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When you see the red and orange logo it means that the bank who you hold your account uses MasterCard and its payment provider services. The MasterCard organisation itself is a financial service that processes transactions between customers and merchants all over the world.

Latest MasterCard Casinos 2024

New MasterCard casinos are being launched all the time due to the popularity of this debit card worldwide. Its acceptance as an online casino payment method is known for years now and alongside VISA, it is present in almost all casinos nowadays. However, note that UK players can no longer use credit cards when making transactions to or from an online casino. Take a look at a list of the latest MasterCard casinos below:

MasterCard Short Facts

Currencies All where it’s accepted
Security 4 Digit PIN code and online SecureCode provided by the card-issuing bank
Transaction time Instant deposits, withdrawals take 5-7 business days
Min. Transaction Defined by the casino
Deposit Fee Usually €0.
Withdrawal Fee Usually €0 but some new casinos may charge a % for the transaction

Using MasterCard at New Online Casinos

On a large number of new online casinos, you will find that Mastercard is available as a payment option. You need to check in the payment section of the website to determine whether Mastercard is being accepted. For the most part, these cards are linked to bank accounts, though it is possible to have a card that is not linked to any bank account. These are pre-paid debit or debit cards where you can load the funds that you want to use on the cards.

When you want to use your Mastercard, you will need to provide some basic information such as your name, card number, special security number at the back of the card, as well as your personal address and billing information. This is information that you will need to input with each transaction for your personal safety and to also limit the possibility of fraud.

The list of new licensed casinos which offer MasterCard as a payment option is huge. With 875 million cards approx. being used around the world it wouldn’t be a good idea for casinos not to accept MasterCard. Most casino players will already have a card in their wallet nestled alongside a VISA too. MasterCard is a phenomenally large financial service; online transactions are safe and the cards are accepted in over 210 countries.

If you opt to use your MasterCard at your latest payment casino then you can expect this to be a simple process, it takes just a few minutes to add in the required information and the funds are on their way.

A UKGC Ban on Cards

The UKGC has recently announced a ban on the use of credit cards at online casinos which will be enforced after the 14th April 2020, the ban will apply to all online gambling products with the aim being to help further protect vulnerable people.

Whilst this move may hurt players by making it harder to gamble and those who use credit cards responsibly may feel vindicated, we must be mindful that this is to help curb harmful behaviours. After the enforcement, we may see a steep rise in the popularity of other methods, such as eWallets, mobile pay, etc.

How to Deposit with MasterCard?

Depositing funds into your online wallet is simple and fast with MasterCard, it’s worth remembering that not all online payment casinos will offer instant deposits, but most will. Your chosen casino may charge a commission fee of up to 2.5% but this is quite rare.

Quick MasterCard Casino Deposit

  1. Select ‘MasterCard’ from the list of payment options.
  2. Enter the required details (PAN number, expiry date, your name and the CVC code from the back of the card).
  3. SecureCode will prompt you for further verification details if you have chosen to set this up with your cards issuing bank beforehand.
  4. Enter the deposit amount and press the confirm button.

How to Withdraw with MasterCard?

Withdrawing from your balance is equally as simple as depositing. Once your funds have been approved at the casino’s end then you can expect to receive your winnings back to your MasterCard within 5-7 business days.

It’s common that some MasterCard’s may not accept withdrawals back to them and your new Mastercard casino will be aware of this, and they should offer you the option to complete your withdrawal by means of a bank transfer instead.

Just a Few Easy Steps to Withdraw

  1. Select your chosen MasterCard
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount
  3. Press the confirm button

How Safe is Mastercard?

There is a huge range of new casino payment options out there but it’s good to know that MasterCard is extremely safe to use for making online purchases. Cardholders not only have the backup of the card-issuing bank, but they also have the reassurance of free resolution services, ID theft alerts and emergency wallet replacement provided by MasterCard themselves.

SecureCode adds a further layer of protection to the card, which you would need to set up with the cards issuing bank beforehand. At the online checkout, you will then be prompted to enter extra verification details to ensure that it’s really you making that purchase.

Zero Liability Protection

This means that you do not have to be responsible for transactions that are carried out without your authorization. Mastercard ID Theft Protection which is available to all Mastercard users at no additional cost. It ensures that any threats to your card are detected early and that issues are also resolved in good time. Services for support are globally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any Extra Features?

MasterCard offers its cardholders a wide range of benefits:

  • Shopping protection
  • Personal assistance
  • Personal protection
  • Travel assistance
  • Travel protection
  • Promotions and offers

MasterCard’s Handy eWallet

Cardholders can enjoy an even safer level of online protection with Masterpass, a digital payment service which allows customers to check out faster using just their password and user ID. You can also link other debit cards to Masterpass and benefit from exclusive offers, safe in the knowledge that your card details were not shared online during your transaction.

Secure Payments on Mobiles

It is essential for payment systems to be convenient, and to fit into the lifestyle of customers. This is why with Mastercard, it is possible to experience secure digital payments, even from a mobile device. Mastercard offers mobile payment solutions for Android Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Wallet and Samsung Pay.

There are also new developments that have been created by Mastercard to meet demands of technology in mobile digital wallets, such as the Masterpass which can be used in-stores, through the mobile application or for online payments. Generally, it is possible to use a Mastercard debit card to carry out transactions on a mobile device as well.

Customer Support

MasterCards customer support is comprehensive and you can easily find the help you need via its main website, though you would need to contact your card issuing bank for specific account-related queries.

  • FAQ section
  • Email: Via on-site form
  • Phone: 24/7 phone number for reporting lost or stolen cards and for other assistance: 0800 964 767

Additional Information About MasterCard

For over 50 years, MasterCard has been processing electronic payments and growing its business rapidly from 1966 when a group of American banks formed the Interbank Card Association (ICA), right up until the present day with its massive worldwide presence.

You can use a MasterCard at millions of point of sales across the world and it’s the default payment option for both online and in-shop payments across all markets. The company is constantly developing new technology to ensure its customer’s safety and making transactions even faster and simpler.

MasterCard FAQs

New Casinos FAQ1. Why use MasterCard at new casino sites?

One of the main reasons is because it is convenient, the same way we use cards for buying groceries you can simply use it to top up your online casino account.

2. Is it safe to use MasterCard in an online casino?

It’s very safe to use the MasterCard because it relies on the same security measures used by the bank and on top of it, they apply several other security measures to prevent frauds. Mastercard ID Theft Protection ensures that and guarantees that you are safe at all times.

3. Do MasterCard casinos accept other banking methods?

Yes, all casinos that accept MasterCard also accept other payment methods, such as vouchers, e-wallets and sometimes even cryptocurrencies.

4. Can I deposit with MasterCard and use another banking method for withdrawals?

In most casinos yes, they should allow you to request a withdraw to another payment method but it’s always advisable to check it with the online casino before so you won’t have any surprises.

5. I am from the UK, can I deposit with MasterCard?

Since the 14th of April 2020 the use of credit cards were banned by the UK Gambling Commission in an attempt to curb problem gambling. You can deposit with a MasterCard if it is a debit card.

6. What are the best alternatives to MasterCard?

There are several options that are more accessible to players both in the UK and in other countries. Most players are now shifting from cards to handy e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, make sure to check all the payment methods here to find other good payment options.

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