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Ganapati Malta LogoIn recent years, we have seen a spurt of interest in Japanese culture, which remained isolated for a long time in history. This isolation gave birth to one of the most exotic cultures in the world and the 21st century is slowly beginning to unravel this mysterious world through technology.

In the world of gaming, we have seen popular desktop games like Total War 2: Shogun or mobile game Shadow Fight, inspired by Japanese culture. In the world of new online casinos, Ganapati Malta is the brand that brings in a fresh breeze of ideas, across the Pacific, from Japan.

New Online Casinos offering games from Ganapati Malta 2024

+ Story-based slots with jaw-dropping graphics
+ Best in Japan-themed casinos
+ Presence in three top online gambling markets

– Low Number of Casino games
– Nothing beyond slots games
– Games are not widely available

The Story of Ganapati Malta

Ganapati Malta is a classic software provider of the iGaming community which breathed its first in September 2016. The brand is a part of the Ganapati Group, which was established in 2013 and brings some of the best Japanese animation technology and enticing story-line slots, all regulated by a Class 4 license from Malta Gaming Authority. According to the company website, the brand has started its licensing process in the UK.

Age is just a number and no other brand proves this right other than Ganapati Malta. Barely one year into its existence, it has a presence in gambling hotspots of Asia, Europe, and North America. The company is headquarters in London and has regional offices in Malta, Los Angles, and Tokyo. It considers itself as a “fearless ambassadors of Japanese culture” in the world of online gambling.

In terms of market size, Europe is the most important market for the group, followed by Asia and then North America. Ganapati Malta has the highest number of offices in Europe, with one each in London, Tallinn, Bucharest, and Malta. In Japan, it has a regional headquarter in Tokyo and a presence in Sapporo and Fukuoka.

The company has an office in the West-Coast city of Los Angles, USA. Ganapati Malta has a huge fan following in Japan and you will find a lot of exotic culture in its casino games portfolio. As a matter of fact, the company is the product of an amazing collaboration between the artistic Japanese gambling industry and the advanced European gambling scene. This symbiosis contains the best of both worlds which can be felt in games like She Ninja Suzu, CrypCrusade and Gun Grave.

Currently, the brand has only these few games in the market and is exploring new possibilities for new releases. Ganapati PLC has recently partnered with singer-songwriter Pikotaro for his record-breaking song, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, which went viral on youtube with more than 1 billion views. You can soon play a slot game, designed entirely on this Japanese sensation. The company’s official mission is to, “supply the online casino market with games that blend the best Japanese game logic and design with a unique entertainment element,” and all its games have been designed based on this core mantra.

Ganapati Malta is partnered with several prominent brands like Bethard Group, Red Entertainment, Bank of Innovation, and Avex Management. It has recently concluded its tour of ICE 2017, where it showcased its products to a variety of different operators and platform providers. We are expecting more partnerships in the coming months as the brand expands to new heights. The brand has some unique selling points, which when modified, will surely create a leader of Japan-themed slot games out of Ganapati Malta Ltd.

The brand was shortlisted for the Software Rising Star Award of EGR B2B. It was also nominated for the Digital Gaming Innovation at the Global Gaming Awards 2017 in Las Vegas. The Ganapati Group was started with investors from Europe and Japan and was listed on the GXG Markets main quote on August 2016, and later moved to the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) in 2015. The primary vision of the company is to “list on NASDAQ by 2018”, as it hopes to enter deeply into the industry with bold new products.

Ganapati Malta Game Portfolio

She Ninja Suzu is one of the most popular games of the brand and completely new in terms of graphics and gaming appeal. It contains the classic Japanese gamification concepts and has a wonderful story behind the game, set in high-quality animation.

With American music and Japanese anime style game model, this is one impactful game worth playing. CrypBattle, a fantasy-sci-fi themed slot, is set on the continent of Centre, where the Empire of Gilsania rules with absolute power. The world is now on the cusp of war as new enemies try to invade its land. With mind-blowing graphics and an enticing storyline, this 5×3 reel slot is a true winner on many fronts.

Pachinko Fireworks is another awesome game, which is similar to Starbursts, Candy Crush or any fruit-based slots. It does have a storyline and gets you in the mood with pleasing sound effects and high-quality graphics. It is a 9×9 matrix slot, with a cascading feature, which allows you to enter multiple-wins with one bet. If you get four-match symbols, you get the red-hot firework and if you are lucky enough to score five matching symbols, you get the Big Blaster, which is a kind of mini in-game jackpot.

The company adds valuable products to the market and at a very steady rate. Six new games have been added to its portfolio within a span of 6 months, which is a new game everyone month. That is a healthy release rate and given the quality, we are quite optimistic about the brand’s future.

Moreover, Ganapati Malta uses superior technology to host its games, which makes its games faster and smoother. The brand has its own Remote Game Server, which makes sure that you can enjoy classic jackpot versions of its games in the near future. It also hosts its own IP, which is fully integrated with HTML5 and Flash, so you can enjoy your favourite slot game on any device type, mobile or desktop.