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Pay Sera LogoPaysera is an online money transfer institution that offers payment services and BankLink payment in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, global money transfer, mobile payment, sms payments, and currency exchanges. It was established in the year 2004 with the name “Elektroniniai verslo projektai” (Electronic business projects). In its early days, Paysera had only 3 employees and it didn’t have a license to operate as an online money transfer company, but series of changes and transformation made Paysera start 2013 with over 40,000 users and a steady growth rate.

In 2008, the company changed its name from “Elektroniniai verslo projektai” to EVP international. In 2011, Bank of Lithuania granted the company a payment institution certificate, and in 2012, the Bank of Lithuania granted it the Electronic Money Institution License. The company continued to grow, increasing the number of employees to 50 in 2013.Another key milestone was the launch of the mobile app in 2014, and issuing debit cards in 2015. In 2016, the company made further progress and started issuing IBAN accounts to its clients, and in the same year, it changed its name to Paysera.

Currently, Paysera is operating in 184 countries in the world, it has 100 employees, and it has managed to partner with more than 50 banks. It boosts of more than 300, 000 active users and it’s safe and fast to make payment using it. Paysera has a mission to “Provide the most convenient payment services for reasonable prices and via all technologies.” The company’s vision is to create a “World where electronic payments have no boundaries, are simple, fast and accessible to anyone and anywhere”.

Paysera account holders can send or receive money from other Paysera users for free, and at a small charge, send funds in 32 different currencies to payee bank accounts.Normally, when sending money to Payza e-wallet or bank account, Paysera charges up to $4, based on your currency. For instance, to deposit $1000 to an online casino in Australia, you will be charged a flat rate of around $3.5. And if the prevailing exchange rate is 1 USD = I.44 AUD, Paysera can give you a favorable rate of 1USD = 1.41 AUD. The funds are normally deposited in 2-3 business days. Joining paysera is very easy. It is free to open an online account and the process takes a few minutes only.

Paysera launched it mobile application in 2014. This was a key boost in the quality of its service delivery. The mobile application is compatible with android and IOS powered phones. The application can be used to pay bills as well as instant cash transfers to friends and family. Actually, the application is linked to your phone book which makes it easy to key in the recipient details and transact.Transactions between Paysera clients are free. All you need is the phone number or email address of someone to be able to transfer cash to them via the mobile app. You don’t have to carry cash, credit cards and debit cards to make payment and receive fund through Paysera.

For bank transfers, the application has made thing a lot easier; you can transact from the comfort of your phones without going to the bank. Private clients can transfer money to their bank accounts in 30 standard transfers to SEPA countries, however, private transfers has to be made in Euros. The application can also scan QR codes at different places for payments. All you need to do is to confirm the amount of cash to be paid.The application is very secure and encrypted data based on the transactions you make. Large transactions are also protected with a password and the application has a pin. Some clients also use fingerprints to limit access. One can also transfer money to people who are not using paysera.

This is a free IBAN account. One can manage his or her account by setting limits and limiting access. With just the recipient email or phone number, you can transact and transfer money to him/her instantly. This account allows users to keep money in different currencies. And in case you need to exchange currencies, paysera offers the best exchange rates, meaning it’s a darling for international traders. With this account, one can transfer money using webmoney and payza systems across 10000 banks in 184 countries.

Global money transfer transactions take a maximum of 30 minutes to be complete. One can also transact payments to numerous e-shops (including online casinos) that have registered with Paysera. You can get account statement as well as international transfer forms from the account. It also has a currency exchange calculator and balance checker. Paysera charges no crediting fees for transfers from local banks.In case you run into trouble when using Paysera, you can contact their friendly customer support through multiple channels including facebook, twitter, linked in, you tube, instagram and email. Calls can also be received through +44 20 80996963 between 8AM-8PM EET.

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Paysera Advantages:

+ It is fast
+ It is convenient
+ One can transfer unlimited amounts of money
+ It operates 32 currencies in 184 nations
+ Online, mobile app, or Paysera checkouts
+ Transfer of money to Paysera users is free
+ Favorable exchange rates
+ Paysera can be used for shopping, ticketing and online banking

Paysera Disadvantages:

– It case of account closure, you will be given only 6 days to transfer funds