UKGC: New Rules Announced

The rules have been released as part of a consultation report issued this month that highlights that strict measures must be introduced in order to necessitate conducting customer interaction.

The UK Gambling Commission has introduced new rules by which online gambling operators must abide to spot and aid at-risk gamblers.

The report highlights that codes of practice, as well as licence conditions, must be escalated. Operators should “interact in a way which minimises the risk of customers experiencing harms associated with gambling”.

The report also concluded that some operators are not “sufficiently curious” and are unlikely to meet the desired interactions. Even if at-risk customers are potentially identified, online gambling operators are not acting in a quick enough manner to minimise harm.

The entire implementation process is set out over three specific steps; namely, Monitor and Identity, Escalate and Interact and Evaluate and Ramp up action if required.

New rules to come into effect in September 2022

The new rules will come into effect on September 12th, 2022. These rules require that operators monitor a number of factors in order to spot signs of gambling-related harm.

These include customer expenditure, time spent gambling, gambling behaviour indicators, contact sought by the customers, the adaptation and use of gambling management tools and account indicators.

Other rules will also be rolled out as part of the new rules, including flagging indications and taking the appropriate action in a timely and effective manner. The implementation of automated processes in order to identify at-risk gamblers must also be evaluated.

There is speculation that these new rules have come materialised due to a specific online gambling site sending out free bets to more than 40,000 self-excluded customers in 2021.

CET of the Gambling Commission Andrew Rhodes said: “Time and time again, our enforcement cases show that some operators are still not doing enough to prevent gambling harm. These new roles, developed following extensive consultation, make our expectations even more explicit.

“We expect operators to identity and tackle gambling harms with fast, proportionate and effective action and we will not hesitate to take tough action on operators who fail to do so”.

What changes for players?

Some casino operators might revamp their procedures and perhaps ask more questions regarding your source of funds. Big spenders probably will notice this more than casual players. We do not foresee big changes to the way you play, but it is hard to say for sure.

What is the UK Gambling Commission?

The UK Gambling Commission’s main purpose is to protect British players from being targeted or scammed. It regulated various gaming establishments including casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites and halls.

Additionally, it also regulates software game developers and gaming machine providers, lottery operators and more.

It is responsible for the oversight of all legal gambling activities taking place within the United Kingdom, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments.

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