-free bonus, you don’t convert the bonus, you simply keep your winnings. This sounds absolutely amazing on paper, and to an extent it is, but it probably won’t make you rich.

Just as most casino bonuses, you do not start playing with your bonus until your real deposit is lost and that means you are already in minus. While a standard bonus would have you working towards meeting the wagering requirement, a wager-free bonus lets you withdraw on your very first win. Of course, the win needs to be over the minimum withdrawal limit.

This is what happens:

  • Your winnings become real money
  • The bonus amount you wagered goes back into your bonus funds

The extremely important thing to understand here is that you cannot play with bonus funds while you have real money in your account. This means that you need to lose your real money again before you can play with your bonus funds. And of course, if you do win and withdraw, the bonus is forfeited.

Strategically this means you should set yourself up for high winnings in order to make your wager-free bonus truly worth it. Check out no wagering casinos to find some for you.

Cashback Bonuses

The idea of cashback is extremely simple and self-explanatory: If you lose, you get some “cash back”. Once upon a time, these offers were so exclusive that only VIPs could get their hands on them, but this has changed. Today, you may even find a cashback offer popping up as a standard weekly promo.

The only thing you must be careful about is to see whether or not the cashback comes in real money or bonus. The real money prizes are, of course, what you should aim for.

Cashback bonuses are set based on net losses, i.e. how much money you lose in total over a specific period. For example, if you lose £100 and then win £100 you have lost nothing.

The timeframe may be a day, week or month, etc. Cashbacks lower the house edge, and are often an important part of long-game play styles aiming to optimize the player’s RTP.

How big the cashback is can vary, however, do not get seduced by high percentages. A cashback of 1-2% is more likely to be real money, and may even be more worth it than a 10% cashback that comes in the form of bonus.

How does cashback bonuses work in practice?

The first thing you need to do is to actually find a casino that offers cashback. Don’t worry, we help you with just that below. However, finding a cashback is not enough, you also need to qualify for it and this is often done by entering the loyalty or VIP program.

The casino will then track your losses over the specified period.

  • It looks at your deposit(s).
  • Combines what you have withdrawn and have left in your account.
  • If the second number is less, you get cashback.

We have created a complete overview of all new cashback offers have a look and see if any of the strikes your fancy.

VIP & Loyalty Programs

It can actually be worth it to stay with a casino even after you have collected all your welcome offers. Seriously, it’s true. More and more casinos are stepping up, realizing that keeping their loyal players happy matters much more.

VIP & Loyalty Programs are absolutely fantastic ways to get extra security, extra winning chances, and for serious VIP Clubs, a lot of goodies and special perks.

Loyalty Programs all work more or less the same way; you collect points while you play, and can redeem these points for bonuses, and sometimes even cash.

VIP Programs often go further with the potential for cashback offers, VIP account managers, and more. Some VIP Clubs take it to the next level and may even offer physical gifts, trips and more.

We keep a full overview of all the latest casinos offer VIP and Loyalty Programs, give them a look.

Other Bonuses and Promotions You Can Expect

There are so many different offers out there. Unfortunately, we can not dedicate time to all. However, below are some of the more common promotions that at one point or another you will run into:

  • Reward Bonuses: You do a task, such as wagering a certain amount and you unlock a bonus.
  • Challenges: Essentially a more gamified reward bonus. You complete a task, from wagering a certain amount to getting to the free spins rounds on a slot, and you get rewarded.
  • Tournaments: Competitions between players, the winners may get bonuses, cash money and even luxury trips, etc.
  • Raffles: You buy, win or get tickets to win trips, gifts, bonuses and cash money.
  • Extra Wins: Increases your winnings by a certain percentage, usually up to a cap.
  • Multiplied Reward Points: Casinos with loyalty programs do sometimes allow you to accumulate reward points faster. Most commonly such offers are x2, i.e. you get twice as many reward points as you otherwise would. Some promotions will go even further.
  • Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions: These are offers that casinos give out in partnership with trusted sources. The casino will give an exclusive promotion to, let’s say, Players finding these deals through our site will be the only ones able to use them. Check out our current Exclusive Promotions & Bonuses.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Online Bonus

So we have looked at the restrictions associated with casino bonuses. It’s now time to look at some tips and tricks to get the most out of your latest casino bonuses.

Check the bonus percentage and maximum amounts

This is the first step. Most casinos tend to match the first player deposit by 100%. Some even go as high as 150% and 200%. The maximum amount casinos match vary from $50 (though some have unlimited bonus amounts.

If you consider both the maximum bonus and the bonus percentage, you can easily calculate the optimal first deposit amount. Yes, it’s all maths. You can try and beat casinos at their own game.

For instance, if the maximum bonus is $150 and the percentage bonus is 150%, then the maximum deposit is $100. With this deposit, you’ll end up with $250 in your casino account.

Review Wagering Requirements

Sadly, most players overlook or forget about this step. Do not be one of those who make this mistake. Bonus money needs to be wagered before you can get your hands on it.

These wagering requirements determine whether the bonus is great for you or not. So while large bonuses might be enticing, do not take the bait until you have read the wagering requirements and verified it’s great.

Favourable wagering requirements allow you to make the most from the bonus offered. If you have to, calculate the wagering requirement.

Remember: We have already established that not all casino games contribute the same towards wagering requirements. Some games contribute 100% while others contribute 0%. Pokies and online slots contribute 100% while roulette, blackjack and video poker have lower percentage contributions. Knowing these percentages keeps you from wasting time on games that won’t help you inch close to your bonus withdrawal.

Never Become an Advantage Player

Online casinos love their players. And they will do just about anything to keep them happy and entertained. However, they loathe bonus abusers. Such players steal from them and slowly cripple their business. Just like you want a fair chance to cash out your winnings and bonus, casinos also want a fair chance at reclaiming the bonus.

So to get rid of the bonus abusers, casinos have set up some rules. One of these rules includes not exceeding maximum stake when playing with the bonus money. However, when you do exceed the maximum stake, the casino will consider you an advantage player and might even void your winnings and bonus money.

Remember to always play within the defined game rules.

New Casinos FAQLatest Casino Bonuses FAQ

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions other players have about bonuses and hot to get the most out of them.

Are these the questions on your mind? If not, contact us via email or go to our Facebook Page and let’s chat.

1. Are the Latest Bonuses Better Than Older Bonuses?

New casinos are more likely to take more risks, as they desperately need to stand out. This means you can often find more big and exciting offers, than most established casinos. However, as you can see, these bonuses vary a lot.

2. Why Are There Not More New No Deposit Bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are risky for the casinos. Players who look for and sign up on registration bonuses are very unlikely to actually stay. This means the casino is essentially throwing money out of the window.

More and more casinos realized that this way to grab players’ attention just isn’t worth it. Luckily, some casinos still dare to go big and we’ll keep letting you know about these.

3. How Do I Know If a New Casino Bonus is Worth It?

Essentially every casino bonus is worth it. Seriously, just scroll up and check our video about it.

That does not mean that every bonus is actually good, nor that you should get every bonus. The rule of thumb is simple: as long as you can forfeit the bonus, it can only help you.

Beyond this, quick ways to make sure a bonus is worth it is to check:

  • The wagering requirements
  • The expiry date of bonus and spins
  • Max bet allowed
  • Excluded games (games that won’t count to the wagering requirements)
  • Max win (always a negative)

4. Are New Bonuses Less Safe?

Absolutely not. All casinos we review are licenced, tested and safe. Any bonus you collect above will match the terms and conditions.

5. Are New Bonuses More Likely to Have Hidden Terms and Conditions?

No, however: Always read the T&Cs for any bonus that catches your eye. Pay attention to the wagering requirements, expiry date and maximum rewards available.

If this is not clearly listed or support agents seem confused, simply leave the casino.

6. What is a Good Wagering Requirement?

The lower the wagering requirement the better it is. Of course, do make sure whether it applies to your bonus or both your bonus and deposit. Both offers can be good, depending on your play style.

  • 50x and up: High
  • 30x-45x: Standard
  • 25x and lower: Great!

7. Are wagering requirements higher with new casino bonuses?

Generally, this is not the case, and the majority of bonuses above matches the industry averages. However, we do get a few more casinos at the higher end of the spectrum. We point this out, and it is up to you to decide if they are worth it or not for you.

8. How Good Are New Loyalty and VIP Programs?

Many are remarkably solid and some even take on the established giants. It used to be conventional wisdom that loyalty was the one thing new casinos struggled with. This is no longer the case as everyone is realizing that loyalty is the name of the game.

9. How Many New Casinos Have Loyalty Programs?

We estimate about 20% of new casinos have Loyalty or VIP programs, and we expect this percentage to rise quite heavily over the coming years since there’s a trend in trying to keep existing players loyal.

10. What Promotions Do New Casinos Struggle With?

The only thing new casinos often struggle with is high-value prizes. This is because they do not yet have the funding/player base to make this be worth it. This is also why the newest casinos usually settle for VIP Programs over actual VIP Clubs in the beginning.