Poker Odds

This is not to say that poker odds are non-existing, however, you will be given a new hand in each round and your odds will change accordingly. Here are a few quick tips on how to better determine your odds in poker and make the best of your cards.

Poker is a game of skill and mental prowess unlike many other casinos games out there. Unlike most poker games online, odds are much more varied and there are no set odds for every single round that you play.

Poker Odds Calculator

The quickest and easiest way to calculate your odds is via a poker calculator. This is usually online or via a mobile app that will work out the odds of your hand for you to save you having to do the mental maths.

Each style of poker has its own odds, therefore you should use a different kind of calculator depending on what variation of the game you are playing. The Hold’em odds calculator is the easiest to find due to the game’s popularity.

Using a Poker Calculator

Using a poker calculator is quite simple and can be found easily online. They usually show you the virtual version of a poker table with blank cards depicted on different spaces, reflective of the game. On a Hold’em calculator, there will be 2 cards for each player and then the river, while on Seven Card Stud, you just have 7 cards. Above this, there will be a list of all the possible cards in the deck.

You must highlight a card pictured on the table, then select a card from the selection of cards which will then be added to the highlighted card. You then do the same for any of the other hand cards on the table. It will give an immediate evaluation of the chances the hands have against one another.

You can select cards for the flop, turn or river, and at whatever stage you want an evaluation of and the odds will gradually change and be shown to you. Of course, this is slightly different with a Holdem calculator, as there is no community cards in Seven Card Stud.

As more cards are added, the odds change and you are updated. When all cards are added you will get a final result. The odds will be presented to you in two percentages, one for a win and one for a tie. While variations of the poker calculator may differ, this is the most common way in which they work.

Issues With a Poker Calculator

While a poker calculator is a handy tool, there are some glaring issues with it that you need to consider.

First of all, you select cards for the other players which are pretty pointless as you won’t know their cards in an actual game. While it can also compare your cards next to an unknown players card, it will be a much rougher calculation.

With this in mind, it can only really be used for theoretical scenarios and isn’t going to help you decide whether your hand is good or not for definite. You can’t rely on it with absolute certainty it, but it can give you a rough idea of how your card weighs overall.

Another issue is that the process is fairly long, so it is not quick to input the different valued cards. This means it is not ideal to use in live dealer games, as you will be keeping other players waiting. For virtual card games, this is less of an issue. On top of this, you will only be able to use a poker calculator in online casino games. Making use of the software in a real-world game is not only bad etiquette, but it is also likely to be prohibited at some tables.

Operating Without a Poker Hand Calculator

With these elements considered, a poker calculator should be like training wheels. You use it when starting off, but really you shouldn’t be relying on it forever. What you can do is make use of the poker calculator as a means to study. Get your pen and paper ready and start revising the outcomes in different scenarios.

Due to the fact that there are only 10 winning hands in the game, it won’t take you long to start making connections, and trends will soon become apparent. You can always come back to the poker odds calculator as a safety net.

Odds calculators aren’t the only way to work out odds in the game. There are numerous software systems out there designed to help you with odds. However, they tend to be rather pricey. the best way to achieve the right odds at no extra cost is to use a poker calculator or play free games until you get the hang of the probabilities.

Remember, a poker hands odds calculator can never guarantee wins. The game is as much about mental awareness as it is about the cards. While they can give you a probability, it is never possible to indicate a bluff or legitimate call. If you are going to be good at poker, you need to be able to master the other elements too and know what hands will and won’t work.

Video Poker Odds

Video poker works slightly differently to other online poker game and odds are more black or white, as there is less player input. in addition, depending on the video poker game you are playing, it will also alter the probability of a win or lose. On Video Poker odds, there are some startling numbers to consider. In a 52-card deck, here are a selection of odds:

  • Royal Flush – 1 in 649,740
  • Straight Flush – 1 in 72,193
  • Four of a Kind – 1 in 4,165
  • Full House – 1 in 694
  • However, there are some lower odds, that aren’t as terrifying, for example,
  • Three of a Kid – 21 to 1
  • Two Pairs – 7.69 to 1.
  • A Pair – 2.37 to 1

Obviously, there is a reason why the top four results are the most likely to win. None of these figures should scare you too much as the overall RTP on most video poker games is around 97-99%. This is much higher than if you were to play slots.