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Games Lab LogoGames Lab is a casino game developer from Down Under, and one of the few developers that compete in the slots community from outside Europe. The headquarters of Games Lab is located in the beautiful port city of Sydney, Australia while it has a game-development studio in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was formed in 2008 and it has since been a modest brand in the industry.

Games Lab can’t be compared to the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Amaya or IGT but has a lot of potential to rise in the near future. Its core team consists of highly dedicated and talented mathematicians, artists, programmers, and creative thinkers.

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The Story of Games Lab

The workforce is the company’s greatest asset and it has been able to throw in innovative surprises through its casino games. The company has already tested the water in 3D gaming with two titles and is expected to convert most of its portfolio into 3D by the end of 2018. The company remains exotic in the European online casino community as the games haven’t been marketed well. The casino still lacks major partners to showcase its games across the vibrant gambling markets of Sweden, UK, Netherlands and this is all set to change soon.

The distribution model of Games Lab is a bit different from the traditional model of online gambling in Europe. Games Lab mostly focuses on the Android and iOS platforms, with unique apps for each game. In 2013, the company forayed into the highly lucrative Facebook platform, where it got a thundering response. The distribution model of Games Lab will change soon as it is preparing to set foot in the proper iGaming industry with some partnerships with major game aggregators and platform providers.

The history of Games Lab takes us back to 2002 when most of the founding fathers of Games Lab were working in the Blue Wombat Group. The idea of Games Lab was formed in 2005 and it was the brainchild of just three people. The groundwork for the company was being prepared and Games Lab was formally launched in 2008, with just a single client. The company provided technical consultancy on graphics and gaming media for the first year of its existence.

By 2011, Games Lab produced its first-ever game in the market. It wasn’t a big hit, mainly due to poor marketing, but the company was determined to make an impression on the market. A new ambitious milestone was set, and Games Lab began to focus on the Facebook platform to distribute its games. It took its fair share of time to develop an amazing array of social gaming content for Facebook.

After two years of sustained development, in 2013, the company was able to release its first-ever game on the Facebook platform, the Slots Central. This was a watershed moment for Games Lab as it was the first time that the company got access to a global market, hungry for fresh content. Slots Central didn’t take much time to kick-off and it became a sensational slotting experience in 2014.

Slots Central was developed as a unique concept of Facebook-exclusive app, which contained 24 live slots under one roof. The casino games collection provided a holistic casino experience, complemented by the social fun of Facebook. Each and every game was meticulously designed with a lot of focus on ancient and exotic cultures. Some of the best casino games of the portfolio are Valley of The Kings, Eastern Blossom, Titan, Ace of Diamonds, Sea Stallion and Swamp Monster.

Games Lab Portfolio

The portfolio itself was gamified and players had to unlock the casino games by completing interesting tasks and missions. The best thing about the Slots Central is that it completes the several popular genres of casino games, like fruit-based online slots, animal slots, travel slots, fantasy slots, ancient Egypt slots, etc. into one single platform. Every minute in the app is happening and it is very hard to get bored with this.

The high-pace thrill and glamour of the Slots Central made it one of the top-grossing apps on the Facebook platform in 2014 and in 2015. It was heavily rated on Facebook and carries a rating of 4.3 out of 5, which is a very decent score. Slots Central also showcased the mettle of the company to a wider audience and its popularity soon seeped into the iGaming platform. New enquirers were made to include its games in traditional website-based casinos.

With a steady revenue and a growing popularity base, Games Lab was in a comfortable position to launch its very own game across all three platforms, to finish the unfinished business. It again took a year to deliver its next masterpiece, the Final War: 5 Dragons. This was one of the most awaited casino slots of 2015 and it did not let our expectations down. It was an adrenaline-packed game and it stunned many industry critics and game reviewers for its rich graphics and detailed storyline.

From day one, it was available on Facebook, Android and iOS platform and its popularity is still strong, even after 3 long years from its launch. Final War: 5 Dragons was an epic release and it was based on the story of 5 mythical dragons, where you can play as one of the dragons with your Facebook friends in this virtual world. A lot of gamified features lets you attack different civilizations and acquire loot from plundered cities, gain esteem and power, and get a rare chance to unlock the almighty Void Dragon.

The slotting experience has unique features like Multi-move match, In-game competition, with lots of moves like a Critical hit, Dragon Rage, Better Loot, etc. There is a lot of content to strategize and test your skills in this game. However, the game is still not released on HTML5 platform and this is why most popular casino operators shy away from including this game in their portfolio.

The impediments are natural as the Final War: 5 Dragons is a whole virtual world with real inter-connected players, and this makes it hard to compress everything into the HTML5 platform, which is basically designed to handle lighter games. With the evolution of technology, we can expect these high-end games of Games Lab to hit the mainstream online casinos.

Games Lab released four new titles after the Final War: 5 Dragons, but none was able to match up the popularity of this masterpiece. All four casino games are app-based and were released on Facebook, Android Playstore, and iOS Store. One of the most successful launches was Vamp, which was a funny take on the lifestyle of ten friendly vampires.

A humour-filled game, perfect for Halloween. The other three apps are Bomba, Toot Toot ABC, and Penny Parlor, are simple jolly games. Games Lab will be amazing us with more titles in the coming year, but it will take some time to hit the mainstream iGaming industry. Till then you can enjoy its games through Facebook or by directly installing its apps on Android and iOS platform.