Casino Cashback is ranking the TOP 3 new real money online casinos in the UK with the best Cashback reward. Forget complications of casino bonuses, bonus codes and wagering requirements.

The only thing you have to do with the Cashback rewards is to focus on playing your favourite casino games and in case of losing you will get back some of your money to keep on playing. A nice and simple rewarding method.

7.9 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to €250
Grab a bonus on every deposit, enjoy regular cashback, as well as over 1,250 exciting games.
Casino Venetian
8.4 / 10
Deposit bonus: 200% up to €2,000 + 10% Cashback
Enter the doors to a shiny and new high-end experience with 1,500 games and a massive welcome bonus.
VIPs Casino
8.3 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €200 + 500 Bonus Spins
Get up to 20% cashback every week.
Space Wins Casino
8.2 / 10
Deposit bonus: Up to 500 bonus spins
Space Wins Casino is what players describe as a trip to space as it offers out of this world game selections and generous bonuses. This is also the casino that’s powered by the leading software providers in the market. Therefore, you get the best from the rest.
Crazy King Casino
8.3 / 10
Deposit bonus: Up to 500 Bonus Spins
Crazy King Casino features an excellent selection of casino games, round the clock customer support services and a wide range of bonuses and promotions to keep players in the game.
New exclusive bonus
Trada Casino
8.7 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 100 Bonus Spins
An fairly new UK casino with many exclusive bonuses.
7 / 10
Deposit bonus: 100% up to €250
Sports Betting and Online Casino neatly combined in one functional website

What is a Cashback Reward?

Cashback in the internet casino industry means that you get back some of your real deposited money when you lose. Cashback is calculated on your deposited amount, that you have lost, times a percentage. The percentage you will get depends on each new online casino, normally it ranges from 10% and up to 50%.

Some of the latest web casinos may give you Cashback up to a certain amount of money as part of their VIP program or as part of a promotion, that amount may be up to few hundreds £/€/$ per week or month. Of course, there are new casinos that offer always Cashback on unlimited amounts. Many players love new casinos with Cashback rewards, especially the High Rollers, since they know that even when they run out of luck they will get something back.

Some new casinos have built their business concept based on this reward and offer no other bonuses than Cashback. In some novel casinos, the Cashback reward is an important component in their VIP loyalty programs, and in most of the cases, the percentage of the cashback will depend on your VIP level.

The higher your level is,  the greater the percentage of your  Cashback will be. The loyal casino players love it, especially the online high rollers. Then there also new casinos that are using  Cashback rewards as a promotion for a limited period of time and only on certain casino games. Meaning you will have to make a deposit and play during that time on the eligible casino game.

To calculate the Cashback money you will get back is really simple. Let’s say your new casino has a Cashback policy of always 20% on unlimited amounts. You deposit 100 and you play and lose. Your Cashback reward will be 20 and will be deposited on your new casino account to play for or to withdraw.

You might also run into new casinos that are using the definitions Cashback on all games or Cashback on everything you play. In those cases they mean that you get something back when you “achieve something” and not when you “lose your real deposited money”. For example, a new casino may have a daily offer: Wager 1 000 Free Spins on a specific casino game and you will get 20 Free Spins back. We believe that a promotion like this does not qualify as the real Cashback reward, the correct definition should be wagering bonus and not Cashback.

What to be Aware of Regarding Cashback

The great thing is that the Cashback has no wagering requirements. Still, some online casinos have “expiration date” and are requiring that the cashback money must either be withdrawn from the casino account or be played at the casino under a specific period of time, otherwise, the cashback money will disappear. The time period depends always on each online casino that has this cashback requirement, but it is common to be from 10 to 20 days.

Another thing to have in mind is that you will get your Cashback only when you have lost all your deposited money or have reached a certain amount. Most of the new casinos are giving you the Cashback money once your deposited money is down to 5 or 10 £. Meaning, if you have deposited 100 £ and you lose 50 £ you will not get Cashback instantly, instead, you will have to wait until you have lost all your deposited money or reached to a certain amount.