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EPS  is an online payment method that is smart and secure. It has been developed to work specifically with Austrian banks to facilitate payments while one is shopping. It is used by web shops and online casinos, as well as by the government as the official payment method for e-Government transactions.  There are currently more than 1000 web shops that accept EPS.

It is worth noting that this is a service that can also be used by German customers as it is open to the German online shopping market. One reason that customers often choose this service is that there is no major technical effort that is needed. Furthermore, when a payment is completed, one receives an instant notification. This is because there is no additional registration that is needed, which means that you are able to fully protect your personal information as well as your security credentials. It also cuts out the need to use access codes as can be found with a number of similar service offerings. This, coupled with high security and protection of data is a testament as to why even the government uses this as a preferred option.

This service does not have its own mobile application, through it is possible to use it on a mobile device. The process is similar to using it on a computer. When on a web shop or online casino, one needs to select EPS when the payment options are listed. Once chosen, a window will open on the mobile device and from it, one will be redirected to the EPX online banking system. The next step is to put in log in details and it will be possible to confirm that a payment has been made. With this process, it is incredibly simple to use the EPS Online service on a mobile device.

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Making payments with this service can be done with ease as you do not need to share any of your personal information. This enables you to safely carry out transactions using online banking without fear that you will share too much information while you are shopping or making payments. There are numerous reasons that one may choose to use EPS for an online payment transaction. To begin with, this payment solution offers high security as it capitalizes on online banking that is highly trustworthy. This means that your personal data is protected. It is a smart system that is handy and there is no need for any additional registration to take place. This is a system that is also compatible with the German giropay system.

Using EPS at Online Casinos

Online casinos in both Germany and Austria can enjoy the services from EPS. As an online payment method, the player is able to connect directly to their bank account to facilitate transfers. This ensures that one does not have to sign in to the bank directly from the casino, which helps in the protection of personal information. Online players like to use this system as there is no need to register for the service which helps to save time.

There is also no need to include a credit account as transactions are done between the service and an online casino. In addition, there are no additional costs from the casino, and the only costs one needs to watch out for are those that may be imposed by the bank. It also ensure that one has ultimate privacy as there is no need for and personal details to be disclosed. All these benefits contribute to the ease and security of using this payment option.

When you want to make a deposit using this payment solution, you begin by choosing it as a payment method in the web shop that you are using. Once the additional window has opened up, you will be prompted to log in to the website that you are using for your online banking. The next thing that you need to do is simply follow the payment process to the end.

One of the safest elements of using EPS as a payment service comes in the way that your data is shared. There is no time that your data is shared with third parties and no sensitive information is ever transferred to the merchants. This is because at the heart of it, this is a payment option that is fully based on the highly trusted security systems that you will find on basic electronic banking transactions.

+ It is an Austrian payment solution but has the capacity to transact internationally.
+ The card can be billed directly without the need to numerous accounts.
+ There is no need to have any additional registration, neither are there additional fees that will be incurred.
+ It is very simple and convenient to use.
– Has no strong mobile options available.
– It can only be used with online banking systems, and does not include other payment options.
– It is not accepted in many countries, as it has been made for the Austrian market.
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