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Octavain GamingSolutions LogoOctavian Gaming is one of the lesser-known brands of game developers in Europe but has a considerable market share in the Italian gambling sector. It mainly caters to Italian clients and its games are distributed by private channels. It is headquartered in the old medieval town of Verona, in Northern Italy, and nurtures a growing portfolio of 95+ online casino games. It is a marvellous feat for a 10-year old company, with 5 years in developing proper slot games.

New Online Casinos offering games from Octavian Gaming 2024

+ Interesting mix of casino games
+ Exclusive Games
+ Top-tier certifications

– Land-based without much online presence
– Erratic game releases.

Short Facts

Company Name: Octavian Gaming
Address: Via del Lavoro, 8, 37012 Bussolengo VR, Italy
Games: 24
Phone Number: +39 045 6717675
Offices in: Verona, Italy
Game Releases:

The Story of Octavian Gaming

The history of Octavian Gaming takes us back to 2009 when a group of Linux programmers and ardent gambling followers, created one of the first game development companies in Italy. Octavian Gaming came into the mainstream by the summer of 2013 and enjoyed widespread support from the native Italian populace. It never expanded its formal presence beyond Verona and operated much of its business inside of Italy.

However, in terms of games and game quality, the company has only travelled northwards. Over the years, we have seen interesting titles being added consistently to its portfolio. The year 2017 is a particularly good year, after a rather dull 2016, and we can see the emergence of advanced graphics games like Lone Wolf, Minotaur, Mystic Pharaoh, etc.

Octavian Gaming has partnered with the Novomatic group, which has a robust presence in more than 45+ high-value countries of the world. Its network in the management of new casinos and the expertise of Octavian Gaming in game development has paid rich dividends, and both partners now enjoy strategic symbiosis in the iGaming and land-based casino community. Octavian Gaming operates in its domestic markets through a chain of selected distributors; namely, Marim Srl, Win-Tek Srl, Nazionale Elettronica Srl, Maxima Spa, and GTA Srl.

The slot CPUs from Octavian Gaming come in singular game packs and in multi-games packs and have varying system configurations. Octavian has a special focus on the quality of its products and has a whole assembly line of quality testing for its machines that include Hyper Pressure and Thermal Testing, Vibration Tests, IQC/OQC regulation Tests, Max Power testing and Shock Testing. Each and every product strictly adheres to the stringent CE and ROHS regulations, and all its hardware is well-known for its durability. It is one of the most confident companies among gambling technology providers and gives you an absolute guarantee on many intricate components.

All its products are coded according to the latest GLS guidelines, with system and components barcode tracking and RMA tracking system, which gives the users a holistic manufacturer warranty on the entire machine. Moreover, the company has a hyperlocal network in Italy and is able to provide good quality post-sale services to its clients. It is always ready with peripheral hardware to repair or upgrade your existing system.

Octavian is formally certified by QUINEL Certification Body and legally licensed, independently, by AAMS (Italy) and ACMI. All its machines have GLS® management system tags, which makes repair work hassle-free, through an automated card-based-response system. The games are also audited by an independent rating agency, Tuv Thuringen Italia Srl. Currently, Octavian Gaming offers 4 generations of gaming CPUs, which will be supporting all kinds of future games from the company.

The products are MAX-1, MAX-2, G820, and PC01. Each of them has an ergonomic design and can be custom fitted into the cabinet of the slot. Out of the four chipsets, the G820 remains the most powerful and packs in some of the meanest hardware in the gaming industry. The PC01 is a multi-cabinet device that is made according to the AAMS network protocol.

It features a USB touch-screen surface and totally independent VGA display. It can be a classic addition to your casino’s slot floor if you have punters looking for some group activity. The device uses smartcard checks and has three anti-tamper switch systems in place for fraud prevention. The MAX-2 flaunts an ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz onboard CPU, with a PowerVR SGX 530 self-integrated graphics card.

With an onboard amplifier with dual-channel, you can also be assured of a top-quality audio relay. The G820, a JAMMA connected beast, is pure class with a Nvidia® MMP9 chipset, complemented by the latest Nvidia® GeForce 9400M embedded graphics, which makes it possible to screen the slot games is ultra-HD visual treats.

The G820 packs in 2MB of Static RAM for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience, which also translates into faster loading time and more time in quality gambling. Being a flagship device of the company, Octavian launches some of its best games for this platform and also has some exclusive titles.

Octavian Gaming Portfolio

Octavian Gaming has its own Research and Development Team in its Headquarters and hand-crafts all its casino games from scratch. It has some programming partnerships with key companies but develops the lion’s share of its programs in-house. It is hence able to deliver on rapid upgrades and follow up releases of popular titles. So far, the company has not disappointed the community and went beyond its call of duty to give us some of the best games of the slot world.

Minotaur is a particularly interesting addition to its interesting portfolio and is inspired by the bull-headed monster born to Queen Pasiphae of Krete (Crete). In this action-packed Greek Mythology, you can win up to a maximum of €100, with a matching charge of just €1. It runs on a MAX-2 card and has a game cycle of 30000 matches. With a payout of 70% and awesome graphics, this game is a local favourite among Greek players for its cultural appeal. It has the special 2×3 Wild Feature, along with other motivating features like Wild, Respin, Scatter, Multiplier and Bonus Spins.

For bike lovers, Road Kings is the perfect slot game to cash up some extra coins in between your trips. The casino game gives off nostalgic vibes of the notorious Route 66, which is the epitome of Americana. With its zooming Harley Davidsons, leather strap boots, and lots of other iconic symbols, the game will surely make you reminiscent of the good ol’ days. You will be getting features like Max Speed Bonus, Gas Bonus, Wild Spins, etc. in this 5-reel casino game, with 74% payout.

The most recent release from the company is the Lone Wolf slot, which finally gained its AWP2 certification, after a long wait. Lone Wolf slot promises to be one of the top-class games of Octavian Gaming, as it is drenched with stories of the Wild West, where bounty-hunters and sheriffs keep the society clean of “mischievous” elements. Join the hunt and shore up on your earnings with its epic 5-reel, 5-10-win lines slot game, on the MAX-2 platform.