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Considered by some to be the holy grail of free spins, 500 free spin bonuses offer players a huge number of bonus rounds to enjoy as part of a casino’s promotional deals. The bonus helps online casinos build and maintain their player base, with the 500 free spins bonuses focusing on video slot enthusiasts.

Casino offers can get quite large in volume and few get any bigger than 500 free spin bonuses. These deals are sought after by slot lovers everywhere, with plenty of bonus rounds to be enjoyed. Check out our guide to learn all you need to know about these bountiful deals.

What is a 500 Free Spins Bonus?

The sheer number of spins on offer tempts many players, while also raising their own questions. How exactly does this bonus work? How do players claim the spins and eventually use them? Read on through our in-depth guide as we discern all these queries and more.

How Do 500 Free Spins Work?

With video slot games in mind, 500 free spin deals offer players the chance to spin some rounds on the house. Online casinos use this as part of a welcome or reload bonus which strengthens their connection to both new and existing players.

To claim the free spins bonus, you’ll need to sign up to the respective online casino and follow their requirements. In some cases, registration alone will be enough, but most online casinos will ask for players to make an initial deposit that satisfies a minimum amount. Once this has been settled, the 500 free spins are released.

Why Choose 500 Free Spins?

As one of the largest free spin deals on the net, 500 free spins are sought after by many video slot lovers. The bonus gives you an incredible amount of bonus rounds for free. Some casinos tie them down to one particular game, but in other situations, the various slot batches focus on a different video slot.

This helps vary your bonus play, exposing you to more video slot opportunities and widening your gameplay options. Either way, 500 free spins give players an extended period of free play for them to test out new online casinos and video slots alike.

How to Get 500 Free Spins Bonus?

Redeeming your 500 free spins bonus is easy. Start by registering at the casino that offers the deal you’re after. Once that has been settled, some casinos ask for a minimum deposit to be placed before the free spins are released.

This doesn’t need to be too high and the money you deposit doesn’t pay for the free spins. It can still be used independently, with the free spins being added on top of it. Now that the free spins are available for use, make sure you know exactly what they can be played on before starting your bonus session.

Can I Get More than 500 Free Spins?

Although 500 free spins are one of the largest deals you can get on the net, players can still try their luck for an even more rewarding bonus. Some casinos take their free spin offers all the way up to 1,000, so keep an eye out for these massive deals.

Are 500 Free Spins Worth it?

The worth of 500 free spins deals changes from one iteration to another, depending on both the casino that offers it and the expectations of the player who subscribes to it. In most cases, 500 free spin deals are worthwhile, offering players an extended period of free play to try out new casinos and video slots.

Sure, the potential to win more bonus money exists too, but this can very easily be capped by wagering requirements. Casinos also have the right to determine the spins’ value as well as other terms and conditions that will determine the bonus’ overall worth.

Other Types of 500 Free Spins

With casinos creating various 500 free spin bonus iterations, it’s very easy to get confused on your path to finding the ideal deal for you. Should you go for a deposit or no deposit bonus? What about wagering requirements? How can I tell if they still make the deal worthwhile?

These many different terminologies can be difficult to understand, so we’ll be going over the main 500 free spin bonus variations to make sure you get the best deal for yourself. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to filter through the unlikely options and highlight the ones that really matter.

500 Free Spins with Deposit

As their name boldly implies, deposit bonuses will have you placing some of your own cash on the line before you can extract the goods. They tend to be the most common type of 500 free spin bonus, so you’re bound to find quite a few on your meticulous search.

500 Free Spins with No Deposit

On the other hand, no deposit bonuses are activated by simply signing up to the relevant online casino. Sure, the terms and conditions generally included here tend to be steeper than their deposit counterparts, but at least you know you won’t have to pay for any of this upfront.

500 Free Spins and Wagering Requirements

One of the most prominent bonus conditions, wagering requirements tell you just how many times bonus winnings need to be wagered before they can be withdrawn.

When picking a bonus, make sure to calculate what this really means before determining if the bonus deal is worth your while after all.

Alternatives to 500 Free Spins

You can also find a great variety of other free spins offers, take a look:

Best New Casinos with a 500 Free Spins Bonus

There you have it. All you need to know is about 500 free spin deals in one complete package. Through bonus requirements, varying iterations and noteworthy terms and conditions, we’ve given you an overview o what these bonuses are all about.

If you feel like a 500 free spin deal is the right fit for you, then check out our selection of top offers. Our collection has gathered the most prominent deals on the net to give you a clearer picture of what to expect. If we still don’t have you convinced, you can check out our other free spin guides


1. Are 500 Free Spins Really Possible to Get?

500 free spins are very popular on the net and their widespread availability makes them very possible to obtain.

2. How to Receive 500 No Deposit Free Spins?

Players will need to sign up to the respective casino to obtain their 500 no deposit free spins.

3. What Deposit Methods Can I Use to Claim 500 Free Spins?

Online casinos offer a plethora of deposit methods that support most payment providers.

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