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TrustPay is a service that offers an excellent secure and fast platform for payment transactions as well as services that are linked with instant bank transfers. It is a company registered in Slovakia and it is where the offices are located. It was found in 2010 and it offers modern payment services as well as solutions for those who want to carry out money transfers from their online bank account. More than 14 Baltic and Central European countries use this service. It is linked to more than 60 banks as well as financial institutions in Europe. Online, it has been accepted by more than 100000 web shops and similar entities online. With this transaction method, the payments are made in real time and the transfer of funds can be made for free. Come back to see our frequently updated list of all new TrustPay casinos below:

23 New Online Casinos Accepting TrustPay

+ These transfers need to comply with the same safety standards that you would find in a bank
+ The personal information of the payer is not shared with the recipient
+ Once you have opened up your TrustPay account, there is no additional need to subscribe to the service
+ Payments are made in real time and transactions are finished almost immediately

– You have to be a citizen on the countries where this payment option is available Furthermore, you need to have a bank account or a credit card that has been issued by a select few participating finance institutions.
– It is not possible to take out any withdrawals with this payment option.

Short Facts

Company Name: TrustPay
Slogan: Your Payment Highway
E-mail: [email protected]
Supervised by: National Bank of Slovakia
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: 10 $/£/€
Deposit Fee: 0 $/£/€
Established: 2010
Address: Za kasarnˆou 1 831 03 Bratislava Slovakia
Phone Number: +421 2 321 68 450
Security: PCI DSS level 1 security requirements
Max Transaction: –
Withdrawal Fee: NA

Focused on mobiles and emerging markets
TrustPay has the ability to be added to a wide range of payment systems which is what makes this payment option viable for many countries. When it comes to mobile payments, it proves to be highly convenient as it has the ability to bring together a large number of merchants. The vision of TrustPay is broad, as it intends to build on mobile payments so that it can offer services to emerging markets.

Always low fees
One feature that users of TrustPay appreciate is the low fees. There is an incredible level of transparency which makes it possible for users to get all the answers and information that they need through the customer service. It is licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia. The transactions for this payment option are done in Euros as the primary target is the Slovakians.To get started using TrustPay, you need to decide which payment method that you want to use. You will choose between Visa, MasterCard, internet banking and a Paysafe Card. The basic information that you will need to share is your email address as well as the currency that you want to transact in. If there is any more information that is needed, it will be determined by the payment option that is chosen.

Using TrustPay at Online Casinos

When choosing TrustPay on an online casino, you need to decide which of the four payment options you are going to use. As casinos do not accept all the four options, you will need to choose from those that are available on the casino. The benefit of using TrustPay is that no matter which option you select, the payments can be carried out almost immediately a deposit is made. You will be able to see the funds inside your casino account. To cater to the needs of players from all over the world, the payment option is available in a range of languages including Slovakian, Slovenian, Hungarian, English and Czech.

Rather than being able to make deposits, TrustPay helps with facilitation between online casinos and different payment options. Currently, there is no online casino that allows for withdrawals when making use of TrustPay. To ensure that there is safety when it comes to this payment solution, excellent security measures have been put in place. When you choose to transact using TrustPay, you will go through a two factor authentication process for any payments that are outgoing. This comes through a special 8-digit code that you will get through a text message directly on your mobile phone. It is with this code that you are able to confirm a payment.

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