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Probability Gaming LogoAn online gaming market is a breeding place for innovation and creativity. These two fundamental values dictate the trends and direction of the iGaming industry and are spearheaded by millennial companies which keep the wheel rolling.

One of the most interesting software development companies is Probability Gaming India, which has its base in the IT capital of India, Noida but operates in the European online gaming markets. Probability Gaming churns out interesting algorithms that are quite different from other traditional game developers.

New Online Casinos offering games from Probability Gaming 2024

The Story of Probability Gaming

Probability Gaming operates mainly in India and certain pockets of Europe but it has steadfastly improved its presence in Asia, US, Latin, and Australia. Probability Gaming recently inked its first partnership with Eventus International, through which it hopes to capture gambling markets in Europe and Africa. The brand is also working to open an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) in India which will help create a gaming hub for Asian and Australian markets. This will also pave the way for European Online Gaming companies to expand its foothold in the new online casino market.

The brand was launched in 2011 and has grown multifold over the past seven years. Apart from its primary goal of casino games development, the company provides numerous ancillary services like CMS customization/migration, turnkey platform-based gaming, end to end casino games development, casino games porting, and easy API integration. The casino games of Probability Gaming are holistically developed for iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms.

The backend process is optimized with programming languages like JavaScript/C/C++/Objective-C/PHP/PERL/Java/Flash Action Script, which makes the games of Probability Gaming universally accepted and highly flexible to further modifications. For an ultra 3D experience, the casino has its games integrated with Unity 3D platform, which makes sure that your games run smooth and clean without any hiccups.

Probability Gaming is a preferred brand for some of its innate qualities like affordability, reliability and the overall expertise which gives the brand an edge over others. For casino operators, the list of features extends to the development of low-cost mobile apps, which gives allows an extra level of personalization to your casino’s brand. However, the most noticeable selling point of Probability Gaming is the amazing play of mathematics which connects players with a stream of entertainment options starting with bonus sessions, wild features, extra free spins, big wins, and progressive slots.

The web of algorithms takes players on an epic casino slotting experience filled to the brim with sweet surprises. In terms of graphics, Probability Gaming can be compared with the likes of RabCat, Iron Dog Studios, and some of the releases can even be compared with Elk Studios and Thunderkick.

Probability Gaming Portfolio

The company regularly updates its existing casino games to include new features and improved graphics. The gameplay is just average and the company is yet to include advanced gamification features that many punters search for. Sound engineering is another important aspect of Probability Gaming that creates an awesome gambling ambience for players. There is a variety of sound to complement your wins like Reel Spin Tunes, Bonus Game Loops, Win Reinforcement Tunes or Stingers, Voice-Overs, Jackpot Loops, etc. as well as custom SFX and VFX. Probability Gaming also offers game testing features. Probability Gaming is located in the heart of an IT hub and is able to streamline all of its processes to provide the cheapest gaming options for online game operators.

You will get casino games of global standards at 1/4th the cost. Hence, you can experiment with high-quality slots and even 3D games without burning a hole in your pocket. Other benefits of Probability Gaming for casino operators include easy and low-cost integration with their casino gaming environment. The team at Probability Gaming is known to handle complex API integration with your existing casinos which makes up for the absence of omnichannel solutions.

This is one drawback of Probability Gaming as it still lacks a unified platform, which lets casino operators to source in all its games at once. We hope to see full-scale turnkey solutions for seamless integration of its casino games. Having said these, let’s check out the portfolio of games that Probability Gaming offers.

Sliding Magic is one of the earliest games of Probability Gaming and has received continuous upgrades to make it one of the most interesting games of the brand. The game is quite innovative because it allows punters to magically slide the screen within a band of reels, to maximize their wins. Not only do the reels move, but you can also change the slide for extra bonuses. The game offers amazing graphics and gameplay, which feels magically surprising. The Wild Trigger features an amazing animation of a magician waving his band. You will also get the Box of Pigeons features where you can select your own prize.

Another classic from Probability Gaming is Katana Warrior, which is inspired by the Japanese Shogun era. This high adrenaline game features amazing graphics and has symbols of Katana swords, warrior’s armour, horses, war flags and helmets. The Katana symbol randomly turns 1 or 2 or 3 reels into Wild from 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel during the game. The game also has Big Win feature where players can win up to $100 with bets as low as 50 cents.

The Scatter symbol is the Akairyu Dragon which triggers 8, 10 or 12 free games. The Scatter animation is an ethereal experience where you get to see the mighty dragon revolve up to a golden bowl and set it on fire. This triggers the expanding wilds.

Another warrior based game is Terracotta Warrior, which is based on ancient Chinese culture. Rich in graphics and amazing sound, the game features 1, 5, 10, 25 and 30 extra free spins with extra Wild features.

With the Big Win feature, you can not only win extra cash but also reveal the multiplier feature, where you have to choose your own terracotta warrior to select your win. The Mirage is another classic game that frames the reels into the Great Pyramids of Giza. For a pure beachside fun game, you can try out the Miami Watch, which features an amazing interface with win multipliers on one side and special features on the other.