How to play casino games with Apple Pay?

One of the safest and most secure payment methods that have cropped up in recent years is Apple Pay, with many casinos online rushing to adopt this latest payment technology.

Besides being a highly secure payment method, it is also a quick and effective method directly linked to your mobile phone, giving you quick access to your account.

With a huge chunk of online gamblers playing on their iOS mobile devices, it comes as no surprise that many casinos are adopting Apple Pay to make deposits and withdrawals easily accessible and convenient for players on the go.

However, Apple Pay is a bit restricted to iOS users. Most importantly, there are no fees to do so. When it comes to security features, Apple’s Touch ID authenticates the user’s identity. You would need to authenticate every payment request this way in order to ensure secure transactions.

Since emerging in September 2014, Apple Pay has been touted as a service bound to transform mobile payments by processing quick and effective methods into markets worldwide.

Can I make a deposit with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works similarly to Google Pay and other popular e-wallet services, so getting the hang of making deposits with Apple Pay should be a doddle.

To start with, you need to sign up for an Apple Pay account and link it to a debit or credit card and then simply sign up to an Apple Pay Casino.

Once you have picked an Apple Pay casino, you would need to follow the below steps:

  • Register for an online casino account by inputting all required data
  • Head to the casino’s cashier section and pick Apple Pay, out of the list of supported methods
  • Input the amount you wish to deposit
  • Follow the instructions by signing into your Apple Pay account
  • Provide your password or fingerprint
  • Your casino account will be credited with the amount you chose.

It should be noted that while depositing with Apple Pay is available, you cannot use this service to cash out your winnings. You would have to opt for alternative withdrawal options to cash out.

Which online casinos accept Apple Pay?

Luckily for us, Apple Pay is an increasingly popular payment method, so online casinos are adding it to their long list of deposit methods.

Players want the best Apple Pay casinos and the many advantages that come with them. Besides the fast and secure deposits, convenience and lack of fees, Apple Pay is compatible with most credit and debit cards.

If you are shopping around for the best online casinos that accept Apple Pay, you only need to have a look at the below list. All the casinos on this list have been thoroughly vetted by the NewCasinos team before being deemed safe and trustworthy.

NewCasino’s list of casino bonuses should also give you an overview of all the available bonuses at Apple Pay casinos. You can also use our comparison tool to filter out casinos that accept this payment method.

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at online casinos?

One of the key concerns that many players have when playing online is the safety and security of their personal and financial information. And since you are not sharing your debit or credit card details with the casino when using Apple Pay, you are opting for one of the safest and tightest methods around.

Every time you want to make a deposit, the system automatically creates a unique token per transaction. You will never provide your credit or debit card number or any other available financial information to the casino.

Although your mobile wallet will be connected to the card, it will not store the number on its servers, making it foolproof when compared to physical cards.

Casino transactions done via Apple Pay require one extra verification step: Touch ID or Face ID. Even if your phone or device is stolen, any potential robbers will not be able to steal money from your Apple Pay account as it would require your direct approval.

Understandably, there are many benefits, with some tingling drawbacks when opting to use an Apple Pay Casino. Since most of us don’t carry cash anymore and are not too keen on sharing bank cards online, this is the best option there is out there.

Of course, the main disadvantage is that you are unable to cash out using this method. As long as you opt for our recommended list of Apple Pay casinos, you should be able to sign up to a legit and trustworthy casino.

Check below some great casinos that accept Apple Pay and get the fun started.

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