American Express Casinos

American Express is one of the giants and pioneers of the payment world, and it handles millions of transactions every day. It has been in the financial industry since 1850, and it started issuing credit cards in 1958. It is today one of the favourite, quick and safe payment options for online gamers, especially from the US. American express is also popular as Amex, and its head office is in “Three World Financial Centre,” NY.

American Express started in 1850 as an express mail courier business and its 1982 switch to finances was the defining moment of the century. It started its finance venture by offering money orders, casting itself into direct competition with the US Post Office money transfers services. Amex is one of the 30 companies that formed the Dow Jones Industrial averages. Towards the end of the 1880s, Amex found a new option for creditworthy travellers to access funds overseas, and it launched the now famous Travellers Cheques, a landmark American Express product. The Travellers cheque was an instant success, and it dominated Amex’s financial business for the remainder of 19th century. The company ventured into credit cards in the 1950s-1960s.

Although American Express isn’t as widely accepted as MasterCard and VISA, it generates more than $30 billion in revenue annually which accounts for over a quarter of US card. In 2016, Amex handled more than 22.9% of the total credit card transactions in the United states. In Dec 2016, Amex had more than 109.9 million cards in use, of which 47.5% million cards are held by US residents, each with a spending limit of $17.216. In 2016, Amex was named the 25th most valuable company in the world by Interbrand, which estimated that Amex was worth more than $18.358 billion. Amex has been ranked as the 17th most admired brand of 2017 by Fortune.

The American express online support is also a distinguishing feature. It maintains a dedicated hotline that is available 24/7 and its customer support team is available 24/7. You can also contact their team by email, and if you have a concern of any nature, American express will help you right when you need it to help you. Most online casinos that accept American Express do not charge fees for AMEX transactions. American Express also offers various mobile payment options so that you can play with any device.

6 New Online Casinos Accepting American Express

The most obvious disadvantage is that Amex does not cooperate with any online casino 2017 yet, not because American express is a bad choice, but because being an US based company, has very strict regulation when it comes to online gambling.

+ Safe and trusted payment option
+ Larger credit amount
+ Fast transfer of money
+ Convenient
+ Incredible casino bonuses
+ Loyalty programs
+ Various mobile payment options
+ Top level customer support

– No casinos accept American Express Yet
– May have to pay some fees

Short Facts

Company Name: The American Express Company
Slogan: –
E-mail: –
Supervised by: –
Transaction Time: NA
Min Transaction: NA
Deposit Fee: NA
Established: 1850
Address:  S 2700 W Salt Lake City
Phone Number: 1-801-449-4019
Security: 4 DigitΒ PIN code
Currencies: All
Max Transaction: NA
Withdrawal Fee: NA

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