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Todito Cash is a Mexican based e-wallet and payment voucher service, widely used to pay for entertainment, flights and games. The method works through a mobile app that allows its users to manage their money in a safe and fast way.

If you’re looking for an easy way to complete all your online gaming payments, keep on reading to learn what we think about Todito.

Latest Todito Cash Casinos 2024

If you are Mexican or live in Mexico, Todito Cash is a great option for you if you are having fun at your favourite online casino. Todito is a popular prepaid card that allows its users to purchase its vouchers online or to top-up at outlets around the country.

In case you are not authorised to hold an account with Todito Cash, you can compare casinos accepting Todito Cash and find out which one suits you best. But for now, have a look at a full list of the latest Todito Cash Casinos below:

Todito Cash Casino UK: Warning

Todito Cash is only available in Mexico for people with a Mexican residence. Therefore, if you don’t live in Mexico, you can have a look at other payment methods available and choose the one that suits you best.

Todito Short Facts

Currencies MXN, USD.
Security Secure PIN, encrypted servers.
Transaction time Instantly.
Min. Transaction Defined by the Casino.
Deposit Fee Up to $8 for amounts not exceeding $1,000.
Withdrawal Fee NA.

Advantages of Todito Cash

No bank account required

As Todito Cash works like a prepaid e-wallet, all you need to deposit into your account is funds, so you can use any valid credit or debit card to top it up and you’re pretty much ready to use online.


Prepaid methods are great if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your personal information and sensitive data to third party apps.

Also, there’s no personal information being shared in order to perform the transactions, therefore you always retain a certain level of anonymity.

Disadvantages of Todito Cash

Only available in Mexico

Todito Cash is an exclusively Mexican company so it makes it harder for international players to use the payment method.

How to get a Todito Cash Account

To get your very own Todito Cash account, the first step is downloading the ToditoCash App. Then, you will sign up and fill out the registration form with the information required. The company will send you an SMS with a registration code.

Input the code you receive inside the app and then enter your registered email and password and you’re done and ready start using Todito! You can also buy Todito cards from retail stores – they come in $50 to $150, and you need to use them in at least 90 days to activate them.

The cards can then be recharged through cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Just a few easy steps to get your Todito Cash account:

  1. Download ToditoCash app.
  2. Sign up by filling the form.
  3. Validate your account.
  4. Log into your account to start using Todito Cash.

How to deposit at a Todito Cash Casino

After you create your account through the Todito Cash website or buy your Todito Card, sign up for a casino that accepts Todito cash payments, and in the payment methods sections of the casino, select Todito cash as your preferred method of depositing the funds.

Enter the amount you want to deposit and submit. This will take you to a page with your full order details. Input your Todito card number, enter your safety pin, and as soon as you finish, confirm the payment.

The online casino will get a real-time deposit of the specified amount and then they will send you a confirmation that your account has been credited with your specified amount.

Just a few easy steps to deposit at a Todito Cash Casino:

  1. Enter the Payment Methods page on the casino.
  2. Select Todito Cash as the payment method.
  3. Set the amount you would like to deposit.
  4. Fill in the required information.
  5. Confirm the payment.

How to make a withdrawal with Todito Cash

Since Todito is a prepaid, deposit-only payment method, you won’t be able to use it to withdraw your winnings from your player account.

Therefore, you will have to choose another payment method to withdraw your funds, such as bank transfer or another e-wallet, for example.

Safety and Security

As any other e-wallet or prepaid method, Todito is a safe way if you don’t feel comfortable inserting personal information and bank account details into your online casinos.

You will receive an exclusive PIN code and be able to confirm only you will be spending the amount entered in your Todito Cards.

Todito Cash Requirement

The only requirement is that you must be a Mexican resident to use the Todito Cash or Todito Card.

Todito Cash FAQs

1. Why use Todito Cash at new casino sites?

As with other prepaid methods, the Todito Cash is perfect if you don’t like putting sensitive information online, don’t feel safe entering your bank account information or if even if you do not have a bank account you wish to connect with online gambling.

2. How to set up a Todito Cash account?

You can acquire a Todito Card in some retail shops or you can download the Todito Cash app and sign up for an account. Either way, you can recharge your cards with Visa, Mastercard or cash.

3. How to make a deposit in a Todito Cash casino?

All you have to do is enter your online casino’s Cashier page and put your desired deposit amount. Then, select Todito as your preferred payment method under e-wallets and enter your account information. The transaction will be completed in a few hours.

4. Is it safe to use Todito Cash in an online casino?

Todito is a great, safe way to deposit online, as it doesn’t require its users to enter their sensitive data and personal information.

5. What are the best alternatives to Todito Cash?

As Todito is only available in Mexico, if you’re looking for other prepaid options, you can go for payment methods such as CASHlib, PayKasa and Nexi, to name a few.

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