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Winning spin logoLooking for the latest new free spins and bonus spins offers on the market? We cover it all, from no deposit free spins on registration to the quite large amounts of bonus spins and extra spins you can get on deposit.

On this page, we have created two clear toplists. The first will give you an overview of all the spins you can grab on registration. You will find new casino free spins here, but we include all new offers, but just those from the latest casinos.

The second toplist will give an overview of welcome offers that are either all bonus spins or offer extra spins on the side. We also keep an updated free spins FAQ at the very bottom. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, and we will answer promptly.

No Deposit Free Spins & Bonus Spins 2024



200% up to €1000 + 10% Cashback



200% up to €200



Welcome bonus package worth €220 + 170 free spins



100% Bonus up to €300 + 30 Bonus Spins



100% Bonus + 30 Free Spins



100% Bonus up to €300 + 250 Free Spins



100% Bonus up to €200 + 25 Free Spins on Book of Dead



Spin a Fortune Wheel & Win up to €/$5,000 + 800 Free-Spins



10% Cashback Bonus – Always!



100% Bonus up to €100 or 1BTC + 180 Free Spins



150% Bonus up to €400



150% up to €350



200% Bonus up to €50 + 75 Free Spins



100% Bonus up to €200 + 100 Free Spins



100% Bonus up to €100 + 150 Free Spins



10% Cashback



100% up to €200 + 200 Bonus Spins



100% Bonus up to €200 + 100 Free spins



100% up to €300 + 100 Bonus Spins



100% up to €100 + 150 Bonus Spins



100% Bonus up to €500 + 100 Free Spins



100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins


Yes, you can get no deposit free spins and bonus spins, and just for signing up to brand new online casinos. All you have to do is register – that’s it. Don’t you just love a sign up bonus? You will find your free spins or bonus spins available on the slot the offer is advertised on. Simply click spin, and see what you win. Of course, not every set of new online casino free spins will convert to riches. You may walk away with nothing, but absolutely nothing has been lost.

If you are playing with actual free spins your wins will be in real money. If you are playing with bonus spins, your wins will be in bonus. However, please be aware that this distinction is first and foremost in the UK market, which implemented really strict standards for what can and cannot be called free spins.

It is worth noting that we also have a complete overview of all new no deposit bonus offers, which will include both no deposit bonuses and no deposit spins. This is to ensure you get as many risk-free chances to win real money as possible. However, if you are first and foremost interested in great no deposit free spins or bonus spins offers, look no further. You can compare all of them below, and perhaps find your next new free spin casino:

Bonus Spins Deposit 2024

Deposit iconWant to make sure you get a nice portion of Free spins on the side of your bonus, or perhaps you are looking for all-bonus spins welcome offers? You will be able to find both offers below, and extra spins, in particular, are a great boost for any player wanting to play it a little safer.

Free spins can be absolutely amazing, as you will usually be able to collect the maximum amount of spins with the minimum deposit. This means you can literally deposit £10 or £20 and collect sets of 10, 20, 50, 100 or perhaps even more free spins, and that is on the side of the match bonus.

The reason this offer is so good for low rollers is that it maximises the amount of value you get for your money, and gives you an even greater safety net. Note: Certain casinos have further locks, and you may need to deposit more to get the maximum amount of extra spins.

The norm is that you collect all the extra spins on a minimum deposit, but it is not a rule. Be sure to check the T&Cs so you are sure the offer you are collecting is just as good as it looks. Of course, we will also go through all the key terms and conditions in our reviews. Compare the offers below, and see which ones are best for you, then make your informed decision.

What Are Free Spins: A Basic Guide

guide iconFree spins, or if you are in the UK, bonus spins, is a casino bonus that can only be used on slots. They are extremely popular, both among the players and casinos. The former love them as bonus spins represent added winning chances and extra safety, not to mention the ability to play popular or new slots.

Casinos on their side love them because it allows them to promote specific game launches, and manage their risk – as they pick the game, and thus also the odds.

There are generally two key differences between bonus spins and regular casino bonuses:

  1. Bonus spins are fixed to one specific slot
  2. Your winnings will be in the form of a casino bonus

There are exceptions, and we will go through them, but for the majority of bonus spins you will come across, this is the rule. In this quick free spins guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about free spins, bonus spins, and all other kinds of casino spins you may at some point have heard about.

The Difference Between Free Spins and Bonus Spins

If you are looking for UK free spins you may have gotten a little confused over the last few years as all you see is “bonus spins”. Let us clear up this confusion right away: There is next to no difference between what used to be called free spins and what is called bonus spins today.

Casinos simply had to stop using the term “free” as the UK advertising authorities found the term misleading, and that is fair enough. Bonus spins is a far more accurate name, as that is just what these spins are, bonuses in the forms of spins. There is however one clear between how free spins and bonus spins are used in the UK market today:

  • Free spins: Completely free, no strings attached
  • Bonus Spins: Any other offer with casino spins

This means that, in the UK, free spins refer to wager free no deposit offers, while bonus spins cover all other deals. If you play and win with free spins, again in the UK, you win real money. If you play and win with bonus spins, you win a bonus. This distinction is not upheld outside of the UK, so beware of semantic differences and always check the T&Cs for the all information, good and bad.

How Casino Free Spins and Bonus Spins Works

mechanics of free spins icon Once you have received your casino spins all you need to do is go to the game they are listed for. A popup will show up as soon as the game has loaded. It won’t tell you anything you don’t know, but it is a nice way to confirm that the offer is activated.

Once you have decided your stake amount – and there may be an a maximum/minimum specified in the terms – you can then press spin to start your rounds and see how much you can win on the reels. Your winnings will either be in the form of real money or bonus money. The former will only occur if you play with free spins without wagering requirements.

Free spins and bonus spins are both great ways to test new online slot machines or get another chance on your favourite games. From the casino’s side, it is also a good way to manage their risk, as unlike other casino games there are usually no variables based on the choices you make.

There are still slot strategies, including the evergreen Martingale system, but that is a different issue entirely, especially as offers with spins can have capped wins. Read on to learn exactly what makes an offer of casino spins good, and what pesky terms and conditions you should keep a lookout for.

How Much is a Free Spin Actually Worth?

Almost all free spins and bonus spins are set to the lowest bet value for the specific slot they are given out on. This usually means 10 or 20 pence. There will however be offers that are worth more, and don’t you worry, when this is the case it will be quite clear. As always, when gambling, be sure to take in the key details of the terms and conditions so that you know what you are signing up for.

Different Types of Free Spins

Free spins, bonus spins, extra spins, real spins and, well, really just any adjective you can add in front of the word “spin” seem to pop up everywhere. What do these terms mean, how are they different, and are there any actual effects for us players? To keep you from sitting in suspense, the answer to the last question is “yes”. These different names affect anything from how much they are worth to whether or not your winnings will be in real money.

Free Spins with No Wagering Requirements

say no to wagering requirements iconFree spins with no wagering requirements are the best free spins offers in the industry, as everything you win will immediately become real money. That’s right, anything you win can be withdrawn, as long as it meets the minimum withdrawal requirement.

If the offer in question comes from a registration bonus, you may however also need to authenticate your account through SMS and may include making a deposit. This is not applicable to later offers of free spins without wagering requirements.

What are Real Spins and Cash Spins?

Real Spins and Cash Spins are common names for free spins without wagering requirements, and you will likely come across them. We must also warn you that casinos can tend to be a little creative and that you may come across many other names. Don’t worry, they are usually quite clear. If you are unsure, check the terms and conditions.

Casino Spins with More Value

Ever seen a casino advertising big spins, super spins or mega spins? If you ever see an offer for casino spins with a special adjective in front of it, prepare to get a good deal. Big, super and mega are just three of the adjectives used to tell players that these free spins or bonus spins offers are worth more than the standard 10 or 20 pence. They may, for instance, be worth 50 pence, or perhaps even a whole pound a pop.

In-Game Free Spins vs. Casino Spins

If you have played online slots you will know that there is a difference between the free spins that are given in the game and the free spins that you get from the online casino. In fact, there are no similarities whatsoever beyond that part about getting more spins to play for.

Free spins, bonus spins and everything we can sum up under the category of casino spins are bonus offers with a set value, that is simple. They work just as if you spun the wheel at this particular bet.

  • Actual in-game free spins, on the other hand, are usually connected to a long-range of extra features, including multipliers and extra wilds. Winning free spins in-game is often like entering a bonus game in itself and can award you much, much more than a regular spin.

Equally important, any set of free spins you win in-game will be set to the individual bet size you played for when you triggered your free spins. Some games like Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt) call the in-game spins free fall, for example, due to the mechanics of the game.

How To Get Free Spins and Bonus Spins

yellow starFree spins and bonus spins are given out the exact same way as a regular bonus. They can come in no deposit offers and as standard deposit offers. You can also get them through VIP Loyalty Programs, win them in competitions and lotteries or simply receive them as “a gift”, for instance on your birthday.

The only difference from a regular casino bonus is really just that you also get them as extra spins next to a regular bonus offer. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get free spins and bonus spins.

No Deposit Free Spins

All of the offers you see on our first toplist above are no deposit spins, and better, they are given out just for signing up. This is called a registration bonus, and when you see one you should jump on them right away. Why? Because you can win real money without making a single deposit.

This is however not the only time you can collect no deposit spins. Many casinos will give them out through bonus calendars or on special events. Do note however that to qualify for these offers you will usually need to be an active player, or at least have an account that has been activated, and that means you must have, at some point, made a deposit.

How good are no deposit free spins offers?

It is actually possible to collect 20 free spins, 50 free spins and even 100 free spins just for signing up. The higher the amount is the more likely it is that you are looking at regular bonus spins, however, but 100 regular no deposit spins is still something to get extremely excited about.

The only thing you need to check in that case is the wagering requirement. All no deposit offers are “worth it” as they give you the opportunity to win something for nothing, but if the wagering requirement is extremely high, you are likely to be left with nothing anyways. In general, we say you should jump on anything with a wagering of 40, or even 50 and down, but if it is higher than that do consider how much your time is worth.

Free Spins on Deposit

Note: By UK advertising standards you can not collect free spins on deposit as they are not actually free. Any offer of casino spins that you need to make a deposit to claim must therefore be called bonus spins, or another synonym, like extra spins. While it took a little while to get used to it is great to see the UK ensure that online gambling terms make as much sense to new players as possible.

You will be able to collect bonus spins on deposit in two ways:

  1. As a standalone bonus offer, i.e. deposit £50 and get 50 bonus spins
  2. As an extra to a regular bonus offer, i.e. get 100 % up to £300 + 50 bonus spins

Many casinos give you bonus spins already on your first deposit, and it is common to have weekly bonus spins offers. They can come through anything from fixed weekly offers, to campaigns, to bonus calendars. It is also possible, if you are a VIP player, to get exclusive offers tailored to you only.

Free Spins Rewards

It is also possible to get bonus spins as a reward for your actions, for instance through a standard VIP or Loyalty Program. Gamification Casinos can also reward you with bonus spins for completing a mission or goal. This can be as simple as playing a set of rounds on any given slot, activating a bonus game, etc. What makes these kinds of gamified missions fun is that it is not just about making a deposit, but actively agreeing to undertake a “challenge”.

Casino Shop

Large casinos occasionally have what can best be described as a “casino shop”, which serve as a cool feature within their loyalty scheme. The standard setup is that you can take your reward points and trade them in for real money and bonus offers. Bonus spins are often included in the latter category, and you can thus use your reward points to “purchase” bonus spins.

Free spins bonus codes

You may need a bonus code to collect your casino spins. This is most common for no deposit offers, especially if it is an exclusive offer through us. However, luckily most casinos have stopped using bonus codes, and it is less and less common for new casinos to include them. In most cases when we have gotten you a better offer you just need to follow one of our links and the casino will immediately know you are coming from us and give you your extra spins.

Warning: These are the T&Cs to Look Out For

It is important to remember that terms and conditions always apply and that these T&Cs define just how good a free spins offer actually is. Here are the most common T&Cs you really need to keep an eye on.

Wagering Requirements

Unless we are talking about free spins without wagering requirements, everything you win on your bonus spins will turn into bonus money. This means you will need to meet the wagering requirement, to actually turn your winnings into real money and withdraw them. The wagering requirements may be an absolute breeze, for instance, 25x and down, but they can also be extreme. Certain wagering requirements can be 65x+. These should usually be avoided.

Note: Wagering requirements for spins can be different from the standard wagering requirement for bonuses. The difference may be negative or positive.

Expiration Dates

You can’t expect an offer to be eternal. Even once you have collected your spins, inactivity can snap them away. The expiration date, or more specifically, the expiration period, refers to how long you have to actually play through your spins, and meet the wagering requirements. This can be anything from a day to a month, so be sure to check before you collect an offer.

How Much Your Free Spins Are Worth

We mentioned earlier that the standard value of specific free spins is £0.10+£0.20 per spin. However, in cases like Mega Spins, Super Spins, etc. this value increases. Be sure to check how much your spins are worth, as what looked like a fairly boring offer may get exciting really quick.

Capped Winnings

It is extremely common for no deposit free spins to have capped winnings, and later bonus offers may have a max win as well. This means that you can not win more than the specified amount. Say that the max win is £100 and you manage to win £1,000. In this case, only the £100 belongs to you, the rest goes back to the casino. This is not too bad a deal, especially for no deposit offers, but you really need to be aware before you claim the offer.

Trends for New Free Spins 2024

This year has so far been extremely interesting in that it is clearing away all the trends from past years. Throughout 2018 and 2019 we saw gamification casinos testing the limits of what was possible, yet this year we have not reviewed a single new casino that offers bonus spins through challenges and missions.

We are also not seeing a lot of big spins, mega spins and super spins anymore. The only trend we don’t seem to be able to shake is the lack of interest in offering no deposit free spins, which was the only trend we had hoped would change.

Free Spins FAQ

Are you wondering about anything else concerning free spins or bonus spins? If so, take a look at our quick and easy FAQ. If you have any further questions, please contact us. We keep the list updated with all relevant questions and will reply promptly.

If you are talking about free spins by the UK definition, no. There are very few new casinos that offer no deposit free spins without a deposiy, but there are some, and you will be able to find new free spins offers above. Plenty of new casinos will on the other hand offer bonus spins.

No. The standard is usually exactly the same as at most older casinos. In fact, it is impossible to go lower, and the standard is typically set to the lowest bet possible. There will even be new casinos that give out spins worth more than the standard. Of course, whenever this happens you can expect them to shout this from the rooftops. We will also make it clear in the review so that you do not lose out on a great deal.

Extra spins are simply the bonus spins or free spins that you get with a regular casino bonus offer. This is quite common and you can see a long line of them on our second toplist above.

Cash spins usually refer to free spins without wagering requirements.

Real Spins is another label, that just like cash spins, usually refers to free spins without wagering requirements.

Big Spins are free spins and bonus spins that are worth more than the standard 10 to 20 pence. How much big spins are worth may vary from casino to casino.

Super Spins is an alternative label to Big Spins and shows players that these spins are worth more than regular free spins and bonus spins offers.


Mega Spins are big spins and may even be worth more than big spins and super spins.

All of the offers above are ranked from when we last updated the bonus, this means you are getting the latest new free spins and bonus offers on our site.

This is a common description for a casino that offers free spins in their main welcome package.

Essentially all modern casino games are built in HTML5, which means you can play them without downloading the games or any additional players.

Don’t worry. It is easy to claim free spins on sign up. First, select one of the casinos offering free spins above, and register.

Once this is done go to the selected games and open it up. An in-game pop-up will inform you that you have free spins, and allow you to activate them.

That’s it. You have claimed the spins. Just watch the wheels turn, and see if you win.

No, almost all free spins no deposit casinos have selected one individual game. Most commonly you get spins on Book of Dead or Starburst, but there are variations.

A NetEnt casino will often give out NetEnt free spins, and it is not always Starburst, though yes, it usually is.

Beyond Starburst we have also seen offers for Twin Spins, Gonzo’s Quest and whichever slots games were their last massive release.

The latter can be extra exciting, and you get free chances to try out new NetEnt games.

Yes, all free spins offers come with a time limit. If your spins are not used by this time, they will expire.

We are usually looking at a 1-3 days expiry, but it differs from casino to casino.

Unless you are playing with no wagering free spins, your winnings will come in the form of bonus. And yes, essentially all bonuses come with a max bet.

The standard max bonus for these bets is €5, but a casino can go both higher and lower.

Free spins themselves do not technically have wagering requirements. It is the winnings that do.

If your free spins wins come in the form of bonus money, it is important to understand that this is separate to cash. You will need to meet a wagering req, for instance of 40x wagering or 50x wagering, to withdraw your winnings.

Note: There are no deposit no wagering spins, and these offers come in the form of real money.

The biggest casino game launches often come with large campaigns, including several casino spins offers.

However, we are usually talking about standard deposit casino spins. I.e. a deposit match where you deposit £/€20 and get 20 bonus spins.

Annoying, we know.

That said, the very biggest launches do occasionally get extraordinary offers of free spins no deposit required.

If you are not just grabbing the offers to see what you win, but have genuine intentions to stay, this is recommended.

You can quickly see the types of welcome bonuses you can collect on your very 1st deposit. They are listed for every casino above.

However, if you want to see casinos offering welcome spins, regular campaigns or large welcome packages, simply click on to our review.

Yes, you can activate both the bonus round and free spins rounds when you play with free spins.

It is important to understand that casinos offering free spins with no deposit required are taking a risk. It does not matter how large or small the offer is. If enough players collect it without depositing their own money the casino will start making a loss. It is therefore quite understandable that free spins no deposit casino bonuses are, shall we say, modest.

Most no deposit offers come with a bonus wins cap. Always read the terms and conditions beforehand.

If you are coming from the UK every casino on the above list will be a UK Casino. This means that the offers are also available to all UK players.

There is a remote possibility of Bitcoin Casinos giving out free slots bonuses that turn into Bitcoins, but we know of no such offers at present.

It can be. These offers are usually designed so that most people go away with nothing. However, the chance to win something for free is still strong.

Short answer: yes. You do not need to meet a wagering requirement and what you win is yours.

Of course, there will likely still be a max win cap.

Hundreds. Just scan the first toplist, and see just how many casinos are offering free spins. Each set is up for grabs, and no deposit is required.

Bonus spins is one of the terms used when you need to make a deposit to claim your casino spins, and as such, the answer would be no. You can get free spins no deposit though.

Yes! Just be aware that certain casino groups restrict you to one no deposit offer for the entire group.

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