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Yandex money has a tagline that states it is more than just a e-wallet, and indeed it is. This is a simple service that provides online payments. With this service, it is possible to settle a range of bills, transfer money as well as to purchase items from online stores and pay for services. It also has the added benefit of ensuring that you receive bonuses for the transactions that are carried out. This online payment solution service is based in Russia. Funding it can be done with ease in a variety of ways including ATMs, prepaid cards, bank cards and many more options.It was born of the search engine, Yandex, which is the fourth largest search service on the globe. From this search engine, the money service was launched in 2002 to increase financial accessibility for all. There are now more than 76,000 merchants as well as 30 million users who have wallets. Furthermore, the mobile application has been downloaded by more than four million people.

35 New Online Casinos Accepting Yandex

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The leading casino payment solution in Russia

Yandex stands out from other online payment solutions in Russia as it is the largest electronic payment service, both for Russia and the countries in the region. This is because it is widely accepted, and has become a popular choice at a range of online casinos. It also targets global customers so that they are aware there are fast, secure payment that can be made online. Furthermore, these payments can be done through a variety of accessible funding sources.

It is possible to make payments using your mobile phone with Yandex in two main ways. The first is through installing the mobile application. It makes it possible for you to transfer money to a number of wallets from all around the world, and you do not need to pay commission. You can make payments for a range of things including goods and services with ease through the app that is available from Googly Play, the App Store and Microsoft.

This is a service that is so popular, that more than 90% of Russians have heard of it. This comes down to how easy it is  to get started using it. To begin with, you will need to open Yandex Money e-Wallet. This is a payment method that is incredibly versatile as almost any deposit method that you can conceive is covered in its umbrella. It is easy to make a deposit fast, and with security. This dynamic service can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, as well as through a mobile application.

You can use this service without needing to register, unless you choose to make use of the Yandex Money e-Wallet. For this part of the service, you will need to open an account. Furthermore, you should not that there are some minor fees that you will need to pay when you choose this service. However, these are not fixed and shall vary depending on how you are choosing to fund your account.

Using Yandex Money at Online Casinos

As there are a range of payment sources that one can access using Yandex, numerous casinos are choosing this service as a payment option for their customers. With it, players are able to make payments fast, especially when it comes to ensuring that their gambling accounts are topped up. When you choose to use Yandex to make a deposit, you will find that there are a large number of payment options you can achieve. There is also customer support that is available 24/7.

To use this service, you should begin by opening up an account with your casino upon confirmation that Yandex Money is accepted. Then you have two options you can explore. The first is the Yandex Money e-Wallet. The second would be to check whether the casino you are on makes use of the Yandex Checkout System as if it does, you can use the product without having to use the wallet program. Next, identify where Yandex has been listed in the deposit options and select it.

You shall be redirected to a payment gateway and shall be at liberty to choose from various funding options including your Yandex e-wallet, bank card, ATMs, Kiosks and more. Specify the amount that you want to deposit and you will then be given specific steps for the payment option that you have selected. This will be followed by a confirmation process and then you can submit your payment. The funds will appear in your casino account.

For the most part, you will be able to make deposits using Yandex Money. There are some casinos that also accept Yandex Money withdrawals, although it will need you to go through the payment options to confirm the same. What is worth noting is the time that the funds will take to reflect in your account, whether you are depositing or withdrawing. This will depend on the processing time of your chosen casino and the method that you finally choose.

Safety can be a key concern for any customer exploring Yandex Money, especially as there are so many different payment options that are captured within this method. When it comes to overall security protections, all those that apply to the different methods are enforced, and they are incredibly comprehensive as well. No personal information is shared with their parties.

+ Ensures that one is able to maintain their overall privacy with a separate account for finalizing payments
+ Offers a large variety of funding options, and the process of funding the e-wallet is straightforward
+ Widely accepted, and also offers users the chance to get a virtual card
+ It is very simple and convenient to use

– It is a payment system that is mainly available to users from Russia
– There are transaction fees charged for every transaction that you carry out

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