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Leap Virtual Gaming LogoLaunched in 2006, Leap Gaming is now celebrating its 9th birthday of active development of ultra-realistic, 3D casino games that are compatible with multiple platforms.

Leap Gaming started as a developer of desktop skill games, but over the years, it has grown gigantically and made significant additions to its 3D casino games development infrastructure. Leap Gaming is a gaming software provider, with over nine years of experience in the creation of ultra-realistic 3D games, which can be deployed on multiple platforms.

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Leap Gaming Advantages & Disadvantages


+ Partnerships with renowned casino operators
+ Great product offering
+ Leading provider of 3D multi-platform games
+ Unique mix of creativity and experience


-No progressive slot games

The Story of Leap Gaming

It was founded in 2006 and has grown tremendously to become a developer of state-of-the-art 3D retail, mobile and web games. Leap Gaming’s product and development teams are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. This developer’s business is based on valued long-lasting partnerships and collaborations with the newest online casino sites.

It also relies on its commitment to provide great products that surpass industry standards. Leap Gaming has created a unified 3D games generation platform that is able to create the best of the breed, ultra-realistic, 3-Dimensional games in an agile mode. The developer’s gaming applications include casual games, virtual sports, and casino games.

Leap Gaming started as operators and developers of desktop skill games. Nonetheless, over the last five years, the developer has invested heavily in its 3D production infrastructure. This includes human capital, art, framework and proprietary development tools so to position itself as a frontrunner of realistic 3D games development. Leap Gaming has been serving a wide range of customers and thus knows the gambling operators’ needs around compliance, implementation, branding and gaming experience.

With this level of dedication and hard work, we can only hope for better products from this bubbling developer! Leap Gaming has collaborated and partnered with different clients since its inception. Nowadays Leap gaming is part of 1×2 Gaming software developers.

Leap Technology: Leap Gaming owns a proprietary inter-disciplinary technology owing to almost a decade of Research and Development work. This technology provides a significant cutting edge for its game generation applications. The developer’s technology underlies a myriad of casino games production and has thus been proven both robust and resilient under extremely pressing circumstances.

Graphics Engine: Leap Game’s graphics engine was purposely developed to support its games and virtual 3D applications. As such it allows customization, upgrades, fast iterations, scalability and authentic real-time rendering.

Game Production Application (GPA): Leap Gaming has built its own GPA that produces actual contests and games on top of the graphics engine. The GPA includes video, audio and image modules, all these wrapped up in a flexible interface that provides its games designers freedom to develop best of breed realistic visuals and release their creativity. The developer’s games embed real-life motion captured data and high-resolution footage to quickly generate fresh visual content and offer a new ultra-realistic casino experience to the year 2019.

Client-Side: The client design makes playing the developer’s games easy, customized and simple according to the platform on where the games are played (mobile/retail/desktop). This translates into more business and higher conversion metrics for the developer’s operators. The developer’s client is written in the latest HTML 5 software development technology so as to make its games cross-platform. This also optimizes integration and customization processes thus minimizing time to market. Leap Gaming GUI can be adapted and localized to accommodate style and language changes to ensure it is engaging, responsive and consistent.

Where is Leap Gaming Licensed?

Leap Gaming is regulated and licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. Leap also utilizes the latest HTML5 technology in software development. It also adheres strictly to the highest security and safety standards in the jurisdiction that it operates in.

Awards Leap Gaming Won

As the adage goes “Hard work never goes unrewarded”, Leap Gaming’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. The developer was proud to be shortlisted for the Global Gaming Awards in October 2017 in Las Vegas, under the Digital Innovation Category. The company was also nominated for the Best Virtual Product of the year in SBS Awards. These are certainly great rewards for the team’s creativity and hard work. This has further motivated the developer to continue extending the boundaries of the virtual sport thus contributing to its continuous evolution.

Leap Gaming Portfolio

Leap Gaming has created a unified 3D games generation platform that is able to create the best of the breed, ultra-realistic 3-Dimensional games in an agile mode. The developer’s gaming applications include casual games, virtual sports, and casino games. Below is a summary of the key features of product solutions on offer:

1. Visuals
Leap Gaming’s 3D Art team is comprised of the best talent that is out there. Its production methodologies also ultimately take advantage of the available technology in areas such as modelling, animation and motion capture. The rendering processes are done using the developer’s proprietary graphics engine which allows unrivalled scalability options and fast iterations.

2. Playability
Leap Gaming has done its best in ensuring the ultimate realization of all its games. In order to deliver an excellent result, the developer spends countless hours researching on how its target games are played in reality before developing their virtual counterparts. The end products of this research are translated to design by the developer’s UX team and are made into a complete product that embeds solid AI Components. Its interaction with game engines supports successful gambling products for many years.

3. Integration
Leap Gaming knows that casino operators are busy and need to focus all their attention on engaging their customers rather than their suppliers. Hence, the developer works with unique partners who have successfully served the gaming industry for many years. They also need to have created the best of processes and breed APIs for seamless integration of its gaming content into casino operators’ systems.

4. One-Stop Shop
Leap Gaming offers various engagement terms that are adaptable to a casino operator’s specific needs. The developer delivers full turnkey solutions for every component of the UI/only visuals, game, and visuals. All of Leap Games’ content is deployable in the web, retail, and/or mobile formats which can be localized quickly based on an operator’s requirements.

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