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POLi is an Australian online payment company and it has been growing in popularity since it enables you to make banking payments directly from your online banking account simply and securely.

For online casino players, POLi is an excellent choice, since its latest version is in-browser and enables payments from mobile devices.

POLi is free of charge and any transactions that you carry out are pre-populated. This means that you reduce the chances of making transactions to the wrong recipients.

Latest POLi Casinos 2024

POLi is an easy and hassle-free payment solution for online casino players. The only thing you need is a bank account that supports POLi.

If you are still wondering about POLi, you can compare casinos that accept it to know if this payment method is the right one for you. But for now, take a look at a full list of the Latest POLi Casinos below:

POLi Short Facts

Currencies AUD, NZD.
Security Secure HTTPS via proxy and 2048-bit SSL
Transaction time Instant.
Min. Transaction A$/NZ$ 10
Deposit Fee No.
Withdrawal Fee No.

Advantages of POLi

No fees

When using POLi at your favourite online casino, no fees will be charged. Unlikely other credit and debit cards, POLi makes its payments free of charge to its customers.

Deposit and withdrawals available

POLi allows its customers to deposit and withdraw. It is very convenient for online casino players, especially if you don’t use any other payment method.

No registration needed

You don’t need to register for an account with POLi. All you need to do is hold a debit/credit card that has POLi as banking functionally.

Disadvantages of POLi

Supported by few banks

Although POLi is a great payment solution for online gamblers, just a few banks support POLi as a 3rd party transaction.

Not available in all countries

Unfortunately, POLi is not available in many countries. Since it is an Australian-based company, it is a payment option that is accepted in most online casinos in Australia and New Zealand.

A bank account is a must

Online casino players who wish to deposit and withdraw using POLi as their payment method must hold a bank account that has the 3rd party functionality available. Therefore, holding a bank account is mandatory to use POLi.

Irreversible transactions

POLi does not allow its customers to reverse any transaction made. But don’t worry too much: all transactions you carry out are pre-populated, which reduces the chances of making any mistaken transactions.

How to open a POLi account

Good news, casino players! There is no need to register to be able to use POLi as a banking option. All you have to do is hold a bank account that allows you to deposit and withdrawal using POLi.

How to Deposit at a POLi Casino

To make any deposit at a POLi Casino, first, be 100% sure that your new online casino accepts this payment provider as a payment method.

As mentioned before, your credit/debit card must support POLi as a 3rd party transaction. That checked out, go to the Cashier page on the casino and select POLi as your favourite deposit method.

Just a few easy steps to deposit at a POLi Casino:

  1. Go to the Cashier page on the casino.
  2. Select POLi as the deposit method to be used.
  3. Enter your banking details.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit.
  5. Confirm transaction.

How to Make a Withdrawal With POLi

To make a withdrawal using POLi, all you have to do is to follow the same procedure as if you were going to deposit with POLi.

Go to the Cashier page on the casino, select POLi as your withdrawal method and fill in the necessary information to complete your request.

Just a few easy steps to withdraw at a POLi Casino:

  1. Go to the Cashier page on the casino.
  2. Select POLi as your payout method.
  3. Enter your banking details.
  4. Enter the amount to be cashed out.
  5. Confirm the withdrawal request.

Safety and Security

POLi Casinos as extremely safe and reliable. The company uses HTTPS transport-level security via proxy to protect your data.

It is important to mention that POLi does not capture any crucial information, especially when it comes to your username and password. Furthermore, as you are using the system, it is not possible for anyone else to access your login credentials or to see them.

The company’s website is also protected by a 2048-bit SSL certificate. A proxy server is also in place to offer protection between the internet banking site and the customer.

This procedure ensures that there is no DNS poisoning and that other threats are kept at bay. Only the necessary personnel have access to the production environment, which is normally for its maintenance.

POLi Requirements

POLi can be used by anyone who has access to the One-off Payment, which is offered by supported online banking.

It is also known as a 3rd party transaction, amongst other names. This functionality allows you to make payments from your bank account to another.

Besides that, there is no other requirement to use POLi as your preferred payment method.


New Casinos FAQ1. Why use POLi at new casino sites?

POLi is an easy and hassle-free payment provider. It doesn’t require any registration to start using it, only a bank account that supports POLi as a 3rd-party transaction functionality.

2. Is it safe to use POLi in an online casino?

Although POLi is a 3rd party functionality, it is protected by HTTPS transport-level security via proxy and by the 2048-bit SSL certificate. So you don’t need to worry about your data and banking details being shared with anyone.

3. Are POLi transactions reversible?

Not at all. That is why transactions made with POLi are pre-populated, which means that you making mistaken transactions is far away from happening.

4. How to make a deposit in a POLi casino?

To deposit at a POLi casino, as well as withdrawing, all you need to do is hold a bank account that supports POLi as a 3rd party transaction.

5. What are the best alternatives to POLi?

If you decide to go for another payment provider, no matter the reason why you should consider exploring other options. Classic payment solutions such as credit/debit cards are always a safe option, as well as e-wallets. Visa and PayPal are excellent choices.

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