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Platin Gaming Big LogoPlatin Gaming is an old hand game developer with extensive experience in online gambling and sports betting software. The brand came into existence in 1995 and has been rocking the online gambling scene since then. Platin Gaming has a cavalcade of casino games, all made to entice you in every sense.

It also experiments with offbeat genres like Virtual Racing and Draw Games and has its own set of loyal fans. Platin Gaming has its headquarters in Malta and employs more than 50 top professionals in the iGaming developer community. Platin Gaming is a vital source of content for more than 30 top casinos, where it delivers a whole range of products and white-label turnkey services.

New Online Casinos offering games from Platin Gaming 2024

The Story of Platin Gaming

Platin Gaming has its roots in actual slot machines and comes with a legacy in developing software for gaming cabinets. The company has been developing some quality gaming content for many brick-and-mortar casinos in Europe and South America. However, it shifted its focus to online gambling as most of the industry evolved into an online platform.

Platin Gaming was the force behind many major rebranding of traditional casinos and it brought to life many new online casinos. Unlike many other game developers, Platin Gaming forayed into casino management services before developing casino games. This shaped the company’s outlook towards casino operators and it always focuses on simplicity and rewardability in all its products.

The company started to create online gaming content in 2014 and was a major brand on the eve of 2016. During this time, it experimented with slot games as well as sports betting platforms. The brand is now a proud owner of 45 top slot games, which includes a variety of different features, and game types. Most of the games are integrated with HTML5 platform, making them easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices. You can now continue with your gambling experience on the go with the casino’s amazing mobile-centric design.

Platin Gaming is in a mature stage of development. It showcases a clever mélange of gaming content along with casino management services like backend programming, integration, app development, casino customization, risk management, customer services, and licensing services. It is a boon for casino operators looking for White Label Gaming Solution and integrating its Gaming Business Operation with a leading games platform.

Platin Gaming is certified by BetRadar for all its seven casino related services. These include Pre-match Betting Solution, Live Betting Solution, Gaming Solutions, Live Channel Online Solutions, Managed Trading Services Solutions, Live Channel Retail Solutions, and Remote Gaming Server Solution. Platin Gaming also formed strategic partnerships with brands like Extreme Live Gaming Partnership, which is part of the Novomatic Group of Gaming.

One of the key services of Platin Gaming is the app development through which it seeks to serve the growing number of casinos looking for a more personalized gambling experience for their players. Platin Gaming develops high-end apps for both the Google Play store and iOS. However, it is still exotic to the Facebook platform, where a number of social gambling games are released. We hope that Platin Gaming integrates its gaming content with Facebook soon. However, the brand is not far from social media and has its own Facebook and Twitter account. Platin Gaming also has its own newsletter, where you can check out a variety of gambling news and news of new games and partnerships of Platin Gaming.

Platin Gaming Portfolio

The gaming content of Platin Gaming is divided into four categories; slots, virtual racing, sportsbook and draw games. Slots are the main showpiece of the brand and it has 45 of them for you to enjoy. You can now play slots of various themes like ancient Egypt, fantasy, sci-fi, simple slots, classic slots, mermaid slots, Arab slots, etc. There is a lot of visual appeal in these slots and the rewardability is also classic.

However, the graphics and gameplay are not that good and if you are used to playing slots from top developers like Microgaming or NetEnt, you will miss a lot. However, the brand is awesome for its novelty and churns out creative gaming content from time to time. Gangs of New York is one classic example where you will find the rich tapestry of New York culture showcased wonderfully.

Chicago is another classic game that brings us closer to the mafia culture of the 1970s. Ages of Rock is one of their latest offerings and takes you on a please trip on a fantasy jungle. There is quite a bit of newness in the content and it stems from the brand’s focus on exploring the unexplored.

In virtual racing, you will get horse racing and hound racing, both of which are active 24*7. There are interesting sub-features and in-game bonuses in both. The entire gaming ecosystem is customizable to suit the casino’s operator’s brand, which is a new thing in sports betting platforms. Now you can have your own colour and design that matches your brand and style. In the Draw Games category, you will find a classic online Keno, with real players playing against each other in its network. There is also a whole array of Lottery Games for you to check out from Platin Gaming. We liked the inclusion of these casual games along with slots and table games. These provide a much-needed change while gambling and introduced a new vibe to your gambling experience.

Platin Gaming is also a provider of quality sports betting platforms. It has a high-performance sportsbook, which consists of 50 types of sports and plenty of betting markets and options. You also get to operate a large sports booking website through the support of Platin Gaming. The brand provides you with extensive statistics on real-time bets and you can easily scan your risks and assets at a given point. The API is also open-ended to add to your flexibility. The whole sports booking is also integrated with HTML5 technology, which makes it compatible with apps and mobile use.