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Instant Win Gaming LogoInstant Win Gaming is a veteran game developer with more than 10 years of experience in casino games. Currently, it is the proud owner of more than 250 casino games with a lot of variety in features and genres.

This is an impressive feat because the company’s core development team consists of just 18 highly qualified members. The brand is headquartered in London, which is often touted as the online gambling capital of the world. IWG enjoys phenomenal support in its home market, the UK, followed by rising popularity in mainland Europe.

New Online Casinos offering games from Instant Win Gaming 2024

The Story of Instant Win Gaming

The company has partnered with several key companies in the new online casino market and it remains a vital pillar of the industry in general. Though the company has been in this industry since late 2005, it gained prominence from 2015 onwards when it went on an expansion mode, backed by key investors of the online gambling community. Instant Win Gaming started its journey in London as an innovator of new technology in online lottery systems.

Lottery remains the primary force of the company and the brand has introduced some novel ideas and gaming designed into this sector. One of the most notable was the RGS system which allowed for greater customization for casino/lottery operators. The brand also provides A/B Testing services that make it a very reliable brand for both punters and operators alike. The company has been particularly active since 2016, during which it partnered with several high-end brands like William Hills, PariPlay and 888 Holdings. These three partnerships alone power up more than half of the company’s lottery revenues.

Most of IWG’s gaming content is optimized for the HTML5 platform for both desktop and mobile. Additionally, the games are also available on Flash which makes the gaming content quite flexible. A majority of its casino games can be played through iOS and Android apps, which adds an extra layer of convenience for both punters and casino operators. The brand has introduced novel gaming systems in its lottery environment and that encompass easy integration of lottery games, flexible customizations, and innovative gaming content.

The visual aesthetics of the casino games of IWG are a lot better than most brands and has a special place in the hearts of prominent punters. Players heavily praise the brand for its astute sense of trend analysis, and the IWG has won millions’ trust by offering rewarding gaming algorithms.

IWG also has thoughtful products for casino operators and lottery managers. It has introduced the first of its kind, insurance-backed gambling models, which provide risk-free business models with guaranteed income. The most notable feature is the RISQ RNG Engine which powers some of the high-performing casino titles of the brand. RISQ is a technology-based insurance company, which is based in London.

The combined product of RISQ and IWG ensures an insurance-backed system with jackpot amounts as high as €25 million, spread out to a wide number of games. The system is non-networked and can be worked on from an offline presence. The unique model has insurance cover worth up to €250 million for casino operators so that they can offer avail tension-free games to their clients. This unique model also offers great scalability options that few other B2B platforms offer.

Where is Instant Win Gaming Licensed?

Instant Win Gaming mainly operates in the UK, Europe, and North America and carries licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. It also has numerous dual-licensing for the US, Canada and European markets.

Instant Win Gaming Portfolio

The games of IWG clearly has a notable edge over other popular brands of lottery and slot developers. The games are powered by a healthy melange of features that offers both big wins as well as frequent win models. New Content is the war cry of Instant Win Gaming, and it considers this single aspect with much seriousness. The brand releases a steady stream of new content into both its offline and online jackpot networks.

It has a record of releasing a new game every two weeks, and this is sure to intensify as the brand expands. The prize structure, game mechanizes, inner algorithms, and even the graphics quality improves with every release and the company on a lifelong pursuit of perfection. Most games have a minimum jackpot offering of €100000, while some touch the million milestones.

This makes sure that punters keep returning to the brand long after they have enjoyed their winnings. Some of the best casino games of IWG, in terms of graphics and rewards, are Fast Buck, Crystal Fortune, Gold Rush, Crossword Cash and Monopoly Multiplier. As a golden rule of thumb, always aim for the newest slots and lottery titles of the brand and you are guaranteed the best gaming content in the industry.

Bang For Your Buck is one of the latest releases of IWG, and it can be regarded as a progressive jackpot at its very best. Simple in design and easy interface makes it one of the most played casino games of all time. The company is also a harbinger of new gaming technology that infuses new features for individual operators.

Instant Win Gaming is credited with having the first rollover jackpot which is one of the most ground-breaking products of 2018. Rollover Jackpots offers huge prizes starting at €10 million and it swells up to €25 million. IWG has become a classic example of a 21st-century gambling company that understands the needs and trends of punters as well as casino operators. We, along with millions of veteran gamblers, have high expectations from these Instant Win Games, and we wish to see the company shape the future of online lottery.