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A 60 Free Spins bonus is a casino offer aimed at players who enjoy playing video slots. The bonus quite literally entitles its users to spin a specific slot 60 times, free of charge. This is usually offered as part of a casino’s initial deal, eyeing potential players who would enjoy free time on the reels.

Been wondering if you should go for a 60 Free Spins bonus that’s been popping up on your browser? Well, wonder no more. With our detailed guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about 60 Free Spins bonuses, so you can spend less time wondering and more time playing.

What is a 60 Free Spins Bonus?

There are of course a number of terms that come with this. The spins tend to always be restricted to a specific video slot, with a maximum win cap and a set value per spin. Read on below to find out more.

How Does 60 Free Spins Work?

60 free spins deals are given as mostly given as part of a deposit bonus. This means that after satisfying the minimum deposit requirement, the free spins are released. Some casinos dish them all out at the same time, while others split them into batches that are given out across a period of time.

They can then be used exclusively on a slot that is specified by the casino. The casino will also detail the maximum wager that can be placed when using these free spins, as well as the maximum amount of money that can be won using them.

Why Choose 60 Free Spins?

60 Free Spins bonuses give players loads of time to try out a video slot without forking out any money. This makes them ideal when you’re still trialling a new casino. Not only do the free spins give you a chance to play a slot for free, but they also give you a chance to try out the casino itself. Your time using the free spins will give you an idea of how the casino operates and if this is the right place for you to play. It’s ultimately a great way to try out a new experience for free.

How to Get 60 Free Spins Bonus?

A 60 free spins bonus might come as part of a welcome or re-load deal. Both bonus types require players to sign up for the respective online casino. The welcome bonus is aimed at new players who are making their initial bonus, while re-load bonuses focus on existing players who have already gone through their welcome bonus rewards and need a new and exciting offer to look forward to.

Once the minimum deposit required has been satisfied, the free spins are available for you to enjoy. Some online casinos also offer a no deposit bonus that can be claimed instantly.

Can I Get More than 60 Free Spins?

There are plenty of free spins offers on the net, each offering a varying number of spins to enjoy. Loads of popular casino offers take the total tally of free spins up to 100, 150 and beyond. So, find the right number of free spins for you and get spinning!

Are 60 Free Spins Worth it?

In most cases, 60 free spins bonuses tend to come with decent terms and conditions to accompany them. This makes them very lucrative deals, with a good balance of bonus spins and attractive conditions to go with them.

Sure, terms like wagering requirements might dampen your prospects for landing a staggering bonus win, but these spins can still give you a great demo run on a great video slot. A bonus’ terms and conditions will always determine its overall worth, so you should always read through them carefully before signing up for any promotional offers to avoid any unsavoury surprises.

Other Types of 60 Free Spins

60 free spins deals come in several shapes and sizes. You might be wondering what the main bonus types might be and what differentiates one from another. There are loads of keywords and bonus terminology to confuse players out there, so we’ll be having a look at the different offer types that exist to clarify all of this.

We’ll be covering the most necessary of the lot to make sure you can navigate the basics with ease. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all of the necessary knowledge to identify the perfect 60 free spin deal for you.

60 Free Spins with Deposit

A deposit bonus is quite self-explanatory. It asks for players to make a deposit that satisfies its minimum requirement before releasing the 60 free spins. It’s the most common bonus type on the net and usually comes as part of an initial bonus to welcome new players into a casino.

60 Free Spins with No Deposit

As opposed to the previous bonus type, no deposit bonuses dish out their goods without asking for any personal funds in advance. This affects their terms and conditions, with steeper restrictions being imposed on their bonus rounds. 60 free spins might be hard to find as a no deposit bonus.

60 Free Spins and Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are meant to divulge the number of times bonus winnings need to be wagered before they are released to the player. With 60 free spins offering a handful of bonus rounds on the house, expect these tricky requirements to go up. This differs from one casino to another.

Alternatives to 60 Free Spins

You can also find a great variety of other free spins offers, take a look:

Best New Casinos with a 60 Free Spins Bonus

With that cover of the various 60 free spins bonuses that exist, our in-depth guide to 60 free spins bonuses comes to an end. We hope this gave you a good introductory background to the inner workings of this popular bonus. These deals are constantly updated by casinos, so be sure to keep checking for the latest offers available.

To make matters easier, we have compiled a collection of the best 60 free spins bonuses on the net. If you feel like a 60 free spins bonus is the right deal for you, check out our list of top offers.

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1. Are 60 Free Spins Really Possible to Get?

60 free spin offers can be found at a multitude of casinos and are very possible to obtain.

2. How to Receive 60 No Deposit Free Spins?

Players will need to sign up at the relevant casino to claim a no deposit bonus.

3. What Deposit Methods Can I Use to Claim 60 Free Spins?

There are many popular deposit methods that can be used, varying from one casino to another.

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