A Guide to Online Keno

The Beginnings of Online Keno
How is Online Keno Different to Traditional Keno?
How Do You Play Online Keno?
Online Keno Strategies

Keno is a fast-paced, simple game that’s popular across the globe. With such a straightforward set-up, keno is incredibly accessible for players of all skill levels and experience – anyone can take part. Still, any game, no matter how simple, can appear daunting at first. The following guide will tell you everything you need to know about keno, exploring its history, its rules, and a few helpful betting strategies.

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The Beginnings of Online Keno

Keno’s origins are believed to be Chinese, with legends focusing on the game’s role in saving a city during wartime fighting (raising enough funds for the army when civilians refused to pay any more); it’s also believed that keno’s immense popularity helped to finance the erection of the Great Wall, leading the country to establish one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

It’s believed that keno was introduced to Western players when Chinese immigrants crossed the Pacific Ocean in the 19th century, to contribute to the First Transcontinental Railroad’s construction. Though it was originally known as ‘pak-ah-pu’ or ‘pakapoo’, it became known as ‘keno’ in Texas by the second half of the century. As keno is so easy to play, and therefore so accessible, it makes a perfect fit for online casinos. As virtual gambling became more and more popular in the late 90s / early 2000s, online keno started to appear at more and more online casinos. It’s now widely-available, and is particularly well-suited to mobile devices for fast betting on the move.

How is Online Keno Different to Traditional Keno?

The major difference between offline and online keno is the sense of privacy. Even the most straightforward games can be daunting during your first few attempts, and approaching a group of players at a brick-and-mortar casino may well be intimidating. This is eliminated entirely at online venues, which makes discovering the game far more enjoyable. Another difference is the speed of the game, and the way in which numbers are drawn. At land-based venues, a ball machine might be used (as with bingo or lottery draws), but random number generators (RNGs) are utilised at  online casinos instead.

While the tumbling balls in a machine may make for a fun visual dynamic, this does add a little more time to the game itself. This is usually faster at online casinos, allowing keno games to speed along far quicker. Keno is available at a large amount of different online casinos, and games are developed by some of the leading software brands, including NetEnt, BetSoft, and Microgaming.

How Do You Play Online Keno?

Most good online casinos will provide you with a breakdown of keno rules before you start playing, so you can get the most out of the game. Still, to help you get started, we’ve taken a close look at the rules of the game. You’ll need to decide on your stake before you play keno, by increasing or decreasing the size of your coin (remember to start off small in your earliest games). Keno is played like a lottery, requiring you to choose a selection of numbers. Usually, you’ll be able to pick between 4 and 10 figures (from 1 to 80), and every number you choose is referred to as a ‘spot’. At land-based casinos, you’ll usually physically mark your tickets with a pen, but online you’ll do so by pointing and clicking.

Once you’re happy with your chosen numbers and your stake amount, tap the ‘play’ button to start the process. 20 numbers are selected, and each figure you match is referred to as a hit. These will be highlighted to show your progress. Some new online casinos vary the amount of numbers players are able to pick – if it’s not 20, it may be 10, 12, or 15 instead. Winning at keno varies, depending on the amount of numbers you pick and the number of hits you score. If you chose just one number and it hits, this generally brings you three coins (which will be valued based on your own choice before the game). Different hits bring in different amounts, and payout schedules are usually presented on the screen for your convenience.

The more numbers you choose, the greater your chance of winning. While you can win on smaller bets, such as picking just one or two numbers, these are lower risk. Investing in more ‘spots’ may increase your chance of success, but will cost you more. Experiment with a number of different online keno games to see which you prefer.

Online Keno Strategies

As keno is similar to a lottery, which means your success is based mostly on chance, there are a number of strategies to bear in mind.

Take your time

As with all online casino games, it’s vital to pace yourself. Don’t start with the maximum stake money you can afford – be patient, begin with a small amount, and build your way up as you get more used to keno’s rhythm.

Avoid the temptation to track numbers from one game to another

Though it’s extremely unlikely that the same numbers will reappear in quick succession, it is still theoretically possible due to the RNG at the game’s heart. One game bears no relation to the one before or after.

Don’t be strict on where the numbers come from

Keno players choose their numbers according to a variety of systems. For example, you may want to pick five based on the birthdays of your friends or family, or other important dates. Alternatively, you may choose them based on phone numbers or similar. On the other hand, you may prefer to pick numbers at random, with no system in place. If you play on a regular basis, you may find the latter option the most practical, rather than repeating birthdays, phone numbers etc.

Get involved with the online keno community

There is a vibrant community available to discuss potential techniques or popular games with like-minded players. You may discover a new keno game you love but have been unaware of.

Online keno offers hours of fun for players of all ages, experience, and skill levels. Whether you play on your desktop computer or a mobile device, keno gives a fast, simple thrill every time.

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