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Pay for IT LogoPayforit offers pay by mobile phone micro payment solution for a broad number of users online. As a service, it is open to anyone in the UK as long as they own a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile phone that has a credit balance. This payment solution is a joint venture by the biggest mobile operators 3, EE, O2 and Vodafone in the UK. It is a payment method that makes it possible to purchase online digital content and to charge your mobile phone bill for that. Furthermore, one can use this platform to make charitable donations using a mobile device.

New Online Casinos Accepting Payforit

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+ A payment solution that is keeping in line with modern gaming on the go.
+ One of the only payment solution that allows for micro-billing using a mobile device.
+ Allows for instant access to games, as there is no need to download any of the games.
+ Casinos will often give a bonus when you choose this option as a payment solution.

– It is only available for use to players within the UK who have Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile phone options.
– It is not possible to take out any withdrawals with this payment option.

Short Facts

Company Name: is jointly owned by 3, EE, O2 and Vodafone UK
Supervised by: –
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: 5-10 £
Deposit Fees: Normally 0£
Established: 2016
Phone Number:-
Currencies: GBP
Max Transaction: 50 £
Withdrawal Fees: NA

With Payforit, one can pay for games, videos, applications and make deposits in casinos. In addition, one can enter competitions online. This service stands out from many others as it is a charge to mobile service, meaning that one needs to have a mobile phone to get the most benefits from this payment solution. One must note that Payforit will not handle any actual payments. Instead, it will ensure that there is adequate payment flow.

Being a system that has been created specifically for mobile payments, you can count on the efficiency of using this service on your mobile phone. It is possible to make payments if you have a 3G or a 4G connection. For the payment to be processed, Payforit is able to automatically identify your mobile number using your mobile network provider. This saves you a step of having to enter the mobile number when you are making payments. To make the payment, you will need to choose digital content on a website. Next, you shall go through a number of payment pages that will make it possible for you to make payment using your mobile phone bill. When you do, on your mobile phone statement, the charge will appear as a deduction. Otherwise, if you are using a pre-paid line, it shall be deducted from your existing balance.

To make a payment using Payforit, you need to be from the United Kingdom. This is because it is only UK based mobile numbers that are supported. All UK mobile networks can connect to this service. How you access the service will depend on the seller that you are dealing with. There are some sellers that will need you to subscribe to their service in order to purchase digital content. Others will charge you per payment that you make, and you will receive a confirmation of the payment using text messages.

Using Payforit at Online Casinos

The first step to using this service is confirming that it is available on the online casino that you are playing in. This can be done by checking whether the casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and then confirming that it accepts phone bill payments from players in the UK.

Depositing is incredibly simple with this option. All you need to do is establish whether the casino allows for phone bill payment, and also find the Payforit logo. You can make the deposit of your choice and it shall then be charged to your mobile billing account which you can pay at the end of the month, or using your mobile credit as you go. You will find that you can also make deposits using SMS. At the moment, it is not possible to make a withdrawal using the Payforit platform.

Making payments using a mobile device is not something new to online casinos. There are online providers who have been able to safely provide similar services, such as PayPal. The difference comes in the way that billing is done. The added level of safety with this method comes in the way that one can pay their deposit once they receive their mobile bill at the end of the month. This is a special technique created for online casinos that is known as micro-billing. It helps to control spending as one does not make huge deposits into their account.

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