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We have collected every new cashback casino, with no restrictions, to make sure you get as much choice as possible. The list below includes both casino cashback bonuses and cashback offers that come in the form of real money.

Casino cashback offers are one of the very best safety nets in the industry. If you lose, you will literally get some of your money back, at least in the form of a bonus. On this page, we will give you a complete overview of all new casinos with cashback offers, as well as take you through exactly how online cashback casinos work.

Best Casino Cashback Bonuses 2024

The type of cashback offers also vary and include standalone offers, fixed campaigns, and cashback offers that come through Loyalty and VIP programs. If you have the funds to do so, we strongly recommend joining a casino with a strong VIP program and cashback in real money, but all of the below casinos have cashback offers that deserve a look.

What is Cashback?

Casino cashback is a unique casino offer where you get a portion of the money you lose back, either in real money or a bonus. This can be calculated on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, and the percentage of you get back varies from offer to offer. They are created to encourage loyalty, and great cashback casino offers are always worth it as they set up a strong safety net, and reduce the house edge.

We can separate online casino cashback offers in two categories:

  • Cashback (real money)
  • Cashback bonus

The former is rarer and usually reserved for members of VIP Loyalty Programs, while more and more casinos offer cashback bonuses. This development is exciting, as cashback bonuses can be phenomenal offers. You can usually also collect far higher sums in casino bonuses than you can in real money.

It is really simple: If you lose £500, and you have a cashback percentage of 10%, you get £50 back. Sounds fantastic, right? Yes, it generally is! But it is extremely important to understand the difference in value between real money cashback and cashback bonus.

Cashback with Real Money

If you manage to find cashback offers that give you real money, do opt for them. This means that you can withdraw your cashback immediately and recover a part of your losses. If you wish to keep playing it also means that you are not restricted by any wagering requirements, and as such can walk away whenever you want. These are real advantages over cashback bonuses. The only negative is that real money cashback offers are usually quite low, for instance, 1-3%, and as such will not give you too much money back.

Cashback with Bonus Funds

It is far more common to get cashback in the form of bonus funds than in real money. They work exactly the same way, the only exception is that they are in bonus and as such usually come with a wagering requirement. It is, however, worth noting that some casinos do lower their wagering requirement on cashback bonuses. The great strength with cashback bonuses is that they can be much, much bigger than real money cashback, for instance, 10%, 20% and even higher percentage amounts.

Cashback Offers With Free Spins

Cashback offers may come in a form of a bonus that can only be played at slot sites, and as such may be called cashback offers with free spins, but this is quite misleading. Free spins only refer to free spins you do not need to do anything to receive, at least within the UK advertising standards, and second free spins or more specifically bonus spins are different from bonuses, in that they are typically locked to one slot.

Free Bets

The term “free bet” is usually restricted to sports, but you may find casinos that will give them out as well. What this means is that your bet, up to a point, will get 100% cashback. Note: For a bet to be free, by UK standards, it can not have wagering requirements.

How Casino Cashback Offers Work

It is extremely important to understand that your cashback is based on what is technically called net position or to say it in simple language: your original deposit. This means that losses are only calculated from your deposit and that it is only your net loss that is used for calculating your cashback. Let’s give you a few examples.

Example 1:

You deposit £100 and then at some point manage to play yourself up to £500 and your highest, before losing £200 and withdrawing £300 at the end. In this example, you have not lost anything at all. In fact, you have won £200. There will be no cash back.

Example 2:

You deposit £100 and have £101 when the period runs out. Again, you have won £1, or more specifically, you are in plus when the period runs out.

Example 3:

You deposit £100 and have £50 left on your account at the time the period runs out. This will count as a net loss of £50 and it is these 50 pounds the cashback percentage will be applied to. If you, for instance, have 10% in cashback you will get £5 back.

How to Find the Best Casino Cashback Offers

Our list above is only the starting point. Go to the casinos from the list that interest you the most and see exactly how each of them offer cashback. To help you make the best choices possible we have created a quick list of 4 cashback tips you should keep in the back of your mind while doing so.

1. Always Consider All Free Bets

If you see a free bet our recommendation is to go for it. This is, just like no deposit bonuses, one of those offers that can help you win real money with no risk whatsoever. Just be aware that if you are not in the UK, something advertised as a free bet may come back to you with wagering requirements. The offer may still be great, but be sure to double-check.

2. The Shorter the Timeframe the Better

Daily and weekly cashback offers are better than monthly cashback offers. The math here is simply: Whether or not you win is completely random, and you will have days when you win a lot and days when you lose a lot. If you get cashback on a monthly or even weekly basis you will get closer to the standard RTP. That is, your winnings and losses are more likely to even out the longer you play. This means that your good days balance out your bad days.

Let’s give you a quick example:

On Monday you deposit and lose £100, on Tuesday you deposit and lose £100 on Wednesday you deposit and win £500. You are now in plus, and even if you keep losing £100 on Thursday and yet another £100 on Friday, you are still in plus. However, if you had daily cashback, you would get cashback for Monday, cashback for Tuesday, and yes, cashback for Thursday and Friday too.

This is why cashback is an integral part of many casino strategies aiming to lower the house edge as much as possible.

3. Real Money Cashback is usually better than Cashback Bonus

Real money cashback, even if a lot smaller, is generally better than cashback bonus. This is because real money can be withdrawn right away, or whenever you like, while bonus needs to be converted, and the odds are often against you. The only real exception is when the cashback bonus has low or no wagering, in which case it may have a good chance of competing with real money cashback.

4. Take Your Playstyle Into Consideration

If you are a low-roller planning to bet £100 a week, if that, most advanced VIP Clubs are not for you. Do not aim to get in. Go for casinos with basic cashback offers available for all. If you, on the other hand, are a high-roller anticipating to spend thousands every week, a VIP Club, with a high cashback in the form of real money has to be a priority.

Different Types of Cashback Casino Offers

You will be able to get cashback in many different ways, let’s give the main types of cashback casino offers a quick look.

VIP Programs

In the old days joining a VIP Club was the quickest, easiest and often only way to get cashback offer. It is still a staple of any good VIP Program. This is also where you are most likely to find casino cashback offers in the form of real money.

Cashback Rewards and Loyalty Programs

There are casinos that offer cashback to all players, or to players that have reached a certain level in their loyalty scheme. This is great for low-rollers, especially if the cashback rewards are being counted from your very first bet.

Cashback Promotions and Campaigns

We will not list any casinos that do not have fixed cashback offers or at least offers cashback through the welcome package. It is, however, possible for casinos that are not usually cashback casinos to create unique promotions and campaigns giving you cashback. This is always a happy surprise.

Standard Terms & Conditions on Cashback Casinos

The main things you need to be aware of is exactly when the cashback period ranges from, and the cashback cap. The latter is extremely important, especially if you use cashback as a key part of your strategy. If you are a high-roller this cap may be on £5,000, but more moderate offers may have a cap at £1,000, £500, £100 and even lower. The offers often referred to as “free bets” will typically have the lowest caps, and we may be talking about £5 or £10.

Remember that the cap refers to the max cashback you can make, not the max loss you will get cashback on. The only exception to this is if the offer is 100% cashback. That means that if the cashback offer, for instance, is 10% up to £1,000, you will get cashback on losses all the way up to £10,000.

Wagering Requirements on Cashback Bonuses

It is always the wagering requirement that will determine whether or not a cashback bonus is worth it. If they have specifically set the wagering requirement down, or generally have a low wagering requirement this offer may be great. However, if you get a low cashback bonus with a high wagering requirement it may be close to worthless.

Cashback expiry

There are three ways a cashback offer can expire. The first is if you simply do not lose anything by the time the period is up, granted, in that case, good for you. The second if it is a time-based campaign that you never activate. The third is in the case of the cashback bonus being left untouched. Almost all bonuses have an expiry period, and you will need to meet the wagering requirements by this time in order to not lose it. In the case of a bonus without wagering requirement this will never be converted, it is your wins that become real money and any remaining bonus will be taken back once the period is over.

Common game restrictions

Cashback may only be counted for losses on specific games, which will lead you to test this game in particular. This can be anything from a slot machine to roulette. If you get a cashback bonus this is often also restricted to specific games, and may, for instance, be slots only.

Cashback Casinos FAQ

The funds will automatically be placed on your account, usually at a set hour/day. For instance, weekly cashback may be paid every Monday at 08:00. Each casino sets its own cashback period, so be sure to check the offer so that you know when you can expect to find your cashback.

While this will depend on the wagering requirement, the percentage of your losses you get back and the max cashback cap, real money is generally better.

Net Position refers to your actual deposits, which is what your net win and net loss is calculated from.

If you have won a decent amount of money, which you wish to keep playing with, and there are no or limited fees on your transactions, this is a valid way to increase your net position.

This is simply a way to say that a casino offers cashback in the form of bonus.

This depends on the kind of cashback you get. You can get cashback in the form of real money, which can be withdrawn right away. You may also get cashback at a no wagering casino, in which case anything you win on your cashback bonus is immediately yours.

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