Welcome bonus guide

Casino bonusThere is nothing like signing up to a new online casino and sinking your teeth into a big fat welcome bonus. They stretch your bank roll and give your deposit an extra boost, so you and the online casino can properly enjoy your honeymoon phase. There are all kinds of welcome bonuses, and every online casino is trying to be doing something different. Knowing this, New Casinos set out to create a guide that would help players, like you, get the most out of their online casino welcome bonuses. Different types of welcome bonuses:


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No Deposit or After Registration Bonus

A no deposit welcome bonus is awarded for doing nothing but signing up to an online casino. Free Spins or Free Money is deposited into you bankroll to use on the video slots, table games, and whatever else they have on offer. The After Registration Free Spins tend to be from 10 up to 50 and the No Deposit Free Money range from about 5 – 20 €/£/$. You won’t often find them higher than that, but it does happen.

Normally, online casinos will have place high turnover requirements on their after registration bonuses. This is a no brainier. They can’t give away free spins and money to just have players withdraw it straight away. To stop this happening they outline all kinds of withdrawal requirements in the terms and conditions. Some of the common conditions you need to be aware of are things like, casinos will only allow you to play certain online slots or casino games with bonus credits, and they will often have maximum bet amount, set other wagering requirements or have some expiration/wagering period, 7 to 30 days, on the bonus. This is done to make sure that you don’t wager your free money at the highest bet and get lucky with a big win.

These are just a few of the rules imposed to ensure that, while you are getting free bonus, it isn’t going to send the casino broke. It is your responsibility to make sure that you understand all the limitations and rules regarding the welcome bonus offered by the online casinos.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit welcome bonus is awarded after you have made a deposit. These are by far the most common welcome bonus, and while they don’t sound as good on paper as the no deposit bonus, they are often a lot better. It is common for a welcome bonus to match your deposit between 100% – 300%. The number that the online casino will parade around is the maximum that you can get from the deposit, and it will range from 50 – 1000 €/£/$. Deposit bonuses normally work by having the casino match your first deposit. This can be a 200% match or a %100 match. It depends on the online casino and they aren’t always given out all at once.

Free Spins or Bonus Spins are also a common welcome bonus. They are given in most of the cases on top of the matched bonus. Different casinos will give you different amount of free spins, normally in the range of 20 to 200 when making your first deposit.

Deposit bonuses can be spread over multiple deposits, but it is normally four or less. They also have turnover requirements, and in some cases you will even need to wager some of your own deposited money, before being able to withdraw your deposit bonus. The next thing that you need to look out for is an expiration period. They go by many names, but some online casinos will take away your bonus credits if they aren’t wager and withdraw them within 30 or 90 days.

Finding the Best Deposit Bonus

A lot of online casino players will look for the bonus that offers the most money. They make the mistake of thinking the more money the better. But, there are all kinds of things that you need to consider if you really want to get the most out of your initial deposit.

How much are you going to deposit? This is a big one. If you are going to wager 20 €/£/$, it doesn’t matter that the online casino offers up to 1000 €/£/$ in bonus money, because you aren’t going to get anywhere near that. You need to look for an online casino that will match a higher percentage of your deposit. The casino that offers 200% match up to 100 €/£/$ is much better than the one that offer 50% up to 500 €/£/$. The next thing you want to consider is the increments that the deposit bonus is offered in. If you are planning to do smaller deposits, you might be better off depositing the money with a casino that spreads the deposit bonus over many deposit rounds rather than one that gives it out all at once.

What are the Turnover Requirements?

They are sometimes called the wagering requirements; basically turnover requirements are a condition put in place, by online casino, that requires the player wager a certain amount of money before the can withdraw a bonus. The turnover requirements are typically given as a multiple of the bonus. Say the turnover requirements were 50x stake on a 100 €/£/$ bonus. You would need to wager 5000 €/£/$ before you could withdraw that money from the casino account.

A typical turnover requirement for the after registration bonus is between 50x to 100x. For the deposited money and free spins on upon deposit the wagering requirements are in the range of 35 to 50 times. Then there are some casinos that have wagering on both the bonus and your own money deposited money. It is called merged wagering and has normally a turnover requirement of 20 to 35 times.

Bonus money doesn’t last for ever. Casinos will set an expiration date on the bonus funds they give you and after it passes reclaim the funds. The easiest way to lose a bonus is to not meet the turnover requirements before the bonus money expires. A typically expiration period for the After Registration bonuses is about 7 – 30 days and for the deposit bonuses 30 – 90 days.

The Order Your Money is Used

Online casinos treat your bonus money and your own deposited money differently. You need to find out what order the money will be used in. Some casinos take from your normal balance first,and your bonuses last, that may take a bit longer to wager the bonus money. Will the online casino let you do things like wager 20 €/£/$ from your regular balance and 20 €/£/$ from your bonus balance? It might not sound like a big deal, but this is the kind of stuff that separates a good welcome bonus from a great one.

How To Get The Best Welcome Bonus

The most important step to getting a killer welcome bonus is research. First of all we recommend you to go through our casino reviews and look for the bonuses that fits you the best. Take your time, not just find the biggest maximum bonus but also check everything we told you to look out for in mind. That way you will get a better bonus that will stretch your bank roll. Then you have to take advantage of NEWCASINOS.COM Exclusive Welcome Bonuses that are much better than the regular bonuses.

Subscription on our email list is also another great way to find the latest and the best welcome bonuses in the online casino industry. Leave your email address and you will be notified if they are any promotions that might interest you.

Joining more than one online casino is a great way to get your hands on more bonus money. All the casinos joined still need to offer good welcome bonuses individually, and it can be harder to meet the turnover requirements of two online casinos than just one. To get around this, you should probably join them one at a time. This will keep things interesting, as you are always playing on a new casino, and you are always taking advantage of a welcome bonus. If you keep the accounts open, you can look out for any special promotions that come up in older casinos and take advantage of them too.

Mobile Welcome Bonus

Online casinos are always looking to attract mobile players. The industry has seen a massive growth in hand held gaming. To get a percentage of the mobile market on their site online casinos have started offering bonuses catered only to mobile players. These bonuses might just be a ten percent better deposit match or 20 more Free Spins for signing up on a mobile device.

Sticky Bonuses

A sticky bonus can not be withdrawn. You might be asking, what is the point? Well, these bonuses inflate your bankroll, and in spite of how it sounds they are sometimes better that cashable bonuses. You can wager a sticky bonus, and you will be able to withdraw your winnings. There are still turnover requirements that you have to meet, but unlike cashable deposits, where after you meet the turnover requirements you can withdraw your bonus, once you withdraw with a stick bonus you surrender the bonus, and you only get the winnings. There are several advantages to this type of bonus. Sticky bonuses normally promise a lot more money, so if you see a 400% deposit match, it is probably a stick bonus.

To completely contradict what we just said, there are some sticky bonuses that allow you to make withdrawals. You can’t withdraw the bonus, but you can withdraw your deposit and your winnings without affecting the bonus.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are sort of a welcome bonus because they start when you join an online casino, but you aren’t given any money quite yet. How they normally work is, at the end of every week or month, the online casino will give you back a percentage of your loss. That percentage is normally 5% to 15% of your total loss. This bonus will allow you to recoup some of the money that you had written off as gone, and if you zero out, it is like a second wind that will a bit of luck you can stretch even further.

Top Up Bonus

It is a reward that is exactly the opposite of cash back, works the same but the only difference is that you will get an extra bonus when winning. Normally that extra bonus is about 10% to 20% on top of your winnings.

Casino Games That Accept Bonuses

We mentioned it before briefly, but you won’t be able to wager you bonus credits on every casino game. Table games are normally the culprits. In some cases they won’t accept bonus credits, because they already have a lower house advantage. If you want to play table games, take the time to find an online casino that will allow you to wager bonus credits on them. Roulette, is most likely to accept bonus wagers, and blackjack is probably the least likely. We are not saying that all online casinos are going to turn you away from the tables, but you might need to shop around a bit to find a welcome bonus that agrees with how you want to play.

Trends for Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are increasing, we are seeing bigger and better welcome bonuses being offered every day. The more online casinos there are competing for player’s attention, the higher the bonuses are going to get. Wagering requirements seemed to have settled at around 30xs. There is still a lot of variation, but we have noticed there isn’t as much as there used to be, and that the sticky welcome bonuses are on the rise.

Mobile devices account for more of the market than ever, so the mobile casinos that are offering additional welcome bonuses to mobile players are probably just leading the pack. In other words we are expecting to see more mobile bonuses.

When e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller first gained popularity as a deposit method, a lot of online casinos used to penalize players for using them. We don’t know if it was because they were new or they were more expensive for the casinos to process, but it was very common to see casinos excluding players that used these deposit methods from their welcome bonus or offering them less of it. This has all but gone, and we haven’t seen it in any of the new online casinos that have recently made their way online. The opposite is now true, since in some cases online casinos offer additional bonuses to players that use some e-wallets.