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There is one thing you can count on for sure and that is new online casinos in the gaming industry are on the increase. Casino operators are looking for ways through which they can make their casinos more unique and attractive to online gamers. Many operators aim at offering something that is missing in most of the available casinos. This is the genesis of SpeedyBet, a new online casino that offers players quick access to online games. Speedybet may not offer all the fascinating bonuses and offers you can find in most casinos today but it has something even better to offer to online gamers.


If you find casino registrations a waste of time, you are in luck because in SpeedyBet, players do not need an account to access games, play and win in these games. The casino has been designed in such a way that players can log in, deposit money directly into the casino under their names, play to their satisfaction and then log out. If you have not exhausted your deposit, you can carry on from where you left the next time you log on. You can also withdraw your funds. In that case, minimal time is wasted in joining the casino, which means more time to play for gamers.

A good selection of games from great software providers are offered in SpeedyBet. In total, you can access more than 500 games here, from close to ten software companies, brilliant if you want to make a SpeedyBet (pun intended). These games are in categories of slots, jackpots and table games among other game types. Players can play any game they fancy at any given time, with no limitation. Casino classics are available too, such as Blackjack and Roulette to keep you fully entertained in the casino. Chances of winning in all the games are high too, and this means more benefits to the player in the end.


The casino offers timely customer support services through email and live chat. Players can start by going through its FAQ section, to familiarize themselves with the operations of the casino before they start playing. If you are stuck, you have a problem or a question; you can always send an email to the support team and expect a quick response. Besides, the live chat option is available for quick inquiries and support. The professional team is always on stand-by, ready to offer help to players between 0900 and 0000hours.

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After working as a casino dealer, I moved to freelancing and found my way back to the online casino world wiser, bigger and better with a lot more to offer the industry. I’ve consulted for online casinos and helped come up with games that will blow your mind. So trust me when I say, I know this industry inside out.

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