New WebMoney Casinos

webmoneyWebMoney casino payment provider is a modern and handy e-wallet that allows you to top up your online casino account even if you don’t have a bank account. It’s easy and safe to send and receive money, that’s why there are several casinos that accept WebMoney as a payment method. Find out more benefits and the best new WebMoney casinos below.

88 New Online Casinos Accepting WebMoney

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Deposit bonus: 100% Bonus up to €1,000 (or 1BTC)+ 60 Bonus Spins (15 per week)
The game selection at this casino is huge with over 4,000 titles available. These feature hundreds of slots, bingo rooms, instant wins, keno, poker, and a vast amount of table games.
Swift Casino
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Deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 50 Bonus Spins
Enjoy more than 1,000 games, and a solid VIP program.
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Deposit bonus: 125% up to €500
FlipperFlip features more than 1,100 games, a special VIP program and a fantastic navigation.
7.1 / 10
Deposit bonus: 50% up to €200 +25 Free Spins
This new casino offers more than 1,400 games, a nice welcome bonus and fast 24-hour withdraws. Check it out!
Lilibet Casino
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Deposit bonus: Get 100% Up To €100
At Lilibet Casino, you’ll get a wide selection of epic online games on a straightforward, safe, and exciting platform.

Western Union Short Facts

CurrenciesUSD, EUR, RUB, VND, BTC, BCH, LTC, Gold
SecurityUnique 12-symbol WM-identifier and password & digital certificates
Transaction timeMinutes online and a few days on a local shop
Min. TransactionDefined by the Casino
Deposit FeeFrom 0.8% (may vary, read below)
Withdrawal FeeYes, if the amount is too low (casino T&Cs)

Using WebMoney at New Online Casinos

WebMoney was developed as a money transfer option to manage US dollars. Due to its strong and solid platform, it has been used since its conception by several companies in different industries, that’s why there are several new casinos that accept WebMoney available for you.

If you decide to play on a casino with WebMoney, your funds will be first stored in a purse, which is held by a global network of companies that act as guarantors for the payment and add security by making harder to track and intercept money transfers. Definitely something you would like to have when topping up your new casino account.

Apart from WebMoney casino deposits, it can also be used for peer-to-peer payments and includes an escrow system for extra safety and peace of mind. It charges 0.8% of the transacted amount in fees up to a maximum of €50, depending on the case but do not worry too much about this part as a few types of transactions have no fees attached to it, in any case, you should always confirm it before proceeding.

How to Deposit with WebMoney?

To deposit funds into your new online casino account, you have to first make sure that it casino accepts WebMoney as a valid payment gateway. Chances are it will be under the e-wallet option. After making sure that your new casino accepts WebMoney, go to the cashier’s page of your casino and choose the deposit amount.

Since this is an e-wallet, you’ll have a dedicated wallet, or like they say here a purse. This will carry all your money and it can be set up in different currencies to make easier for you to transfer money worldwide, take a look at some of the purse options:

  • R-Purse WMR — Russian Rubles
  • E-Purse WME — Euro
  • B-Purse WMB — Belarusian Ruble
  • G-Purse WMG — A storage certificate on exchange-traded gold
  • Z-Purse WMZ — For purchase from the Megastock catalogue (US Dollars)
  • K-Purse WMK — Receipts of EKZT of a specified amount from a Guarantor
  • V-purse WMV — Vietnamese Dong
  • X-purse WMX — Bitcoin
  • H-purse WMH — BitcoinCash
  • L-purse WML — Litecoin

Quick WebMoney Casino Registration

  1. Log in to your profile. (If you don’t have one, register for free)
  2. Choose the amount you want to fund your wallet
  3. Insert your payment details (cards or bank transfer)
  4. You’ll get a confirmation onscreen

Note that, there is usually a fee for transfers using this method; the minimum deposit amount will be defined by the casino. On the website, the fee is shown when you choose to send money online but as we’ve mentioned above, some transactions are free of charge:

  • Between the same type of purses of the same WM-identifier
  • Between the same type of purses of the same WebMoney Passport

You can use your credit/debit cards, other e-wallets, bank transfer or even go to a local shop to complete the deposit to any new casinos that accept WebMoney as a payment option. Transfers made by electronic means usually are instant or even up to an hour in the worst cases, while bank transfers may take a few days to go through.

How to Withdraw with WebMoney?

You most definitely can withdraw your winnings on any casinos that accept WebMoney. The process is somewhat easy and almost the same as depositing. You have to request it in the casino payment menu or cashier first and follow a few steps to request it.

You have a few options available for withdrawals, being hard cash (you have to go to a physical shop to collect it), back to your bank account, to your online purse, to a mobile wallet or even a pre-paid card. Note that, apart from the e-wallet transfers, the other methods will come with a fee that can go up to 3.5% (wire transfer).

Just a Few Easy Steps to Withdraw

  1. Go to the casino cashier and select withdraw with WebMoney
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Confirm identity and the withdrawal request
  4. Check your WebMoney account

How Safe is this Payment Method?

WebMoney transfer technology is developed taking into consideration contemporary security requirements to online information management systems. This means they use the latest identification systems and apply rigorous authentication methods to any data passing through the system – you know, better prevent than remedy it later.

WebMoney 3 Main Authentication Methods:

  • Login and password: You can use your WMID, phone number or email as a login (usually followed by an additional confirmation)
  • Files with secret keys: A unique 12-symbol WM-identifier and password (set by you) to securely protect your wallets and account.
  • Personal digital certificates for extra security.

Additional Secure Confirmation:

  • SMS verification code.
  • E-Num service for generating single-use passwords.
  • System architecture with secure access to WM-wallets and does not allow making settlements using WM-wallets with no funds.

While performing any transaction, the funds are always either on the WM-wallet of the sender or on the WM-wallet of the receiver. There is no intermediate state in the system, thus it is conceptually impossible to lose WM-funds when you top up your new casino account.

Any Extra Features?

WebMoney offers solutions both for individuals and companies, to stay up to date with the latest demands of the market, they sought and were granted in 2015 an FCA license to issue e-money within the European Economic Area, meaning more trustworthiness to this online payment method.

WebMoney Digital Coins

Technology is definitely not a problem for WebMoney because they also offer transfers and wallets with digital coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash and others – this obviously goes a bit beyond what you will actually need, in terms of payment options for online casinos but it worth mention since there are some new casinos accepting Bitcoin, for example.

Use WebMoney On the Go

Keeper Mobile is a simple and convenient application for the management of WebMoney purses. Versions for mobile devices are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Blackberry. All types of accounts can benefit from this app, Keeper WinPro or Keeper WebPro.

Customer Support

The WebMoney Customer Support is somewhat good but could be better. There’s a lot of information that can be found around the website, although some of the pages are in Russian. You can reach them through an email and phone. The phone numbers and even email can vary from country to country since they are present in many localities. These are the main options:

Additional Information About WebMoney

WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online transactions established in 1998. Since then, over 39 million people from all over the world have joined them by using it daily. Although the service is available worldwide, eastern European countries may benefit even more since the physical shops are mainly in Russia and Ukraine. No matter where you want to use it, whether pay bills or try your hand on a new casino that accepts WebMoney, you can be sure that these guys are rock-solid.


+ Fast Transfers
+ Supports Several Currencies
+ Supports Cryptocurrencies
+ Available at Several New Online Casinos


– Many Withdrawal Fees
– You might not get certain casino bonuses when using this method
– Support Mostly in Russian