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safety pay casino logoSafety Pay is a payment option that was developed in the United States which was established in 2007. It is a pioneer in its field as a non-card based network payment technology. The idea behind this technology is to ensure that people making payments can do so globally, as it is interconnected around the world. This payment solution works by designing and implementing solutions that make it possible for customers to do transactions online with a variety of merchants. The transfers are done from bank accounts and in the local currency of the customer. This is a payment solution that does not need to use a credit card, though having a bank account is paramount for the service to be used. Find all the newest Safety Pay casinos below listed in order of their launch date, with the latest shown up in the top left corner.

14 New Online Casinos Accepting SafetyPay

There are solutions that Safety Pay offers which make it far more attractive than using a credit cards. The key benefit comes from the overall charges. When you are using a credit or debit card, there are a number of fees that need to be paid, and there is also a discount rate to be charged. These fees are significantly reduced with Safety pay and you only need to pay for the discount rate. This means that you save money with this payment solution.

When using Safety Pay, there is a mobile payments option that is known as E-Mobile that you can use. This is a safe and free solution for mobile users. It can be found on both Android and iOS systems. With this solution, one can use their mobile devices to transact with a range of products and services. It is a simple and friendly service that is easy to implement.

Making payments with Safety Pay continues to be an excellent solution for customers online. This is because the transactions from this method are executed in real time when the transactions are carried out online. To use this payment method, customers will find that they are able to connect their bank accounts and then transfer money into their online Safety Pay. This way, they can use this payment solution to process transactions of their choice. Connecting the accounts begins when the player registers with Safety Pay and puts in their bank account information. This is a service that is global in nature, although most of the customers can found in North America, South America, Central America, Canada as well as Western Europe.

It is worth noting that when you are using this payment option, you will need to pay a service fee for processing. The amount that you pay will be dependent on the amount that you are transacting. Transactions that are below $15 will typically attract a service fee of $0.50. Those that are above this amount will attract a service fee of $1 for every transaction.

Using Safety Pay at Online Casinos

There are more than 20 online casinos that accept Safety Pay as a payment solution, and most of these are available in the United States. Of these 20, there are 7 which will also allow for withdrawals using this payment option. When you use Safety Pay on an online casino, you will find that there are very low fees that you need to pay, and if you make a very large transfer, you will find that the fees are negligible. There are several currencies that are accepted by this online casino, so players will be able to make deposits in their local currencies.

Safety Pay is a service that you can use to make both deposits and withdrawals when you are on an online casino. Before you make deposits into an online casino using your Safety Pay account, you need to ensure that there are funds within it. You can deposit from your bank account into your Safety Pay account any amount between $1 and $5000. There are no charges for topping up your Safety Pay account. When you are in the casino and have reached the point where you need to make payments, you should then choose Safety Pay and the money will automatically be deducted from your online account. This is an excellent option for online gamers who are looking to monetize their winnings from the casinos.

If you do not have an account with Safety Pay, you may find that you are still able to use this payment option. All you need to do is choose Safety Pay when you want to carry out a transaction on the casino, and you will find that you are redirected to your online bank of choice. Then, you should sign in as normal into this account, and authorize for the payment amount that you are willing to transfer to your online casino account. Transfers are executed immediately, meaning that a player’s experience is virtually uninterrupted.Setting up an account with Safety Pay makes the process of making payments or withdrawals much faster and more convenient.

As a primary precaution, all personal information that is shared with Safety Pay is kepy highly confidential. There is no sharing of this information with third parties as there are distinct protocols that are in place. When you register with an online casino, all your personal information is captured within the Safety pay portal, so there is no need to share any additional information with the online casino so that your payments can be processed.

+ It is easy to use and friendly for a range of customers
+ Low fees make this an ideal option for transacting on a daily basis
+ Transactions are carried out instantly making it possible for players to better enjoy their player experience

– It is only available in a limited number of countries, and only supports a few banks for ease of transfers
– A user must have a bank account in order to experience what this payment solution has to offer
– There are fees that are attached to every transaction on this service in online casinos

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