Massive €250,000 Win on Book of the Dead

Ever wanted to win 5,000 times your wager? This is the kind of extreme win you may have thought possible for jackpot slots alone. Well, a man proved this wrong. With one single spin worth €50, he won €250,000. This is the kind of fantastical event most of us can only begin to dream about.

Slotwolf Casino

The extreme win happened over at Slotwolf, a new casino we reviewed just 3 months ago. If you know anything about casino players, the game may not surprise you: it was Book of the Dead. This is arguably the most popular slot game in all many countries. If enough people play a slot long enough the most incredible wins may just start occurring.

If the odds for something happening exists, no matter how bizarre those odds are, it will eventually come true, and this is just what happened here.

Over €500,000 in Total Winnings

If you thought that €250,000 was “all” the anonymous man got away with, you would be sorely mistaken. His mega win was less than half his winnings this February – all from Slotwolf Casino. They must love him, they must really, really love him.

The one thing this massive payment of over half a million euros has given Slotwolf is a very good reputation. This is fantastic free advertisement for such a young casino. It proves that people can win big and that the casino is willing to pay out without question.

Massive Win on a Low Volatility Slot

There is one other fact we left out so far, but which everyone who has played Book of the Dead probably already knows, i.e. this is a low volatility slot.

In other words: You win often, but your wins are rarely massive. This is the type of slot you play if your strategy is to get consistent wins, not if you want to win hundreds of thousands of euros.

We can, therefore, assume that the massive win was extra shocking. Can you imagine being him? Playing your favourite slot, not having any kind of special expectations and seeing one single spin turn into €250,000.

We wish we could know just how that feels, and we’re pretty sure you wish you did too. Of course, chances are we will not have any wins this big, that is just the truth, but that the chance is out there is such a wonderful thing to have in the back of our heads.

Grab 100 % When You Join Slotwolf

We do feel that we should try to direct people to Slotwolf. After such a pay-out like this, they really deserve it. It is also worth mentioning that we rated them 8.3, and that they have more than 3,000 games. This is actually a great casino.

All new members can also collect a welcome package worth €350. It all starts with 100% up to €150, and you can collect additional €100 bills on your second and third deposit. Give Slotwolf a look and see what you think. We believe you’ll like them.

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