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Worldpay is a large online casino payment provider that accepts 12 currencies and is available in more than 40 countries around the world.

Currently, is considered one of the top online casino’s payment providers in the world. Also, due to its similarities, Worldpay is often compared to PayPal.

Keep on reading to know more about Worldpay Casinos and how you can make the best out of them while having fun.

Latest Worldpay Casinos

Besides its impeccable reputation, Worldpay Casinos are safe and reliable. Most online casinos around the globe accept Worldpay as a payment method, and the company is considered the top payment provider in the UK. Its players find a trustworthy and safe online platform to use while depositing funds into their gaming accounts.

You can even compare casinos that accept Worldpay to make sure you choose the one that suits you best. In the meantime, have a look at a full list of the Latest Worldpay Casinos below:

Worldpay: Short Facts

Currencies EUR, GBP, USD, 10+.
Security Bank protocols, CVC check, anti-fraud systems
Transaction time Instant.
Min. Transaction Usually €/£/$10.
Deposit Fee Normally No.
Withdrawal Fee Normally No.

Advantages of Worldpay

Safe and reliable

To fund your new online casino with Worldpay is safe and reliable. To make sure your transactions and personal details are placed in a safe environment, Worldplay uses contemporary security such as bank protocols, CVC checks and anti-fraud systems to prevent any illegal issues.

Fast transactions

Worldpay transactions are usually instant. This means that the money you deposit will, most likely, be paid into your account within minutes.

Several currencies available

Worldpay is available in more than 40 countries and accepts 12 different currencies. Most online casinos, in every continent, offer to its players Worldpay as a payment provider.

Multiple payment options

Worldpay offers a wide range of payment options: debit and credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, amongst others; you can also deposit with check and e-Wallets using Worldpay as your payment method at an online casino.

Disadvantages of Worldpay

Additional rates and fees

Fees may apply while using Worldpay to deposit at your favourite online casino. Depending on the pricing you choose, extra rates can be charged.

How to open a Worldpay Account

To open your account with Worldpay, you just have to enter its website and go to the Sign Up section. Fill in the required information, such as name, email address and password, to create your account. Right after, you must have to confirm your email.

If you want to make live payments, you must activate your account, by adding other personal information and banking details. Some other information will also be required, such as your company details, your business profile, your order options and what pricing plans and fees you are choosing.

Just wait for their quick approval so you can start using your new Worldpay account on your favourite online casino.

  1. Enter Worldpay’s website
  2. Go to the Sign Up page and create your profile
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Activate your account by adding personal information and banking details
  5. Choose your pricing plan and fees
  6. Wait for Worldpay’s approval

How to Deposit at a Worldpay Casino

To deposit funds into your new online casino account with Worldpay is pretty simple. First, you have to make sure that your new online casino accepts Worldpay.

After that, just go to the Cashier page on the casino, select Worldpay as the payment method you would like to use and enter the amount you want to deposit into your gaming account.

Online transactions are usually instant, so you don’t have to wait long hours for the money to be paid into your account.

Just a few easy steps to deposit at a Worldpay Casino:

  1. Go to the Cashier page on the casino
  2. Select Worldpay as your preferred payment method
  3. Enter the amount you would like to deposit

How to Make a Withdrawal With Worldpay

In 2018, Worldpay partnered with Visa to allow UK customers to make withdrawals via their Visa credit or debit card. The service is called Fast Access and enables online casinos to send funds to its customers’ accounts within 30 minutes.

To make a withdrawal, if you are based in the UK territory, you simply have to enter the Cashier page on the casino, select Fast Access as your withdrawal method and enter the amount you would like to cash out, alongside with your banking details from your Visa debit or credit card.

Just a few easy steps to deposit at a Worldpay Casino:

  1. Go to the Cashier page on the casino
  2. Select Fast Acces as the withdrawal method you would like to use
  3. Enter the amount to be cashed out and your banking details

Safety and Security

Since 1994, right after merging with 888 Casino, Worldpay has provided online transactions for more casinos than any other company within the industry.

Worldpay is a renowned payment provider and the leader within the industry in the UK. All your data is stored outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Worldpay’s website is secure, and your payment details and personal information are protected via banking protocols, CVC checks, anti-fraud systems and encrypted technology.

If you have any questions regarding Worldpay’s privacy policy, you can contact them via FISGlobal, its banking software.

Worldpay Requirements

To get a Worldpay account, all you have to do is enter its website and Sign Up. It only takes a few minutes for your account to be set up.

To make live payments, you must activate your account beforehand. Other than that, Worldpay is accepted over 40 countries, so you won’t have any issues or extra requirements to get your account with them.

Worldpay FAQs

1. Why use Worldpay at new casino sites?

Worldpay is the top one payment provider in the UK. Almost every online casino accepts Worldpay as a payment method. Besides its safety, Worldpay is a fast and reliable option for players in over 40 countries.

2. How to use Worldpay for casino deposits and withdrawals?

To deposit funds into your gaming account using Worldpay is easy. After setting up an account, you just have to go to the Cashier page on the casino you play in, select Worldpay as your preferred payment method and add the required information. For withdrawals, it is only available for players within the UK territory via the system Fast Acces. This new function allows customers to receive their money within 30 minutes after the provider made the transfer.

3. Is it safe to use Worldpay in an online casino?

Of course! Like any other legal payment method, Worldpay is safe and secure to make online transactions. The company has encrypted technology to protect your data. Also, Worldpay follows banking protocols, make CVC checks and have an anti-fraud system in its website.

4. Are there fees for using Worldpay?

Unfortunately, some fees may apply. It depends on the pricing you choose. The pay-as-you-go fees are 2.75% of each transaction plus ‎£0.20, for example. If you go for the pay-monthly, you will be charged once the amount of £19.95 a month.

5. Can I deposit with Worldpay and use another banking method for withdrawals?

Sure! Withdrawals into a Worldpay account are only available for UK players. Therefore, if you live outside the UK, you must have to choose another payment method to cash out your money, such as debit or credit cards, even bank transfer.

6. What are the best alternatives to Worldpay?

Worldpay is often compared to PayPal due to its similarities. So you might one to give it a try if Worldpay is not exactly what you are looking for. You can also consider different options such as Skrill and Trustly – safe, secure and fast payment providers.

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