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Our goal is simple: To ensure that you find the best new casino sites and get the best new experiences. The games you play are essential, and unfortunately, not all casinos, nor all games are equal. This is why we have created comprehensive guides of all major games, and this is why we list the casinos with the best game selections right here.

Casino games on mobile phoneAre you tired of playing the same games in the same places? Ready for a change? It has never been easier! There are well over 100+ new games coming out every month, and at least 10-15 new casinos where you can play them.



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How To Play Casino Games: Expert Guides

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abc’s of casino games

No casino players are born experts in their favourite games, just like anything else in life, we have to study and practice to become good. Have you ever wondered when you should hit in blackjack, or how many types of jackpots actually exist? How to identify a good hand?

We will answer this and many more casino-related questions while teaching you how to play each of the following online casino games:

We will also walk you through how a Live Casino works, and just what you may expect.

Our Expert Ruling On Casino Games

We rate the game selection of each and every casino we review and go through their selection in detail. The good news is that the industry is rapidly improving. Essentially all new casinos usually have at least 700 casino games on launch, however, this is not good enough to make the below list.

We are players like you, and while we know any casino selection can be “good enough” if the offers are right, this page exists to demand more. We believe you should play at a casino where you can find all the best new casino games online, not just a decent portion of them.

It is not enough to work with the best game software developer, the casinos need to be dedicated to great gaming experiences, offer a casino bonus, mobile slots and if possible, some progressive slots. That means large selections of slots and table games, and preferably also a live casino lobby; jackpot slots are a plus and always welcomed.

The below list is ranked by our casino experts and showcases the 10 new casinos we believe have the greatest game selection. All casino sites will have over 1,000 games, and all casinos are guaranteed to give you exciting experiences and a fair chance to win real money.

Playing with Real Money vs. Playing with Bonus Money

When you start playing with real money you are risking losing every cent, this is what makes everything so exciting. There is an edge. Will I win or will I lose? And, there is freedom. When you play with your real money, every game is available (unless there are VIP or region restrictions) and you can essentially bet as much as you want.

Oh, and when you win; it is yours. That simple. All wins can immediately be withdrawn, no matter if you are playing on a desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Bonus money is a little more complicated. Many games will be restricted, or not count towards the wagering requirement, and: there will almost always be a max wager. You have to remember that the bonus money is not real money. You will need to meet the requirements, be that wagering or an alternative before you can actually make a withdrawal from your account.

Yes, most offers are indeed “worth it”, but you should consider them as safety nets.

New Casino Games UK: Why There Are Fewer


casino games uk

You may have never realized, but players actually get fewer online casino games and live casino tables in the UK than in many other countries. This is because we do not only require casinos to have a UK Gambling Commission licence but also the software developers need to hold a UK licence as well.

This makes complete sense as the casino games are operated by the software developers and not by the online casinos themselves. Online casinos cannot alter the code of any games, especially UK casino games.

This is great news if you are looking for the best online casino games in the UK because this means casino sites are not able to cheat you even if they wanted to. To ensure that slots machines, live casino tables and any new casino games are fair, trusted and tested they undergo regular audits that test if the casino games are operating within the required parameters.

Best UK casino games

This can be regarded as a hot topic, UK casino games come in all shapes and forms, slot games with incredible features, table games with witty and bubbly live dealers, and mind-blowing jackpot slots, you name it. Real money players can find an infinity of games to play nowadays – all with fantastic and immersive graphics.

Despite that, we wouldn’t dare to choose the best UK casino games because this is very subjective and varies wildly from player to player. However, at you can always play the best live casino tables, slots machines and jackpot slots on any of the online casinos on our lists.

These casino sites are approved by gambling authorities and audited by independent regulatory bodies. As long as you gamble responsibly, you should have a wonderful time with all the new casino games.

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Free Play

We know it is not as fun to play without real stakes, but jumping straight into a new game with real money can be a major mistake. Going in blind will be catastrophic for any game that requires skill or knowledge, but even click and win games, like slots, may surprise you.

If you wish to have an actual strategy, optimise your wins, and optimise your fun, here are 3 major reasons why testing new casino games for free first is absolutely crucial.

You Will Actually Know If It Is Worth It

There are many games to play, some even for free but it never feels quite the same as playing slots for real money. However, you learn the games’ moves, how it operates, how it pays out, how to get a bonus round, etc.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you keep your eyes on the ball. Don’t get sucked in by the flashy lights, as you are not losing your real money. Pay attention to frequency, volatility, patterns of spins, especially for slots machines, and you will have a pretty good idea if a certain game fits your strategy and is worth a shot.

You Can Improve Your Winning Chances, Drastically

If you don’t know the rules of video poker or even a single blackjack strategy it is possible to lose every single hand. Yes, there are actually games where skill and knowledge plays a part. Of course, few casino games come anywhere near poker and blackjack in terms of skill, but many casino games, including slots machines, have certain choices.

These choices have very real odds, some better than others, and knowing what you should actually do is imperative. Look at slots where you can opt for your winnings or a bonus round or any extra bonus features.

Do you know how the RTP changes and how this may impact a chance to win? These are things you need to be aware of to get the best winning chances possible when playing any casino games.

You Will Know If You Like the Game

This may not seem particularly important, but it is frustrating to lose real money on a game that you have no idea what’s going on or simply dislike the basic elements.

All gambling, no matter the casino game, contains inherent risk, but if you are going to lose, wouldn’t you want to be playing a game that is actually enjoyable? Be it a Pragmatic Play live casino table, horse races or any Vegas slots, if you like the game stick to it, otherwise try something else.

This also has the advantage of allowing you to see if a game is worth before you have your choice of casinos and bonuses to claim.


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New Casino Games FAQ

There are hundreds of thousands of online slot games with numbers increasing constantly as game providers chase innovative new ideas and technology. Choosing the best slots to play is really all down to your preference, and can be defined by a number of factors such as volatility, theme and bonus features. Whatever it is that makes you tick though, you can rely on us to review the new UK casinos where you can enjoy a variety of slots at.

There are several jackpot games that are network slots and are played at a number of other casinos, meaning the chances of winning a few hundred thousand pounds or a few million even, are more likely. In this article, you’ll find a link to our reviews of the newest online casinos for you to take a jackpot spin on.

Depending on how serious a player you are you might be better off at a casino which specialises in Bingo, and there are many great casinos out there for players in the UK to enjoy. You’ll find those reviewed by us will generally offer a variety of bingo games for you to play.

It can always be concerning when a variety of new online casino games hops onto the scene and scratch cards, in particular, may seem to some players too good to be true. There are no reels, no cards, no wheels to watch for the outcome of your bet on, you simply buy your card and scratch off the foil online.

The good news is that scratch cards found at any of our reviewed casinos, will all be legitimate and fair. All of our tested casinos are licensed by the relevant authorities, and most casinos will also employ rigorous testing of their games before release.

How much you can wager with bonus funds depends on the casino in question, though the standard about is ca. £5. Do not assume this is the case, and make sure to check the terms and conditions to see what needs to be done to withdraw cash.

Absolutely, though finding a casino which offers these can be a bit difficult, but they are out there and some casinos are purposefully set up to specialise in live casino tournaments only. On this page you can find guides on these casinos, and plenty of facts so that you can make a choice where you’ll play your next live tournament at.

In the base game of blackjack, yes, but if you begin to add inside bets to the equation then winning chances can change. There are many variants of blackjack out there with most following the basic rules but others can deviate from these, you should easily be able to find a blackjack game for your needs from our list of tested new casinos online though.

Online poker is considered to be very safe, games are played in a regulated environment under the watchful eyes of live dealers, and most importantly the casinos gaming licensors.

Despite this, cheating does happen and online casinos will already be aware of the methods used and will be on the lookout for players abusing the system. You can rest assured though and play safely in the knowledge that any new UK casino which we recommend will always be safe and reputable.

In our opinion, it’s best to steer clear of these as there isn’t a betting strategy which guarantees to win and some tactics could even result in higher losses for players. If you do decide to adopt a system then it’s best to check with the casino that it’s permitted and also be aware of the potential dangers of such systems.

You can always develop your own strategies such as placing lower bets to ensure your funds go further or only playing low volatility games to make your gameplay last longer.

This is down to personal choice and each live casino fan will no doubt have their own preferences. We always feature a wide range of casinos on our site which offer a variety of live casino games from various providers, and reading our helpful reviews should give you enough information to make an informed choice with.

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