Highroller Casinos

There is no official definition, but a casino player frequently placing high value wagers is considered a High Roller. A good online casino will acknowledge the value of having serious players and incentivise their loyalty. Some high rollers are professional gamblers, others just happen to be wealthy. They are also often called whales, with really large bankrolls that sit in in their private rooms at the no limits tables when playing at land based casinos.

High rollers at new online casinos do not get the same royal treatment like in the land based ones since, they play from the comfort of their houses and there is no need for amenities like private jets and limousines. Instead, they are treated in an alternative way as they get great VIP bonus offers and promotions. Online casinos take the time to monitor their players and sent invitations to the high rollers on their platforms. These invitations invite them to private sections of the site with higher limits and like-minded players. Check out the newest UK casinos for the High Rollers.

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How to Spot the Best High Roller Casinos

A lot of players seek out new online casinos that are especially generous to High Rollers. These casinos might have been made to exclusively cater to this market, or they might just be trying to get some deep pocketed players wagering on their site. Either way, if you know where to look, there are quality casino bonuses, promotions, and VIP Loyalty Programs, just waiting to be claimed. When you are trying to find a great casino to high roll at, all you need to consider is what do I get if I wager x amount of money. You can find the best casino if you are objective and consider your wagering habits, and the casinos generosity. Different casinos gauge high rolling differently. A lot of what attracts players to high roll on new casinos is that they happily consider players with a lower bankroll as high rollers. You need to research the online casino that you are considering by reading our reviews, you can determine if they are going to reward you well for your time.

What High Rollers Play

Table games are by far the most common for high rollers. It makes sense, they offer better odds, and in games like craps, you can lower the house advantage by betting more. A smart gambler will do what ever he can to improve the odds and High Rollers tend to be smart gamblers. Of all the table games Baccarat is the most popular with high rollers. This game has favorable odds; when you bet on the banker you do so at a house edge of 1.06%. The only table games that will match those odds are a liberal game of blackjack or a pass line bet in craps. The new trend right now is that High Rollers tend to play a lot of Live Dealer Games with high limits. Live Casinos are the fastest growing segment in the online casino market, and they are attracting big players to the private tables that sometimes are by invite only. Many high rollers at online casinos wager also a lot at online slots in contrast to the high rollers in land based casinos that only play tablet games.  They are extra interested in high volatile online slots with extra betting functions like multipliers and extra bonus symbols that will boost the maximum payout.

How Online Casinos Attract High Rollers

The whole casino experience is drastically improved for high stakes players. Money talks. The high stakes private rooms are coated in luxury and wealth. We are talking the whole treatment. You gamble in the lap of luxury, but that is just the beginning. Casinos put high stakes player on private planes and fly them to their casinos. They are given hotel rooms with complimentary foot massages. Whatever it takes to get their players with that kind of money at their table.

Online casinos don’t have the property, but they make up for it with generous VIP Loyalty Programs, and lets not forget that you get even better odds as a high roller on online casinos than in land based ones. Keep in mind the gamification trend that is sweeping the industry that may be both helpful and rewarding for you. They come with awards, trophies, points and so on. This makes it easy to keep track of what you need to do to get the rewards of their VIP program. They will give away all kinds of freebies to keep you around, but you need to join the correct online casino to get the most out of it. Many online casinos give away exclusive promotions randomly, level-up rewards and personalized presents like vacation trips and many other cool things. High rollers are also interested in online casinos with Cashback offers. Since they play big and risk a lot, they want something in return when they lose. Rewarding them in a cash back way is not only a nice way to get something back the next day but it also sets a psychological boost.

It isn’t just online casinos that try to attract high rollers. Some Online Slots offer more favorable odds for larger bets. In Craps placing a bigger bet behind the come line bet will lower the house’s odds. Placing a big bet on some specific software developers slots, like Microgaming, and IGT slots, change the RTP for individual games, and that wager might payout at a better rate or unlock additional game features. Almost every online casino game does something to incentives placing a big bet.

Building a High Roller Reputation

If you play as a high roller on one site, you are more likely to be invited into the VIP section for other online casinos. Word travels, doesn’t really travel because privacy agreements make it difficult for a casino to share your information with other online casinos, but one company might own several brands or sites, and your VIP status can qualify you for other sites. We can’t guarantee that this will happen, but it is something to be aware of. If you join a new casino, see what brands the company has brought out previously.

Casinos will move heaven and earth to keep their high rollers happy, but you need to join the correct online casino to see rewards for your larger bets and big bankroll. A good VIP program will reward you with everything from nights in a hotel to additional promotions. They are hard to find among the ranks of new casinos. You need a reputable casino brand that you can trust with your money and they need to have a decent line of credit with a larger parent company, or a portfolio of successful casino brands behind them. If you take the time to do the research. There are a couple new sites release every year that stand out as exceptional. We work hard to ensure our casino reviews are a conclusive resource for finding the best of these sites. You can also read the terms and conditions, take to the forums, or just go of the casino’s reputation.

Land Based vs Online High Rollers

They say that there are about 1000 land based high rollers around the world. They are billionaires or multi millionaires. Around them you will usually see bodyguards, beautiful girls, close friends and consultants as well as casino hostesses taking care of them. Although a lot of action is going on around them at the casino floor, they are publicity shy and they do everything they can to avoid being spotted. You will usually see them wearing jockeys or being dressed in a plain way. High rollers at land based casinos always get a royal treatment and the casinos literally fight to attract them to their tables. Therefore they provide them with everything they desire absolutely for free, the casinos arrange everything from private jets, limousines with a private chauffeur, hotel suites, personal managers, free show tickets, expensive gifts and so on.

There are two places in the world where land based high rollers prefer to play, Las Vegas and Macau. This is simply because those places have the means and the expertise required to meet the high standards of the high rollers. The number one casino game for them is Baccarat and the real action happens in the private no-limit rooms. The second favorite casino game is Blackjack and then it follows roulette, craps, and the Pai Gow. Once high rollers arrive at a land based casino, they have an instant credit line of £1 000 000 to £5 000 000. The elite of the high rollers can have their credit lines extended up to £25 000 000. The bet per hand starts normally at £10 000 and can go as high as £500 000. The bet limits in Las Vegas are between £150 000 and £300 000, while in Macau they are up to £500 000. But since high rollers do as they are pleased, the casino can change the limit if they ask for it. They most of the times play solo at the table and it is common that they play multiple hands at the same time, especially when playing blackjack.

The truth is that land based casinos have the resources to look after their high rollers better. There is no if, ands, or buts about it. They have the property and the resources to give them more of a VIP experience. If you come to bet at a hotel they can easily give you a free night in a room, or a juicy steak for dinner. Online casinos have to try a little harder and make a lot of compromises to add value to their VIP program. The way that players become a VIP is different at land based and online casinos. Land based casinos expect you to buy into VIP programs or wager a certain amount before you are given access to all their perks. You might only need to spend or wager so much before they give you a pretty laminated card, but you always need to prove that loyalty.

Online casinos are a little bit more welcoming. At some sites, you start your VIP program on day one. The exact mechanics of it vary, but generally wagering money or making deposits entitles you to more rewards. Other online casinos take their VIP programs in an entirely different direction. Their VIP program is by invite only, and the casino will personally scope out who has been betting enough to warrant and invitation. The gamification trend caused a lot of sites to make VIP programs that you can progress through and unlock different levels of. Online casinos tend to have better odds due to lower costs and higher competition. Online high rollers are often the same people that bet big in land based casinos but there are professional gamblers that only play online. Online casinos give high rollers a unique opportunity to develop a betting strategy block out all the distractions that come with online gambling and win as much as possible.