New High Roller Casinos

money bagsWant to get the red carpet treatment, and benefits most players can only dream of? This is, or at least should be the experience of every high roller. If you play for thousands of pounds every single month, or more, you should get special treatment! On this page, we have collected an overview of the best new high roller casinos. In other words, these are the casinos that go the furthest to please you, and their offers may include:

  • Higher deposit limits
  • Removal of withdrawal limits
  • Larger high roller casino bonus offers
  • Personal invite to the top VIP Levels

There is no set industry standard for how much money you need to deposit or wager through in order to be considered a high roller. Each casino sets its own standard. Certain high-roller bonuses can be activated with just £100, or a similarly moderate amount. In other cases, we are talking about thousands. On this page, you will not just be able to find and compare all brand new casinos made for high rollers, we will also walk you through what it takes to become a high roller, how you get high roller casino bonuses, and provide a quick and simple FAQ section, answering any outstanding questions.

If you have the funds and want to give high roller benefits a go, we recommend that you read the full page in order to be as prepared as possible.

Best New Highroller Casino 2024

We have collected an overview of all new casinos that cater to high rollers. The casinos below may even offer unique high roller welcome bonuses, allowing you to build up a massive safety net. We have also included all casinos with VIP bonus offers and promotions, as these casinos solidify the high roller relationship with official memberships in their VIP programs and VIP Clubs. Remember, however, if you are playing for big bucks, it is the invite-only VIP Clubs you should be gunning for.

Warning: Being a high roller is thrilling, but can be expensive, be sure that you have the money before you start wagering thousands of pounds.



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How to Spot the Best High Roller Casinos

spotting the high roller casinoIt is actually extremely easy to find out what the best high roller casinos are. You just need to look at the benefits they provide you with, and also what offers you are actually interested in. If your strategy involves gathering as many high roller bonuses as possible, this must be a top priority, but if you are using a bonus-free strategy, high roller bonuses suddenly become irrelevant.

In these cases, you should without a doubt prioritize casino cashback in real money. This is a great way to lower the house edge and reduce your risk.

High Roller Casino Bonuses & Benefits

These are the most important features you should be looking for:

  • Cashback (in real money)
  • VIP or high roller bonuses
  • Your own personal account manager
  • Unlimited deposits (or a heavily increased cap)
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Shorter payout times

If you do play with casino bonuses you may also be able to get lower wagering requirements, making the offers much stronger.

If a casino does not offer any of the above privileges, we do not consider this a high roller casino, certainly not a good high roller casino, and you should avoid it. There is no reason to play at casinos that will not give you the benefits you deserve.

How We Choose the High Roller Casinos in Our List

When we call a casino a high roller casino we are talking about casinos that go the extra mile to ensure that their high rollers are happy. VIP clubs, high roller bonuses, great cashback offers, unlimited or high deposit and withdrawal limits are all attributes that will instantly make a casino a high roller casino.

Note: Certain casinos are literally structured so that no high roller should ever play there, with abysmal withdrawal and even deposit limits making it impossible to play for a few hundred pounds. All such casinos are of course eliminated from our list.

Max Bets & Wagering Requirements at High Roller Casinos

A great high roller bonus should come with different terms and conditions than general bonuses at a casino. That is, unless these conditions are already fantastic. What you should expect to see is a much higher max bet, and preferably also a lower wagering requirement.

Payouts at High Roller Casinos

You must always pay attention to payouts as a high roller. This is the one thing that can absolutely break the high roller experience. If your casino actually has restrictions for how much you can withdraw, you may just be in trouble. Imagine spending days and several different withdrawals to get £20 000 into your bank account for instance. These kinds of restrictions are simply not on. You should not need to make multiple withdrawals to get your money out, you should get faster payout times, usually instant, and no max withdrawal whatsoever.

What is a High Roller?

high roller iconA high holler is someone who plays for high stakes, with large deposits and wagers. There is no official definition or line in the sand for when someone becomes a high roller, though many casinos how their own criteria. This means you may receive the high roller treatment for fairly low deposits and wagers in the zone of a few hundred pounds, but usually, we need to be talking about the thousands.

This is also why there is no real need for a clear divide, as true high rollers leave no one questioning it, with thousands upon thousands of pounds in deposits, if not more, every month, if not every day.

This is also why becoming a high roller needs to be a considered move. You need to make sure you actually have the money to afford this play style. If you don’t, just don’t do it. Go for an easier VIP Loyalty Program, don’t push your luck.

The stakes should never be so high that you risk your own living standards. You may also opt to stay in the grey zone, with perhaps £1,000-£3,000 in deposits, gaining access to strong VIP privileges and leaving it there. You can still get high roller privileges without going over your limits.

Most Suitable Games for High Rollers

Table games are by far the most common for high rollers, especially with live dealer casinos. It makes sense, they offer better odds, and in games like craps, you can lower the house advantage by betting more. A smart gambler will do whatever he or she can to improve the odds, and High Rollers tend to be smart gamblers.

Of all the table games, baccarat is the most popular with high rollers. This game has favourable odds; when you bet on the banker you do so at a house edge of 1.06%. The only table games that will match those odds are a liberal game of blackjack or a pass line bet in craps.

How to Become a High Roller

climbing the high roller graphIf money is no problem, you can get noticed right away. There are casinos that make it so simple that they advertise a high roller bonus, and all you need to do in order to jump into the game is to make that minimum high roller deposit.

Incredibly simple! Though this is usually not the path to jump into the best VIP clubs. Here the casino may actually want to observe your play-style and the way you make deposits and wagers before sending out their exclusive private invitation.

However, there are ways to speed this up as well, even without connections at the casino. First, a massive deposit will always grab the attention of any quality casino, but you don’t even need to play with “chance”. A good move is to contact customer support directly.

Inform them, for instance, that their max deposit is not suitable for you, inform them of what you plan to deposit, and ask them if you can get immediate VIP treatment and a special deal. If they don’t want to give you anything, their loss. Move on, as they do not know what they are doing.

Good casinos will move heaven and earth to keep their high rollers happy, but you need to join the correct online casino to see rewards for your larger bets and big bankroll. A good VIP Club will reward you with everything from nights in a hotel to additional promotions.

They are hard to find among the ranks of new casinos, but luckily, many are still well set-up thanks to rich and powerful parent companies. If you want to wager enormous amounts of money at new casinos, these are the companies and VIP clubs you should be looking at.

Famous High Rollers

Celebrities are also known to enjoy a good game of blackjack, baccarat and roulette. We have collected 3 of the biggest names in Hollywood, known for playing for high amounts and taking gambling to its limits.

George Clooney High Roller

George Clooney

The very symbol of Hollywood style and sophistication is also a well-known and experienced gambler and had things went a little differently he might even have owned his own casino in Las Vegas. That’s right, the famous leading man of the Ocean Eleven and its sequels, specifically about dare-devils robbing casinos, was extremely close to becoming his own target. The star, who broke into Hollywood fame with his iconic role on ER, followed by a long line of suave and serious roles, invested a large amount of his own money in a new casino named Las Ramblas. The project unfortunately never went through, and Clooney will, therefore, have to settle for the players’ chair.

Ben Affleck high rollerBen Affleck

In terms of high-rolling celebrities, Ben Affleck really stands out, despite not betting in the multi-million range. The actor and director known as Batman (Batman V Superman, Justice League) as well as a long line of films, including Argo, Gone Girl and Pearl Harbour is not only a poker player, like so many celebrities, he is also a proper casino high roller. His head-spinning best was winning 800 thousand dollars on blackjack in 2001. The star is also haunted by rumours of counting cards and has been banned from Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on this very suspicion.

Charlie Sheen high roller

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen works as a warning, rather than a story of how to be a high roller. He would play through 200 thousand dollars every single week, before realizing it had gone too far. The Spin City actor has been known to have lived a troubled life, and he could not control his gambling. This should be a clear warning to all potential high rollers that you need to play smart and know your limits.

Land-Based vs Online High Rollers

land based high roller casinos vs online - iconThey say that there are about 1,000+ land-based high rollers around the world, and now we are talking about the truly big spenders. They are millionaires or multi-millionaires, and usually men. Around them, you will typically see bodyguards, beautiful girls, and all the stereotypes from the movies, including an entourage of friends and consultants, not to mention actual casino staff looking after them. Although a lot of action is going on around them at the casino floor, they are publicity-shy and they do everything they can to avoid being spotted. You will usually see them wearing jockeys or being dressed in a plain way.

High rollers at land-based casinos always get a royal treatment and the casinos literally fight to attract them to their tables. Therefore they provide them with everything they desire absolutely for free, the casinos arrange everything from private jets, limousines with a private chauffeur, hotel suites, personal managers, free show tickets, expensive gifts and so on.

There are two places in the world where land-based high rollers prefer to play, Las Vegas and Macau. This is simply because those places have the means and the expertise required to meet the high standards of the high rollers. The number one casino game for them is Baccarat and the real action happens in the private no-limit rooms. The second favourite casino game is Blackjack and then it follows roulette, craps, and the Pai Gow. Once high rollers arrive at a land-based casino, they have an instant credit line of £1,000,000 to £5,000,000.

The elite of the high rollers can have their credit lines extended up to £25,000,000. The bet per hand starts normally at £10,000 and can go as high as £500,000. The bet limits in Las Vegas are between £150,000 and £300,000, while in Macau they are up to £500,000. Also, since high rollers do as they are pleased, the casino can change the limit if they ask for it. They most of the times play solo at the table and it is common that they play multiple hands at the same time, especially when playing blackjack.

brown money bagThe truth is that land-based casinos have the resources to look after their high rollers better. There is no ifs, and, or buts about it. They have the property and the resources to give them more of a VIP experience. If you come to bet at a hotel they can easily give you a free night in a room, or a juicy steak for dinner.

Online casinos have to try a little harder and make a lot of compromises to add value to their VIP program. The way that players become a VIP is different at land-based and online casinos. Land-based casinos expect you to buy into VIP programs or wager a certain amount before you are given access to all their perks. You might only need to spend or wager so much before they give you a pretty laminated card, but you always need to prove that loyalty.

Online casinos are a little bit more welcoming. You may even become a VIP-player on day one. The exact mechanics of it vary, but generally wagering money or making deposits entitles you to more rewards. We already talked you through how various casinos have invite-only VIP Clubs before, and this is where you will usually get an experience as close to the real world high-roller treatment as possible. Members of the best VIP Clubs can be rewarded with free stays at hotels, travels around the world, VIP-passes for concerts and sporting events, and a long line of other incredible benefits.

The greatest thing here is that you do not actually need to be a billionaire or multi-millionaire to enjoy these privileges online. Land-based high rollers are expected to wager through millions of pounds every single time, which is only possible for the richest people on this planet. Online high rollers have a much lower threshold to meet, and we are usually talking of thousands of pounds. This makes becoming an online high roller a much simpler feat. Yes, you will not get all the same extreme privileges, but then you also don’t need to risk the same sums of money, and the top benefits are still there.

High Roller FAQ

New Casinos FAQIf there are any questions you feel are missing from our below high roller FAQ, please contact us directly. All your additional questions will be answered and added below.

1. How Do I Become a High Roller?

The only requirement to be counted as a high roller and get high roller benefits, usually through a VIP Program or VIP Club, all you need to do is play for large sums of money. In land-based casinos, we are usually talking about millions of pounds, but online high roller offers can start as low as a few hundred pounds. Massive difference, right? You do, however, at most casinos, need to play through several thousands of pounds a month to get proper treatment, and the maximum benefits, are usually only for the top spenders.

2. Am I Eligible?

Everyone with the funds is generally eligible. The questions are, how much do you want to spend, what are the high roller standards at the given casino, and can you actually afford it?

3. What Makes a Casino Into a High Roller Casino?

We consider a casino to be a high roller casino if they have proper high roller benefits, such as unique high roller bonus, cashback with real money, unlimited deposits and withdrawals and a strong VIP program.

4. Do I Get More Than Just a Higher Welcome Bonus as a High Stakes Player?

Any quality high roller casino that seeks to attract high rollers with unique high roller offers, would be insane to stop there. This is just not on. As mentioned, for us to consider a casino to be worthy of toplist consideration they really must deliver the high roller experience, including consistent offers, in the form of bonus or cashback, and many additional fringe benefits.

5. Can I Get Free Gifts, such as Trips, Hotel Rooms, etc.?

Yes, top high rollers are known to get free trips and hotel rooms. This is certainly the standard at real land-based casinos, often given out the top suite, but even online players can get such benefits.

6. Will There Be a Minimum Spend Required?

Yes, you will usually need to match specific criteria, to get high roller benefits. However, at many casinos these benefits are permanent, i.e. you do not need to consistently play to keep your benefits. There will also be high minimum deposits for high roller bonuses.

7. How is Being a High Roller Different?

In terms of play, the only difference are the much higher stakes, and possibly, additional fringe benefits such as cashback and bonuses. In terms of your general experience, it may as well be night and day, as a quality casino will treat you like royalty.

8. Are Certain Casinos Better For High Rollers?

Absolutely. This is why we have singled out the best new high roller casinos on our toplist above. If you aim to play big, but the casino does not offer a proper VIP program, or similar high roller benefits, just walk away.

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