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Betradar LogoBetradar is a futuristic software developing company that focuses on sports betting. It offers a holistic platform which allows you to take full control over your bookmaking operations. The parent brand of Betradar is Sportradar AG which is headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland and has 35 offices in 24 countries.

The brand is very popular in Europe as a provider of reliable betting services and is also gaining momentum in the US market. The history of Sportradar traces back to 2000 when it was launched in the sleepy town of Trondheim, Norway. The company has had an extraordinary journey to its present-day form and it collaborated with several key organizations including Norwegian University of Science and Technology, EQT, NASCAR, NBA and NFL.

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The Story of Betradar

The brand also received investments from major sports leagues in both Europe and the US. The company has one of the most sophisticated technology platforms and is one of the fastest and most accurate betting systems in the new online casino world. Its systems are so advanced that many law enforcement agencies have collaborated with Sportradar to help crack match-fixing cases.

Sportradar maintains regular contact with agencies like CONCACAF, FIBA, ESL, Bundesliga and IOC to help curb match-fixing and develop Early Warning Systems for maintaining sports integrity. Sportradar has developed a portion of its workforce to ensure fair sports and has helped detect more than 2000 cases of unlawful sporting events that were manipulated.

Betradar is a key subsidy of Sportradar, through which the parent company provides its entire spectrum of bookmaking services. Betradar is a key brand of sports betting in Europe and is partnered with more than 450 bookmarkers including top names like Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. Most bookmakers use the back-end processes of Betradar to maintain smooth operations.

The company provides real as well as virtual betting services and has one of the most advanced trading systems in place. In real betting, the company offers pre-match odds and live game odds in over 30 sports and more than 100 sporting events, across the world. However, Betradar has a special focus on four games, cricket, football, basketball, and baseball.

The company also provides virtual gaming in five sports, Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Dog Racing, and Basketball. Each game is developed to realistically mimic the sport and give you great odds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption. The virtual football is one of the classics in the industry and it has its own league and format with up to 16 teams, 30 matches a day and parallel matches for extra fun.

You can wager real cash in the virtual world cup, Euro Cup, Nations Cup and Champions Cup. The Virtual World Cup is an extensive network of games where you have more than 1000 betting opportunities. The games can be enjoyed in real-time but can also be played via fast-forwarding mode. However, you have to pre-book your odds in the fast forward mode. The whole gaming environment is made through 3D visualization and contains dynamic pricing strategies for a guaranteed turnover.

Betradar is the first company that looks into the needs of punters as well as casino operators. For casino operators, Betradar offers a Managed Trading Services (MTS), which gives you a detailed idea of the number of risks involved. You can even manage your risks and profits through streamlined operations. You also get a great deal of flexibility in operations due to pre-match fixtures, which is combined with advanced analytics to give you accurate business estimates.

The MTS system is the core product of Betradar and offers pre-match bets in more than 400 tournaments in over 50+ games. You can also place bets on up to 20000 live events per month across 20+ sports. It is also really easy to use and the entire integration will take less than an hour. Betradar has also introduced personalized cards which simplifies visualization through heat maps, external ads, monetization options, and player scores. Web Cards can also be shared to track live data.

The best simulation platform of Betradar has a special place in the sun for advanced punters who want to hone their skills before trying out for real cash. Betradar provides you with ultimate analytics tools that can predict subtle trends in player performance, win-loss probability, and in-depth statistics. The Big Data is then run through a state-of-the-art analytics system which keeps a track of every minor change in gaming skills, talent pools, and individual player analytics.

The Probability Widgets are developed with the needs of punters in mind and offer high-level visualizations that will clearly give you a competitive edge. Betradar has dedicated a whole Live Sports Betting Centre to keep track of this advanced analytics. Players can try out their demo before using the actual platform for real money.

Betradar offers its content via multiple streams like retail outlets, online operations, and a mobile suite. The company sells its own betting cabinets with up to 4 Full HD, 3D, touch screens that give players an intuitive and user-friendly interface to place their bets in.

The gaming cabinets of Betradar are of the highest quality and can be easily customized to suit your business needs. Players can also access Betradar’s content through online desktop versions, which offers white label solutions. You can also get the same content through a highly-advanced mobile app. Betradar’s Ctrl is another classic product which connects you with the future of bookmaking.

It is solely developed for casino operators and online bookmakers who want to introduce their ideas onto the gaming environment. The platform is great for monitoring player activities and includes features like Intelligent Averages, Quick Filters, Alert Scores, Odds Indication, Comment Box, Suspend Events, Archive and Hot Listing.

As a casino operator, Betradar’s Ctrl gives you easy settlement options which let you settle your bets whenever you want. You can even configure the interface by using progressive templets and new outrights. Betradar remains one of the leading companies in bookmaking technology and continues to spearhead the industry to new heights.