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Drogo Schultz, widely regarded as an expert in online blackjack, has distinguished himself in the gambling industry with his unmatched knowledge of the game. Drogo, who is from the busy metropolis of Las Vegas, grew passionate about blackjack at a young age and has since become an influential figure in online casino blackjack due to his commitment and never-ending efforts. Based in Sheffield, Drogo brings with him 7 years of online blackjack experience to the table.
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Nationality British
Lives In Sheffield
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University Sheffield Hallam University
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Degree Game Development

Who is Drogo Schultz?

Drogo dove into the world of online blackjack with a deep understanding of the game’s rules and strategies. He knew his stuff inside and out – which helped him explore different online platforms, offering guidance to players to find the best places to play blackjack and up their chances of winning. People recognised him as an expert in this field, and his advice on where to find the top online casinos offering blackjack was well sought after. Showing an interest in this game from a young age, Drogo pursued a degree in Game Development from Sheffield Hallam University. Drogo has built many connections and deepened his knowledge throughout the years by attending popular conferences, mostly relating to blackjack, such as Blackjack Ball, World Game Protection Conference and Global Gaming Expo.

Online Blackjack Strategist

One of Drogo’s most impressive contributions to the online blackjack community was his creation of cheat sheets and probability tables. Blackjack is a game of strategy; over the years, he has perfected it. These handy tools and sheets give players the information they need to make smart decisions and improve their odds of success. In fact, many players commented and said that these tools are like a one-stop shop for everything blackjack and have seen success applying Drogo’s tips and tricks. As a result, Drogo has quickly become a trusted source of guidance for those who want to become blackjack connoisseurs.


Drogo strongly believes that success in online blackjack isn’t just about luck. He was committed to understanding the ins and outs of the game and coming up with strategies and formulas that could give players an edge. Through his teachings, he made it clear that blackjack is a game of skill and strategy. Those who followed the right approach could significantly boost their chances of winning at online casinos

Drogo is a key advisor at NewCasinos, specialising in online blackjack. With extensive experience, he offers clear and practical advice to help new and experienced players understand the game’s strategies and rules. Drogo’s approachable style and passion for blackjack make him a trusted guide, ensuring players have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the ever-evolving world of online blackjack.

What’s It Like Working With Drogo Schultz?

Let’s hear what the NewCasinos team have to say about Drogo:

Drogo is our blackjack genius, and he is a pleasure to work with. He’s got a knack for turning complex blackjack strategies into fun and easy-to-understand tips. Plus, his infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour make every brainstorming session a fun one. — Alex Hussain

Working with Drogo is like having a cheat code for blackjack. He is always ready and available to answer questions, and he always goes above and beyond with his answers, which shows how much he knows about the game. He is a valuable asset to the NewCasinos team. — Aubrey Medina

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drogo schultz blackjack expert
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