Given the immense popularity of online gambling, online casinos and game providers are always looking for new ways to attract and entertain players, and in recent years a new genre of game has been taking the industry by storm – online Slingo.

Of course, you might be new to the thrilling world of Slingo, which is why the NewCasinos team is here to outline everything you’ll need to know about this action-packed type of casino game. Throughout this page, we’ll provide a complete overview of Slingo, covering everything from how to get started and what you’ll need to do to win, as well as highlighting our top recommended Slingo casinos.

So, if you’re looking to get in on the action, be sure to read on to potentially discover your new favourite type of online casino game – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Slingo Casinos

Below, you’ll find our list of top Slingo casinos. We’ve carefully reviewed each site to make sure you get the best possible gaming experience, along with a great selection of Slingo titles to choose from. Plus, to help get you started, there are plenty of fantastic welcome bonuses for you to take advantage of – check them out!

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a unique type of casino game that combines gameplay elements from two other hugely popular gaming genres – online slots and bingo. As you may have already figured out, that’s where the inspiration for the name of the game came from – Sl(slots)ingo(bingo). But who came up with the idea and where did it all start?

It began with Sal Falciglia Sr., an avid gambler from New Jersey whose idea for the game stemmed from his and his mother’s love of playing bingo. His idea was to somehow combine bingo with a slot machine to create something entirely unique, and after countless days of trying to put everything together, inspiration struck.

Sal needed a five-reel slot machine to bring his idea to life. So he found an antique slot machine dealer in New Jersey and had a 1950s-style slot machine shipped to his house, where he and his family began to test his invention. After days of documenting individual spins, recording the results and making minute adjustments, the machine worked exactly as Sal had envisaged, and he knew it was a hit.

What is Slingo?

So, to share Slingo with the world, Sal decided to hire a programmer to have a computer prototype of the game built, as carrying around a slot machine would be a logistical nightmare. It was that same programmer who suggested pitching the game to AOL, which at the time had an immensely popular gaming channel. A meeting was arranged, a demo was performed and within 2 days, Sal received a call asking him to sign a contract to launch the game. Slingo was an immediate success, becoming the #1 game on the site and remaining in place for over 2 years.

Fast forward several years and Slingo continued to go from strength to strength. A partnership with Caesar Entertainment and IGT saw the launch of the first Slingo slot machine in 1999 and then, in 2001, with the help of Scientific Games, the first Slingo-branded scratch lotto tickets hit the market. A year later, launched, proving the game had become big enough to stand on its own.

Since then, the game has continued to adapt alongside the latest trends. In 2012, Zynga Slingo launched on Facebook, becoming one of the most popular games on the platform, enjoyed by over 54 million players during its 18-month lifespan.

Over the next couple of years, the Slingo brand was bought and sold several times, first by RealNetworks and then by Gaming Realms. Still, despite the new ownership, Slingo continues to thrive, with the ideas of its creator constantly driving the brand forward. Now, the modern version of the game may be a far cry from what the original 1950s slot machine was, but the idea behind the gameplay remains an ever-present factor with each new Slingo title released.

How to Play Slingo online

While there are many different Slingo games, they all share similar core mechanics, whereby the goal is to match as many numbers as possible to create full lines within a set number of spins. It’s a straightforward and uncomplicated type of game, but if you’re new to Slingo, you’ll want to check out our gameplay guide below to familiarise yourself with the basics.

  • Select your stake and click spin to start the game.
  • On each spin, symbols and numbers will appear on the single-reel slot at the bottom of the screen. If any match the numbers on the grid, they’re automatically marked off.
  • As the game progresses, you’ll begin to create Slingos, which are horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. As you complete more lines, you’ll advance further along the prize ladder, where increasingly valuable cash prizes and bonus features become available.
  • When the spin counter reaches zero, several things can happen:
  • First, if no prize is reachable, the game will end.
  • Second, if it’s possible to reach the next prize on the ladder, you can purchase additional spins – be mindful though, extra spins come at a price and the cost can rise drastically depending on your current progress.
  • Finally, if you’ve managed to reach a prize, you can either claim it or take a chance and continue spinning for the chance to improve your current win.

Slingo Symbols

Similar to how online slots use different symbols to trigger various features, most Slingo titles come with special symbols that can have a huge impact on the gameplay. Some help you to mark more numbers off your card, others can trigger an instant win or feature, but some are designed to hinder your progress.

For your convenience, we’ve listed them below and outlined precisely how they work – take a look!

  • Joker: Joker symbols are wild, allowing you to mark off any number on the column it lands.
  • Super Joker: An enhanced version of the Joker, the Super Joker lets you mark off any number on the grid.
  • Free Spin: Awards an extra spin to your current remaining total.
  • Devil: These act as blocker symbols. The Devil will block all potential matches on the column upon which it lands.
  • Instant prize/feature symbols: Some Slingo games come with special in-game features and prizes. When available, you’ll typically need to land 3 matching prize symbols during a single spin to trigger the respective prize.

Finding a Slingo Casino

Slingo tips

So, you’re interested in playing Slingo. Of course, you’re first going to need to find a suitable online casino where you can enjoy Singo originals and all of the latest releases. The thing is, some online casinos are better suited to Slingo lovers than others, and it isn’t always abundantly clear which these are. So, to help you make the best decision, here at NewCasinos, we’ve put together a few handy tips to guide you on your way, and we’ll constantly keep you up-to-date with the latest info and releases as and when they become available. So be sure to keep checking in!

  • Tip #1: We strongly suggest you choose from the online casinos we’ve highlighted on this page. Our team of experts has diligently researched each site to ensure you get the best experience on the web. You’ll never have to worry about the trustworthiness of any of the casinos we recommend or the quality of the games they have to offer.
  • Tip #2: Compare welcome bonuses to find one that’s best suited to your needs. Bonuses come with lots of terms and conditions, with some placing restrictions on what games you can play. Take a close look at the small print to see whether or not you can use a casino’s welcome bonus to play Slingo. If you can’t, you may be better off choosing a different site.
  • Tip #3: Take a tour of the casino’s library to find out if there is a diverse selection of Slingo titles available before signing up. After all, you might want to try out a few different games during your session to see what they each have to offer. You won’t want the potential disappointment of only being able to choose from a small range of games after going through the registration process.
  • Tip #4: Slingo is a by-product of slots, which are considered a high-risk gambling product. We advise that you always play within your means and ensure you set a limit to manage your bankroll responsibly for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Most Popular Slingo Games

In recent years, Slingo has grown massively, both in popularity and in the variety of the game’s different themes and features. Now, you have the opportunity to choose from a huge selection of intriguing titles that not only offer great entertainment but also some fantastic prizes – it’s truly a great time for Slingo fans!

As with most casino game genres though, there are certain titles that rise to the top, the crème de la crème if you will, becoming instant hits and remaining fan favourites regardless of what more recent releases have to offer. As such, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the most popular Slingo games and why we think you’ll love them. So, take a look below to discover some of the most interesting and rewarding Slingo titles currently available at top UK casinos.

Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches, the original online Slingo game, has remained hugely popular since its release because it offers a simple introduction to real money Slingo. It’s a straightforward cash prize game played on a 5×5 grid that introduces the now ever-present special symbols, Jokers, Super Jokers, Devils and so forth, which can award wins worth up to 200x your stake for completing a full house. If you’re looking for somewhere to get started, we highly recommend this game.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo rainbow riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a Slingo slots mashup, based on the popular online slot series. Again, the goal is simple – match numbers across a 5×5 grid and create lines to advance along the prize ladder. However, instead of winning instant cash prizes, your reward for completing 5 or more lines is one of several bonus features, any of which can generate great payouts. Successfully fill the grid and achieve a full house and you’ll trigger the Pots of Gold feature where wins worth up to 1,000x your stake are on offer!

Branded Slingo Games

Alongside a great selection of original Slingo games, you can also enjoy a healthy selection of branded titles based on some of your favourite board games, game shows and TV series. These incorporate familiar themes and gameplay elements to deliver a true-to-style Slingo experience that you’ll love. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most popular branded Slingo games currently available online – take a look to see how they work and what prizes are on offer!

Monopoly Slingo

The world’s most popular board game received a Slingo makeover, and it became an instant hit upon release. To play, you simply have to choose your stake and select your game piece – the latter decision is very important as it influences the volatility of the gameplay. Like other Slingo titles, your goal is to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, and the more you complete, the better your prize will be. However, instead of using a single-reel slot to match numbers on a grid, in Monopoly Slingo, you travel around the board and collect properties, and completing a property set unlocks special prize multipliers. Land on Community Chest or Chance squares to uncover special boosts or hazards, and, as always, try to avoid going to jail!

Deal or No Deal Slingo

It’s one of the most popular questions in popular culture: Deal or No Deal? It’s a decision you’ll need to make when playing Deal or No Deal Slingo. Start by choosing your lucky box and then match numbers on a 5×5 grid to eliminate cash prizes and advance to the Banker’s Offer by completing 4 or more lines. Then, you can either take the money and run or choose to continue playing for a chance to activate special prize multipliers.

How Do You Win Playing Slingo?

The way to win when playing Slingo is to create lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally by matching numbers on the reel with those displayed on the Slingo board within a set number of spins. As you match numbers and complete lines, you’ll progress along the prize ladder, unlocking increasingly valuable cash prizes or features the further you advance.

As you play, you’ll encounter special symbols like Jokers and Super Jokers that allow you to mark off additional numbers. If you use them strategically, you can improve your chances of creating more lines and landing bigger wins. However, there are also other symbols such as Devils that can hamper your progress, so watch out.

You’ll also want to consider the RTP of each game. This estimates your theoretical returns over the long run, so you’ll want to look for Slingo titles with high return-to-player rates if you’re looking to maximise your potential winnings. So, if you’re ready to get started, be sure to check out the Slingo casinos we’ve recommended further up the page – you’ll be a Slingo pro before you know it!

Slingo FAQs

If you have any further questions about playing Slingo online, check out our handy FAQ section below for answers to some of the most common queries about this hugely popular online casino game genre.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a type of online casino game that blends popular gameplay elements from online slots and bingo. It’s traditionally played on a 5×5 numbered grid, where the goal is to match numbers in horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to create full lines to progress along a prize ladder, and the more lines that you create, the better the prize you’ll receive.

What does Slingo mean?

Slingo is the name of the increasingly popular online casino game genre that combines the most exciting elements from both online slots and bingo. The name itself is a portmanteau of ‘slots’ and ‘bingo’. It also refers to the full lines you create by matching numbers on the 5×5 game grid with those that appear during each spin.

What is the objective of Slingo?

Typically, the aim of Slingo is to match numbers from a single-reel slot with numbers displayed on a grid to create full horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to progress further along on the prize ladder. In most cases, the more lines you complete, the better your prize will be, whether it’s an instant cash reward or a special bonus feature.

Where did Slingo originate?

Slingo originated in 1993, when New Jersey resident Sal Falciglia, Sr came up with the idea for the game. His goal was to combine slots and bingo to create a unique product that everyone would love. After testing the game using an adapted 1950s slot machine, a computer prototype was pitched to AOL, which later launched on the company’s gaming channel with immediate success. The game is now hugely popular and widely available at nearly all online casinos.

Where can I play Slingo online?

Due to the ever-rising popularity of the genre, you can play Slingo at nearly all online casinos. Of course, some sites will have a better selection of games than others though. So, it’s a good idea to see what’s available before signing up for an account and making a deposit.

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