A Guide to Online Lotteries

The Beginnings of Online Lotteries
How are Online Lotteries Different to Traditional Lotteries?
How Do You Play Online Lotteries?
Online Lottery Strategies

Lotteries are one of the most simple, accessible, and highest-paying forms of gambling available. Millions of people in the UK play the National Lottery on a regular basis, via paper tickets bought at supermarkets / newsagents or the official website. For a small price, you stand the chance of becoming a millionaire, or at least making your money back with a small profit. Still, there are more lotteries available than the UK’s National Lottery – ones people from all over the world can play. In today’s world, new online casinos have transformed the choice of lotteries we have, and in this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to try your luck with a minimum of hassle.

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The Beginnings of Online Lotteries

Lotteries date back thousands of years. Researchers have discovered evidence that China’s Han Dynasty played ken around 205 BC, which helped to fund the Great Wall of China (as we covered in our guide to online keno). The Roman Empire is also believed to have held public lotteries, particularly during dinner parties, with guests receiving a ticket and a guarantee of winning a small prize. Later, Augustus Caesar is known to have held a lottery for his people, with funds going to repairs throughout Rome.

Evidence of lotteries from the Medieval era have also been found, with records from Bruges and Ghent displaying ancient lotteries. Draws are believed to have been held during the 15th century, to help finance vital fortifications and walls. Lotteries went on to become more and more popular in the centuries that followed, with England, the Netherlands, and the early United States all carrying records of past lotteries. Fund-raising has often been the key goal of holding a lottery, encouraging people to finance important work with the chance to win big prizes in return. This is largely the same for many modern lotteries, in particular Camelot’s National Lottery, which funds various charities and good causes.

Online lotteries have enjoyed great success in the past 15 years or so. The Post Code Lottery, the Irish Lottery, and the Health Lottery are all incredibly popular, with prizes of varying sizes. Online lotteries are extremely easy to play, allowing you to choose random numbers or your preferred picks. Though the odds of winning tend to be very high, the anticipation of claiming just one huge prize is enough to spur millions of players on week in, week out.

How are Online Lotteries Different to Traditional Lotteries?

The most obvious difference between online lotteries and traditional paper lotteries is convenience. If you want to go with the latter, you have to visit a newsagent or supermarket, which may be troublesome for people with mobility issues.  Another? Paper tickets can be misplaced with ease, potentially preventing you from being able to prove your eligibility for a prize.

Online lotteries, on the other hand, can be purchased at any time, any place, provided you have an internet connection. You’ll be able to access a lottery website via your mobile device or desktop computer, pick your numbers, choose the draw you want to play, and pay within a matter of moments. Online tickets are stored in your account, too, so there’s no risk of losing them. Email notifications are available, with websites letting you know if your ticket is a winning one.

Online lotteries operate by the same principles as offline versions, and in some cases, will enable you to play more diverse games. In the case of the UK’s National Lottery, for example, numerous instant games are available, with interactive play designed for touchscreen devices. These expand the experience of playing the lottery, and replicate the interaction of new online casinos’ games.

How Do You Play Online Lotteries?

Playing online lotteries are simple to play. The most important part of the process is signing up, and adding funds to your account (there’s usually a minimum amount, such as £10). With money in your account, you’ll be able to buy one or more lines, picking numbers at random or those you’ve selected yourself.

Online lottery sites may be available as mobile domains or apps. Once your account has been created, you’ll be able to log in and start playing. Depending on the website you’re using, you may be able to take part in lotteries from numerous other countries. Good sites will provide you with all the details you need, such as the draw time, a prize-breakdown, and previous winners.  You may have a range of payment options too. Direct bank transfers, PayPal, and similar platforms will all be available.

Online Lottery Strategies

As lotteries are based entirely on chance, trying to improve your odds of winning isn’t quite so easy as with other forms of gambling. Still, there are ways you can enhance the potential return on your stake.

Be wary before choosing numbers

If you have a run of numbers you’d like to use, be sure to think about the implications of committing to them: if you choose to stop playing this line of numbers after failing to win, how would you react if they came up at a later date? Chances are, you wouldn’t feel too good. You’re effectively tying yourself to those numbers for the foreseeable future, for fear of missing out when you stop.

Buy as many tickets / lines as you can afford

The more numbers you pick, the greater your odds of winning. Unfortunately, the more money you invest, the lower your potential returns will be when weighed against your investments.

Consider playing lotteries that attract fewer players

Your odds of winning will be improved.

Online lotteries may not have the same sense of excitement or immersion as, say, video slots or roulette, but they’re still one of the fastest, most convenient ways to potentially win money. Browse the variety on offer and see how which games present the best prizes.

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