A Guide to Online Bingo

The Beginnings of Online Bingo
How is Online Bingo Different to Offline Bingo?
How Do You Play Online Bingo?
Online Bingo Strategies

Online Bingo brings the ever-popular game from the hall to homes across to the online casinos world, and its fast pace, simplicity, and big prizes appeal to players from diverse age groups. People in their twenties, thirties, and far beyond play on a regular basis. Most of us will be familiar with at least one or two high-profile online bingo brands, thanks in large part to the sheer amount of television advertising they invest in. Curious about trying online Bingo yourself? This guide is designed to give you the information you need to get started, exploring its history, its differences to the traditional ‘real-world’ game, and even a few helpful strategies.

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The Beginnings of Online Bingo

Bingo itself is believed to date back to 16th century Italy, before gaining popularity across Europe in the following years. It started as the Italian lottery, and evolved into a French game (known, unsurprisingly, as Le Lotto) favored by their aristocrats. The game as we play it today emerged in the early 20th century (around the ‘20s), as an activity at carnivals, before the standard Bingo card was patented by one Erwin S. Lowe in the 1940s.

It’s not hard to see how Bingo became (and remains) so popular, given its pace and reliance on chance. Anyone can take part, and with no skill involved, everyone’s luck begins on an even level. This remains the same today, with online bingo providing players with a fair opportunity to win big prizes simply for matching the right numbers. Bingo’s move to the online world was inevitable, and the first Bingo site launched in 1996, just as the internet was becoming more widely-accessible. Bingo Blitz was the first to hit the British market, arriving in 1998, but since then, dozens of online Bingo brands have competed for players’ time and money.

How is Online Bingo Different to Offline Bingo?

The first major difference between online and offline bingo? Convenience. In days gone by, anyone with an urge to play Bingo had to get to a hall, pay for gas or public transport, arrange babysitters, wait for everyone else in the hall to be ready. Today, though, online Bingo is available as and when you need it. You’re free to play on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, via mobile-optimized sites or downloadable apps. You can play whilst on a break at work, relaxing on the couch, or sitting in a waiting room. As virtual reality continues to grow, that too will transform how we play online Bingo, immersing us in synthetic bingo halls as lively and exciting as the real thing. They will combine the tactile experience of handling cards and marking numbers with the dynamic larger-than-life visuals of the best casinos sites.

Of course, automatic play is another core difference. Traditional Bingo demands that you stay focused on the caller and the numbers in front of you – miss one or two, and you might miss out on a prize. Online software marks your numbers off automatically, allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy. You may have a choice between America’s 75 ball and the UK’s 90 ball variations too (not to mention others), which you wouldn’t get at every brick-and-mortar hall. The social aspect of the game remains intact, as most online Bingo sites offer full chat capabilities, cultivating a community atmosphere.

How Do You Play Online Bingo?

Bingo sites tend to run a number of different rooms, each with its own game. Variations you can expect to see include 90, 75, 80, and 30 balls, whether arranged in lines or squares. Other shapes may be used to lay numbers out on the screen, requiring you to create that same form on your card. Letter Bingo games require you to recreate letters by marking numbers off, while blackouts involve filling in your entire card before anyone else does.

After choosing the Bingo game you want to play, you need to buy tickets. You’re free to purchase as many as you like, but if you’re just starting to play Bingo, it’s best to go for a low number. When you have your tickets, you can either chat with fellow players or simply wait for the game to start. Bingo balls will be picked using a random number generator (RNG), which recreates the same element of chance of a dealer pulling a ball from a machine. Your number will be marked off automatically, and when yourself or another player get a line, you’ll be notified. Play continues until a full house (or equivalent goal) has been achieved. Jackpots vary, with some brands and games paying out different amounts. Additional prizes may be in place too, such as bonuses or rewards for completing your card within a set number of balls being drawn.

Online Bingo Strategies

Bingo may be based on chance, but you can still try the following techniques to get the most out of your experience:

Set a limit for yourself whenever you play

Online Bingo moves so fast, you can lose track of your spends incredibly easily. When you first start playing, set your limit low (say, no more than £5) and stick to it. As you get more used to the speed and excitement, you’ll be able to increase your limit for longer sessions.

Browse different Casino sites

To find the best welcome bonuses and rewards schemes. When you first sign up, you may be able to claim free money, a number of free tickets, and other tempting deals. Don’t go for the first site you come across.

Get to know your fellow players

Becoming part of the community on your favorite Online Casino sites might well enable you to learn valuable tips and tricks, stay updated on upcoming special games, and more.

Follow your preferred sites on social media

Many casinos will offer special bonuses or deals to their members from time to time.

Feeling ready to try online Bingo? We hope this guide has been helpful, and inspired you to try your luck!

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