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Diners Club is a pioneer, being the first company to offer a credit card in the world. It was started in 1949 following a dinner party where Frank McNamara, a businessman, forgot his wallet. At the time he requested permission to make the payment later, and then began a card that took in monthly billings to a select clientele. It was used mainly in restaurants and hotels then, though now it is available for a much wider range of merchants.

What started out as Diners Club has changed hands several times and is now owned by Discover Financial Service. This is a service that focuses on direct banking and payment services, and has built on an existing, recognized and respected brand. There are member from more than 60 countries though the cards can be used in more than 185 countries. It is accepted around the world by 6 million vendors. This is a card that is linked to travel which is why a large number of the benefits associated with this card are travel related. See the most recent update of the best new Diners Club Casinos in the list below.

19 New Online Casinos Accepting Diners Club

As you decide whether or not you want to use a Diners Club card, you need to be able to differentiate between two main types. The first is The Diners Club Charge Card and the second is the Diners Club Credit Card. The benefits that you will receive from each card will vary considerable. With the first option, you should be ready to pay an annual fee that comes to $95. The card itself also has a cost at $35 and every time that you carry out a foreign transaction you will have to pay a charge of 3%. With the second option there is no annual membership fee that you need to pay, although you will need to pay the 3% foreign transaction fee where applicable.

The issue that you may face when getting your Diners Club card is the process of getting started. There is no standardized process, instead, it depends on the operator that is administering the card. There are countries where all you need to do is fill in an online application form whereas in other regions, you will have to fill in a form and the mail it in to the local Diners Club. A quick look at the website will help you make an informed decision for the region that you are in. When you get your card, you will become a member of Club Rewards from Diners Club and enjoy the opportunity to start getting benefits with every dollar that is charged to your card. The rewards can then be traded for points which can be used in hotels and on airlines.

The best way that you can use your Diners Club card to make mobile payments is by downloading a mobile wallet onto your mobile device. There are four that you can choose from, and these include Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Masterpass. Once you are connected to one of these, all you have to do us add the Diners Club card to your Wallet App. Following this, you can start to make payments using your mobile device with ease.

Using Diners Club at Online Casinos

With a Diners Club card, you can easily make deposits into your online casino account. You need to be aware that payments on the card should be made on a monthly basis. This is excellent for those using this card on an online casino as it is possible to automatically set a credit limit. In addition, it helps maintain the interest rate of the card as with other cards, revolving totals may create a much higher rate. The reason for this difference lies in the fact that Diners Club is a charge card and not a credit card. There may be some issues making use of these cards in the United States due to rules and regulations. However, for casino players in Europe as well as in other countries, the card can be used with ease. Due to its excellent reputation, there are some casinos which also offer benefits for making use of a Diners Club card.

Deposits are completed incredibly fast when one is using a Diners Club card which is the main reason it has remained such a popular option amongst new online casino gamers. Furthermore, the card can be used with ease internationally. In the event that you face any issues with your transaction, then you will be able to reach customer support with ease and get the help that you need.

Safety is of great concern when using the Diners Club card because of the way that the card is set up across borders. For the most part, the card is insured, but the insurance mainly covers the benefits that one can experience as a result of using the card. Transactions are governed by the banks that one has used to get the cards, which is where the rules and regulations are put in place. As a charge card, you need to ensure that you keep your details safe and sound as it is possible to play in the moment and make a payment much later.With all this information at your fingertips, you may be eager to get started using your Diners Club card.

+ Excellent reputation for a card that is convenient, easy to use and accepted internationally.
+ The card can be billed directly without the need to numerous accounts
+ Excellent customer support from the team at Diners Club
+ Incredible bonuses and rewards available through reward points from every transaction

– Security systems are not as tight as other credit card companies.
– It is not possible to take out any withdrawals with this payment option.
– It is not accepted everywhere, particularly in the United States of America.

Short Facts

Company Name: Diners Club International
Slogan: –
E-mail: –
Website: www.dinersclub.com
Supervised by: –
Transaction Time: Instant 3 to 7 days on withdrawal
Min Transaction: 10 $/£/€ on Deposit
Deposit Fee: Usually 0%, but some casinos charge up to 5%
Established: 1950
Address: Riverwoods, IllinoisŽ, U.S.A.
Phone Number: 0845 862 2935
Security: 4 Digit PIN code
Currencies: All
Max Transaction: Set by the bank and the online casino
Withdrawal Fee: NA

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