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Siru Mobile is a mobile payments facilitator, which started in 2011 and offers innovative payment solutions for people on the move. It is one of the pioneers in developing cloud based payment systems, that can be experienced through Siru’s Pay By SMS function. Siru Mobile is the Twitter of digital payments and it uses the good old SMS to process its payments. Technically any phone with a Sim card, which can receive and send SMSs, can be used to transfer money via Siru.

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+ Being anonymous
+ Quick and instant payments
+ No need of bank account or Debit/Credit Card

– Limited to Scandinavian countries
– Can only transfer small amounts

Short Facts

Company Name: Siru Mobile
Slogan: No card, no bank, no problem. Just pay with your phone.
E-mail: [email protected]
Supervised by: –
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: 10 $/£/€
Deposit Fees: 0 $/£/€
Established: 2011
Address: Fredrikinkatu 61, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
Phone Number: +46 8-559 24 683
Currencies: –
Max Transaction: 30 $/£/€
Withdrawal Fees: NA

Mobile casino payments from Siru
Siru Mobile is owned and operated Siru Mobile Oy, a Finnish startup which focuses on next-generation payment gateways. Siru Mobile uses Direct Carrier Billing, which is one of the fastest growing segments in the digital payment industry. The user is charged from his/her mobile balance, which can always be physically recharged. Siru Mobile doesn’t charge an extra dime for its services, from the end users, and transfers the entire balance amount on to the merchant account.

Siru Mobile, being a carrier billing gateway, competes with the likes of Boku and Fortumo. It basically uses up your mobile balance to settle payments, which can be prepaid or postpaid. Siru Mobile is teamed up with more than 30+ mobile operators across Europe. The company is especially focused in the Scandinavian countries, where it is teamed up with all major mobile network providers.  Siru Mobile completely bypasses the need for bank accounts or credit/debit cards. This naturally omits the need for sharing your personal banking details with online casinos.

An e-wallet with a cloud account
Recently, Siru launched the MySiru Wallet, which is an e-wallet linked with a cloud account. MySiru Wallet is launched only in Norway on a trial basis. The full-scale introduction may take up to a year. This is the latest trend in digital payments technology, where traditional e-wallets are developed as cloud-based wallets, which can be remotely accessed from anywhere through any device. MySiru Wallet is a convenient way of storing your money online, which can be accessed through multiple numbers of ways. This added flexibility is a big plus for Siru users, who can now make payments on the go. MySiru Wallet is easy to use and can be recharged via your mobile balance.

Main advantages
Using Siru Mobile has many advantages. Firstly, the sheer convenience of paying through your mobile balance is unmatched. Neither do you need to remember your banking details nor your card number! All you have to do is have a mobile phone which can receive and send SMSs. This cuts off a lot of unnecessary hassle which occurs during traditional bank and wire transfers.  The other obvious advantage of using carrier-billing is its full anonymity, which makes mobile-payments one of the most preferred ways of depositing money in an online casino. The added convenience of having an e-wallet makes Siru Mobile one of the top contenders for online payments. Once the MySiru Wallet launches with all its features, across all markets, users can expect to withdraw money into their e-wallets.

A couple of limitations with Siru
However, there are some limitations to using Siru Mobile. The first big hurdle is the limits on the amount which can be transacted. Siru Mobile can be used to make a maximum payout of £/€/$ 20 and a minimum amount of £/€/$ 10, with each transaction. The monthly transaction limit for each user is limited to £/€/$ 300. This can be a big drawback for veteran gamblers, who have high volume transactions. Secondly, the reach of Siru Mobile is limited only to Scandinavian countries and it is a long way from going international. While the small scale makes it a focused and customer-centric organization, many users are simply out of reach for its platform.

Using Siru Mobile at Online Casinos

Siru Mobile has partnered with quite a few online casinos to provide easy and quick payment gateways for its users. Most Scandinavian based online casinos accept Siru Mobile as a valid payment gateway. To use Siru Mobile, first make sure the online casino accepts payments through the carrier-billing method/mobile balance payments.

Head to the “cashier” section of the online casino, where you have to put in your deposit details. After entering the amount (which has to be a minimum of £/€/$ 10 and a maximum of £/€/$20), you will have to select Siru Mobile as your payment gateway. Once you confirm the request, you will be redirected to an online portal of Siru Mobile. Here, you have to simply enter your mobile number, from which the balance will be deducted. No registration is required, expect for people using MySiru Wallet. To validate your payment, you will receive an SMS from Siru Mobile. Simply reply with a capital “Y”, and your payment will be forwarded in the blink of an eye.

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