GambleAware launches rebranded new support service

The organisation’s National Gambling Treatment service has been rebranded as the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN), reflecting its renewed focus on extending support to a broader spectrum of individuals who are grappling with the harmful effects of gambling.

GambleAware has recently announced a major shift in its branding approach

The rebranding exercise is not the only major change. GambleAware has pledged to double its funding in the upcoming year, a clear indication of its commitment to addressing the issue of gambling addiction that affects many people worldwide. By providing increased funding, the organisation seeks to scale up its support services to offer much-needed assistance to more individuals affected by gambling-related harm.

The National Gambling Support Network (NGSN) will continue to offer the same high-quality support services that the National Gambling Treatment Service has always provided. Additionally, it will serve as a critical resource for individuals struggling with gambling-related harm, offering them guidance, assistance, and support through a range of treatment providers.

GambleAware is a network that comprises a diverse group of treatment providers, each with its unique expertise in addressing gambling-related harm. The network’s primary focus remains early intervention, providing individuals with the necessary support to overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. The rebranding exercise has also introduced new referral routes that allow local providers to direct individuals to the service that best suits their needs, improving the overall accessibility and effectiveness of the service.

Anna Hargrave, CCO at GambleAware, said: “As the country’s leading commissioner in this sector, we’re delighted to announce the new National Gambling Support Network and our increase in investment for those experiencing gambling harm.

“The NGSN is built on strong foundations and brings together a network of excellent regional providers who are strong agents of change working to meet people’s needs. By taking a regional-first approach, we hope to create new opportunities to work with other local services and government agencies.

“By broadening our reach at a local level and engaging with local authorities or the criminal justice sector, for example, means we can further help those experiencing harm from gambling,” the CCO added.

The National Centre for Social Research and the University of Wolverhampton have been granted £350,000 by GambleAware to facilitate new research on the impact of discrimination against individuals who have suffered from gambling-related harm, which has culminated in this rebranding effort.

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