UKGC Wants More Accountability

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is due to launch a new consultation with stakeholders to review penalties for regulatory breaches and to better explore how to improve online gambling operators’ accountability across the board.

UKGC to launch a consultation on accountability measures for operators

Senior UKGC Policy Director Tim Miller announced this consultation at the CMS Tax/Law Gambling Conference in London.

Miller confirmed that these planner reviews ‘should come as no surprise’, as the UKGC has repeatedly warned the industry leaders that it continually sees a significant number of customer interaction failings.

One of the biggest concerns is that many licensed and regulated operators continually fail in the LCCP compliance duties when it comes to identifying vulnerable players. As a result, they also fail to report any indicators of harm, get in touch with these players or use automated, safer gambling systems and processes effectively.

“Both the Commission and the Government have stated publicly that more work is needed here, especially on how operators understand whether they are allowing customers to gamble in ways that are unaffordable. So a continuing focus on this should come as no surprise to anyone,” Miller said.

The UKGC will launch a stakeholder consultation looking for feedback on how to ‘improve the way we calculate financial penalties for regulatory breaches to ensure they better drive compliance with the licensing objectives.’

This consultation on penalties will aid the UKGC in being more transparent in its bid towards enforcement duties and how penalties can be calculated in line with online gambling operator failings.

Feedback is also needed on how to improve business accountability regarding regulatory obligations, which can be increased within the businesses through expanding the personal management licence.

The UK Gaming Commission is also aiming to fix any concerns by launching ‘consultation windows’ during two set periods throughout the year. It is seeking to benefit from engagement with a wider range of stakeholders, including operators, public services and lawyers.

New Chief Executive at the UKGC Andrew Rhodes has previously warned licensed operators that the Commission will be taking a tough stance on penalties and enforcement. It further added that it will no longer tolerate repeat offenders.