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iDeal is a payment service that has its roots in the Netherlands. It was introduced into the online market in 2005, and since inception, it has experienced extraordinary growth. To date, there are in excess of 1 billion online payments that have been processed using iDeal. With iDeal, it is possible to make purchase online in familiar surroundings, it simply works like a buffer between your online bank account and online merchant. There is no need to go through a lengthy registration process to start using iDeal. You do not need to open an account, or download a programme or files. All you need is to use iDeal to connect to your online banking portal. With it, you will find that you can quickly complete a transaction using your existing knowledge and experience without worry.

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iDeal has expanded over the years and can now be used in more than 100000 shops, casinos and other organizations online. It is essential to understand that iDeal in itself is not a simple payment system that is centralized in any way. Rather, it is a number of agreements that have been put together between transaction processors as well as banks to ensure that there is seamless integration with them. This is so that transactions can be processed faster and with more convenience.

Using iDeal at your mobile phone
Mobile payments can be facilitated with ease while using iDeal mobile. To make use of this service, all that you need to do is install the mobile banking application of your select bank onto your mobile device. Once you do, ensure that iDeal is supported by the app. To make payment, all you need to do from your mobile device is to choose to pay with iDeal and then you will be redirected to the banks mobile banking app. Once you follow the instructions in detail, payment will be made automatically and shall be registered on your bank statement. The same safety procedures that you would use with your mobile banking application apply when you are using iDeal.

As you decide to use iDeal, you need to understand the steps that must be followed. To begin with, you will need to place your order on a website of your choice and get directed to the cart or page that you need to pay. At the payment page, you should select iDeal as your payment option. Once you do so, you will be able to choose from a range of banks to complete your transaction. When you make your selection, you will be redirected to a page that looks similar to the online banking application to your own bank. Here, you need to input the details of the transaction that you are carrying out. Then authorize for the payment to be completed. The bank will confirm the payment has been done and then you will be able to return to the store or website where you had placed your order.

Using iDeal at Online Casinos

There are a large number of online casinos that accept iDeal for quick payment processing. The players that will feel the most benefit of this payment method are the ones who are from the Netherlands. This is because Dutch players are able to get their funds put into their account directly without needing to go through any registration or verification. Furthermore, there is no third party account funding. As it stands, there are more than 60 casinos online where you can use the iDeal payment system.

The best thing about using iDeal is the ease with which you can make a deposit into your account. You should begin by logging into the account that you have with the casino and choose iDeal when you get to the payments tab. Then put in the amount that you want to deposit and choose the bank where you have an account. As you do this, you will be redirected to the website of your bank where you can follow the simple directions to finalize on a transaction. There will be no need for you to give any of your personal or banking information to a third party. For now, there is no way that you can make a withdrawal from an online casino using the iDeal payment system.

This is a service that is quite secure when it comes to processing of payments and transactions. For the most part, it relies on the security systems that are in place with the banking institution. This actually makes this payment option more secure than many others that are available online. In the event that a user has a concern on the security of a transaction, one can seek help through the iDeal website.

+ Getting started can be done with ease as there is no requirement to register for an account, open an account or download any program or files.
+ All your transaction details shall be automatically filled in for you. This makes it possible for you to complete them faster.
+ Completing the transactions can be done with ease as the online banking portal will be familiar, and security is also guaranteed.
+ Confirmation of transactions is immediate and your account will be automatically updated. This helps you remain in control of all your transactions.
+ There are at least ten banks that you can access using iDeal as your payment option. These include ABN AMRO, ING, RegioBank and Triodos Bank.
+ You choose when to release your personal information, as this will onlybe done once you have authorized payment.

– Limited availability is the biggest disadvantage that this option faces. Only the people who are living within the Netherlands are able to make use of this payment system. The exception may be for people who hold accounts with banks in the Netherlands.
– It is not possible to take out any withdrawals with this payment option.
– Service availability is only limited to around 10 bank in the Netherlands.

Short Facts

Company Name: iDEAL BV
Slogan: –
E-mail: [email protected]
Supervised by: Currence
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction:€ 0
Deposit Fee:€ 0
Established: 2005
Address: Gustav Mahler Square 33-35, 1082 MS, Amsterdam
Phone Number: 020 305 19 00
Security: Two Factor Authentication
Currencies: Euro
Max Transaction: Determined by your bank
Withdrawal Fee:€ 0


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