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Capecod Gaming Big LogoCapecod Gaming opened its door in 1987 as a small-size software house and has grown to become a leading operator of the 21st century in the gaming industry. It specializes in the production and global distribution of iGaming platforms and premium online casino games.

Capecod Gaming in-house team of designers, engineers, product wizards, and marketing professions are always on hand to develop, produce, and distribute some of the best online casino games in the iGaming niche, but the one thing this casino software developer is really proud of is its branded casino software for casino games integration, data analysis, and communication with casino players and operators.

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Capecod Advantages & Disadvantages


+ Mobile and desktop friendly casino games
+ No download casino games/ browser friendly
+ Available all over the world
+ Supports different languages and currencies
+ Partnered with some of the best game developers and online casinos
+ A wide collection of casino games to choose from


– It isn’t well known despite being in the market for over 30 years
– It hasn’t partnered with well-known online casinos

The Story of Capecod Gaming

Capecod Gaming proclaim that they “power the games,” and since its etablished in 1987, this casino software has remained true to this statement, delivering immersive casino gaming experience that even the pikiest casino player can’t resist. All its products are multiplaform (tablet, smartphone, and web) and it also develops casino games for the social networking platforms. Capecod Gaming is a subsidiary of Novomatic group, and it sets itself a side with a “Made in Italy” proposition. In fact, all its casino games are made in Italy, the company is based in Italy, and it hires Italian casino games developers.

So here it is, Capecod Gaming, a small-size company set to conquer the gaming industry and expand its wings all over the globe. It creates dapper, stylish and innovative casino games to entertain all types of casino players on every Digital Platform. In the words of Mauro Rancolato, Capecod CEO, “Capecod’s passion for gaming is the primary driver for production of competitive and high-quality casino products. It wants to exceed its customers’ expectations and wants to do so regularly. Simply put, Capecod mission is to provide the best gaming products to casino players around the globe.”

Capecod Gaming is based in Bologna, Italy and offers its products all over the globe. However, it has heavily invested in the Italian and the American markets where most of its operators are found. It develops its casino games in various languages and its platform supports different currencies. This company has grown very fast in the past 3 decades to the level of forming a partnership with other casino games developers such as Novomatic Group. These investors have been attracted by Capecod’s constant ground-breaking sales that have ensured that it generates good returns for the shareholders.

Its casino games are found all over the world and this has resulted in a good working relationship with its investors. All the Capecod Gaming’s HTML5 casino games are available on mobile and desktop and are browser friendly, no need of downloading anything to play. Casino players can play these casino games on their Windows, Android, and iOS phones and Capecod is able to assure a smooth integration to other casino software providers wishing to expand their collection with 3rd party casino games as well as other products.

Capecod Gaming has partnered with over 100 of the world’s best leading casino operators and casino games developers. A selection of the online casino operators that provides its casino game and uses its services, from famous brands with a worldwide reputation to small-size, market specialists local providers include Admiral, GAN, Betpoint, Big Bestingame, Microgame, Passionbet, Passion play, among others. Some of the best game developers that Capecod Gaming has partnered with include Novomatic Group, through a partnership deal signed in 2017.

Where is Capecod Licensed?

Capecod Gaming is devoted to responsible gaming and even promoting industry’s best practices. The company develops all its games with unique features to ensure the safety of casino players in accordance with the legal regulations set by different regulators. As a responsible game supplier, Capecod ensures all its systems comply with the set guidelines of every market in which its licensees operate. Furthermore, its software and all its games, including the Random Number Generator System (RNG), are frequently tested and certified by trusted regulators to ensure fair and consistent play across all platforms.

Capecod Gaming Portfolio

Capecod releases its responsive table games and slots on desktop and mobile to share the experience with as many casino enthusiasts as possible, wherever they are, around the clock. Its casino products are mainly classified according to themes, such as action, adventure, animal, and cartoon, pay lines, such as 10 lines, 15 lines, and 20 lines, features such as bonus, energy, flash, and HTML5, Popular/New. In its collection, there are titles such as Conquistadores, Calaveras, Roswell Secrets, Tuareg, Neon Strike, Chicken Hatch, among others. Capecod’s casino games are 100 percent made in Italy.

Capecod Gaming doesn’t fall short of special features. To begin, the company has an effective Casino Player Support system through a help desk ticketing system, live chat, document management, as well as integrated CRM through SMS and email. Another special feature here is Promotions. CRM enables one to smoothly manage fidelity programs, loyalty points, and bonus schemes from the back office. Clients also get to enjoy a superb Email Marketing service which is an in-house tailored software that target, automate, monitor, and schedule email marketing campaigns.

What many operators like about Capecod is the Security System. Its products feature anti-money laundering and fraud check control tools as well as casino player restrictions or exclusion customization from the back office. Other great features include Jackpots, Reports Generation, Game Configuration, and Payment System. All its casino games feature a jackpot built-in option which is easy to activate for some or all slots.