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Carte Bancaire casinosFamously and previously known in France as Carte Bleue until it was integrated into a wider company called CB or Carte Bancaire, Carte Bancaire is an innovative payment method and is now one of the most widely used cards and mobile payment systems in France, combining decades of banking experience.

It is also partnered with Visa, making it even more reliable and safe for online casino players due to its strong security. That why many casinos accept Carte Bancaire cards nowadays.

Latest Carte Bancaire Casinos 2024

Many people in France hold a CB card nowadays, making it quite handy as a casino payment method for players. You can even compare casinos accepting Carte Bancaire and be sure you are choosing the right one for you but first, take a look at the new online casinos available for you.

Carte Bancaire Casino UK: Warning

Carte Bancaire is only accepted within France, which means foreign players can’t get or use the Carte Bancaire card.

Carte Bancaire Short Facts

Company Name: Cartes Bancaires – CB
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: €1
Deposit Fee: No
Security: Standard security card protocols
Currencies: EUR
Max Transaction: Set by the card issuer.
Withdrawal Fee: From 0.9% to 1.5%

Advantages of Carte Bancaire

Accepted worldwide

Even though it is only available for french players, the Carte Bancaire card is widely accepted in casinos worldwide.

Safe and reliable

As Carte Bancaire partnered up with Visa, they also can count on the company’s safety and well-known encryptions and security protocols.

Works like a debit card

Visa Debit works like a debit card, where you don’t have to wait until the next month for your payment to kick in. Nothing really different here, exactly like you’re used to using a card.

Disadvantages of Carte Bancaire

Only available in France

As the Cartes Bancaires are only available in France, you will not be able to apply for a card if you are from outside the country.

How to get a Carte Bancaire

To apply for your own Cartes Bancaire, you must contact a local bank and request for a CB Card. After that, you will then provide your personal info and be sent your very own card, which will have to be activated with your local bank. It’s pretty much a credit card, but available only for french players in almost all the shops around France.

Therefore, to obtain a Carte Bancaire card, you must:

  • Contact a bank
  • Provide your personal information

How to Deposit at a Carte Bancaire Casino

For you to deposit at a Casino that accepts Carte Bancaire, you have to follow the same steps as if you were depositing with any regular credit or debit card. You must enter the Cashier section of your online casino, select ‘deposit’ and the amount you wish to enter your player account. After that, the deposit will take up to two days to enter your account, and then you’ll be ready to start gambling.

The steps to deposit with a Carte Bancaire Casino card is like depositing with any other card:

  • Access the Cashier page on the casino you play.
  • Select ‘Deposit’ + Amount to be deposited.

How to Make a Withdrawal With Carte Bancaire

To withdraw your earnings in an online casino using Carte Bancaire, you’ll have to enter the same Cashier page and select ‘withdrawal’. It is the same procedure as if you were depositing into your player’s account, just changing the operation that is going to be done.

Then, you’ll enter the amount you wish to cash out and your bank and personal info that is associated with your Carte Bancaire card, so the money goes directly into that account.

Safety and Security

Carte Bancaire is committed to protecting their customers’ privacy and any sensitive data associated with their account. So on top of standard security protocols and verification measures, they are protected by the Data Protection Act of 1978, and the European Union’s General Regulations on Protection Data (GDPR).

Carte Bancaire FAQs

The Carte Bancaire is one of the most well-known payment methods in France – actually, over 90% of the population over 15 uses it, so you just know it is trustworthy and a reliable method for you to use in online gambling platforms.

The Carte Bancaire is associated with bank accounts, so you will have to contact your local bank and request for your very own Carte Bancaire card.

There are some withdrawal fees that are charged with the Carte Bancaire, but they usually do not charge any depositing fees – it will depend on the casino you’re playing, so it would be wise to consult before you deposit.

If you wish to deposit in an online casino using your Carte Bancaire, all you have to do is enter their Cashier page and select the CB as your preferred payment method. After that, you’ll enter your card info and the amount you wish to deposit, and after two days the money will be in your account and ready to use.

If you choose to cash out your casino winnings using your Carte Bancaire, you’ll have to repeat the process of accessing the Cashier page and then selecting “withdrawal”. After that, you’ll select the amount you wish to cash out and input your bank information that is connected with your CB card – that’s where the money will be sent to after the withdrawal is processed.

Even though Carte Bancaire is accepted worldwide when associated with Visa Cards, the Carte Bancaire is only available for French users, so make sure to check if your preferred online casino accepts this payment option.

Carte Bancaire is protected by every bank protocol and the company is also protected by the Data Protection Act of 1978, and the European Union’s General Regulations on Protection Data (GDPR).


The Carte Bleue casino payment method was quite useful back in the day. Since it became Carte Bancaire, online players can benefit even more of the new security features and wider acceptance, in any case, take a look at other payment methods like PaySafe Card, NeoSurf, Skrill or even Trustly, all of them are very good options to top up your online casino account too.


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