Todito Cash Casinos

Todito Cash LogoTodito cash is an e-wallet and a payment voucher (card) service that is widely used in Mexico. Todito services are only available to Mexico residents. This prepaid online payment service is owned by the Todito Company which was established in 1999. Todito voucher functions more like prepaid debit cards. Some internet casinos allow casino players to deposit funds into their account using Todito Cash.

Currently, Todito boasts over 50000 outlets in the country. This makes it a leading service provider in Mexico and it can be used to pay thousands of online casinos and online games sites. Todito cash is available as rechargeable prepaid cards, which can be bought online or in any of the numerous Todito cash point across Mexico including pharmacies, 7 eleven stores, and telegraph offices. Todito is primary used to deposits funds into casinos and online gaming sites, but it’s use is not limited to the gaming niche.

Todito cash is widely as a payment method in ecommerce, cellphone prepaid airtime, video games, sports, concerts, lottery, movie tickets and much more. All these merchants can attest to the simple, fast and convenient online payment process facilitated by Todito cash. This online payment service also plays a key role in growing businesses of all sizes in Mexico. Through it, e commerce in mexico has taken a new face thanks to its fast and timely cash transfers.

On a business partnership perspective, it is also possible to integrate your business with Todito cash. This helps partners to start receiving payments through Todito cash from buyers and shoppers. Todito charges a commission of 5 to 8 pesos, but for large amount, (exceeding 1,000 pesos), the fee can be 15 – 20 pesos. The fee can be paid separately, or it can be deducted from the deposit sum. The online vouchers must be activated online, but the activation is free, easy and fast. Topping up the card is done through the Todito official website Most people use visa and mastercard to add funds to their accounts online.

Todito cards comes in 3 denominations: $50, $100 and the $150 cards. The $50 card must be used within thirty days, and the other two cards must be used within 60 days. For your card to remain active, you must use it at least once in 90 days; otherwise, it will be deleted from the Todito sytem. To access unlimited use of the todito card, one can apply online at the official Todito website. Todito cash is a very reliable service provider with their personnel always willing to help partners without fail. They have a whatsapp number which is 81-20-16-6093. Todito cash can also be reached through [email protected] All these platforms are open for enquiries and support any time.

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Using Todito Cash at New Casinos

Using your todito cash is one of the easiest ways of making payments in most Mexican casinos. Todito cash is a favorite of online gamblers since it allows them to make online payments for their favorite video games and gambling sites. There are a number of casinos which accept todito cash.

The process of making a payment to an online casino is easy and has less than 5 steps:

  • First, you need to create an account through the Todito cash website, but you can also buy a card from the retail stores. The card is then recharged through cash, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Sign up for a casino that accepts Todito cash payments, and in the payment methods sections of the casino, select Todito cash as your preferred method of depositing the funds.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, and submit. This will take you to a page with your full order details.
  • Key in your Todito card number, enter you pin, and as soon as you finish, confirm the payment.
  • The online casino will get a real-time deposit of the specified amount and then they will send you a confirmation that your account has been credited with your specified amount.

As the website name suggests, you don’t need a credit card or bank account to use this digital payment services. All you need is liquid cash, and provided there is a Todito Cash point near you, you will get credit in your account with little hassle, and without the risk associated with disclosing your financial information to anyone. This has made Todito cash a favorite of many Mexican casino players who are concerned with the safety of their financial information. If you only want to use Todito cash till you obtain alternative payment methods, simply purchase a voucher. Otherwise, if you want to use it regularly, get a Todito card; it minimizes the hassles.

Todito is a simple and convenient way of adding funds to your online casino account, with the vouchers offering an immediate payment solution. The prepaid card can be recharged, making them an intelligent alternative to bank account linked debit cards. Unfortunately, no casino allows Todito cash as a withdrawal method, but in most cases, internet casinos do offer other withdrawal options that work well with Todito cash.

+ Topping up your Todito cash account is easy and fast
+ The deposits are instant
+ Todito boasts of acceptance from online shopping, concerts, movies, lottery, sports betting and much more
+ One can use it anywhere in the country
+ It does not require bank and credit details for one to use

– It can only be used in Mexico and this limits it’s benefits to Mexicans only. Before loading your Todito card or buying a voucher, we suggest you look at the casinos payment section to make sure it accepts Todito deposits