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Citadel Instant Banking is a company that was founded to offer online payment solutions. It was started in Canada back in 2000 but the main offices today are in London, although there are also offices present in Vancouver and Malta. It makes it easier for customers to execute money transfers from their online banking accounts. It has continued to grow from strength to strength as it is safe and secure, and also ensures transactions are carried out fast.

Currently, the service is available in more than 20 countries all over the world. Furthermore, this is a payment solution that guarantees safety. While carrying out instant bank transfers, there is no need to reveal any of your personal financial information when you are making payment using Citadel Instant Banking. The services that are available from Citadel Instant Banking can be processed on mobile devices with ease. All one has to do is get to the payment section of their online experience, and follow the instructions on how to make payments. There is no need to download any application to ensure that the process is completed.

There are a large number of payment solutions services available online, yet there are features from Citadel Instant Banking that help it to stand out. To begin with, it is easy to use this service when your bank is supported by the existing system. However, in the event that your bank is not in the system, you will still be able to complete your payment with ease. All you will need to do is ensure that you have downloaded the “Payment Assistant” software application. Once installed, you can use it repeatedly. In addition to payments being easy, they are also cheap as there are no transaction fees that are charged by Citadel Instant Banking . If you are charged any fees they will be from the bank you are using to execute the instant bank transfer. The money that you deposit is placed into your account almost instantly.

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Using Citadel Instant Banking at Online Casinos

Citadel Instant Banking is favoured by a wide range of online casinos because it is so easy to use. Deposits are processed with ease and there is no need to visit too many additional websites to complete making payments. This is convenient for online players who often spend a considerable amount of time being redirected to many pages. Go through the simple log in process and choose Citadel Instant Banking. Once you have followed the instructions, you will get a notification that the payment made has been successful, making it possible for you to start playing in the casino immediately.

The first step that you should take towards making a deposit using Citadel Instant Banking is to select instant banking as your preferred option when you are on a website. Then choose the Citadel Commerce or Citadel Instant Banking Option. When you do so, you will receive a reference number as well as the bank details that you need to use. With these details, you should first log into your account for internet banking and then put in the details you received. This will make it possible for you to send your deposit using Citadel Instant Banking . The limit for deposits over a period of 7 days using Citadel is 1500, which can go up the more that you use their services. The limit can also be increased depending on the bank that you are transacting with.

For withdrawals, it is possible to use Citadel Instant Banking though it is necessary to confirm whether the website that you are on supports this solution as a withdrawal option. To use this option, put in the amount that you want to withdraw using Citadel and then carefully follow the instructions that are given. Your money will be placed into your bank account. Unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instant and neither are they free. There is a small withdrawal fee that you will need to consider.

For the purpose of keeping those who use Citadel Instant Banking Commerce safe, they ensure that they have high quality authentication and privacy protection, as would be expected from a bank. This means that customers will be required to answer a range of multi-factor authentication questions that their banks request. This will ensure that they can verify they have accounts with the banks. This system also banks on the existing sophisticated security technologies that are being used by banks. The main reasons for this is to prevent fraud and also intrusions from other parties.


+ Instant payments are available and for the most part they are free
+ Payments are transacted safely and securely. All personal data is fully protected
+ Privacy means that when you make deposits and withdrawals you can keep your information safe
+ There is no need to create an account to use this payment solution

– Not all banks are supported by Citadel Instant Banking meaning one needs to confirm that their bank is supported
– Withdrawals can be made though there is a charge implication, and they are slower to process than deposits
– It is only available for use in around 20 countries

Short Facts

Company Name: Citadel Commerce UK Limited
Slogan: –
Supervised by: Financial Conduct Authority
Transaction Time: Instant
Min Transaction: 10$/£/€
Deposit Fees: 0$/£/€
Established: 2000
Address: 19 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 6EG, United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 207 839 4416
Security: –
Currencies: GBP, USD, EUR
Max Transaction: 50 £
Withdrawal Fees: 0$/£/€

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